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Abby L. Dec 01 47 views

What's a good action plan once I've gotten so behind in classwork it feels hopeless?

I want to get credit for these courses, but covid and the state of the world has really taken its toll. How do I go up from here? Asking on behalf of a friend <3 #mental-health #classwork #schoolwork #college #studying...


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Abby L. Dec 01 53 views

Any advice for someone who struggles intensely with motivation when it comes to schoolwork?

Asking on behalf of a friend who is experiencing mental health challenges <3 #motivation #mental-health #college #homework #schoolwork...


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Abby L. Dec 01 24 views

What are some options for someone who might drop out of college and who would like to become a teacher?

Asking on behalf of a friend who might need to take some time off due to mental health challenges <3 #college #career-change #college-drop-out #teaching #education...


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Tiffiny L. Nov 19 47 views

What is a good way for undergraduates to gain experience in therapy or mental health counseling?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in therapy or mental health counseling, perhaps in schools, but want to know what the experience is like before applying for graduate school in these areas. #health #mental-health-counseling...


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Morgan E. Oct 31 46 views

What does a typical day look like now for a mental health counselor?

I'm interested in becoming a mental health counselor and I want to know more from experienced counselors. #mental-health #counselor #health #therapists...


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Hailey D. Oct 24 43 views

What types of mental health counselors and therapists are there?

I want to be a therapist and help people with their mental health. I'm good at communicating and I'm emotionally intelligent. #mental-health-counseling #mental-health #public-health #hospital-and-health-care #health...

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Hailey D. Oct 24 57 views

Is it difficult to help all kinds of people, whether they deserve it or not?

I am a senior in high school and I have been set on studying psychology and becoming a therapist my whole life. One thing I think about a lot as I pursue this career is "am I only going to be able to help the privileged?". I want to help more people than who has a surplus of money for mental...

#councelling #therapists #help #helping-others #therapist #health #medicine #therapy #mental-health #children

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Lauren Z. Jul 19 101 views

I want to apply mental health related PhD , and what experiences are good for application?

My undergraduate major is Nursing, and minor Psychology. Then I got a master degree in Neuroscience. Now I want to apply PhD in mental health related major, like social work, clinical psychology, public health or mental health nursing. Do you have any suggestion for me? for example, how to...

#public-health #mental-health #july20

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Alexandra C. Aug 15, 2019 207 views

How to handle having depression in a research career?

I'm looking to become a psychology researcher. I understand that research careers can be fairly stressful. However, I've also suffered from depression for a decade and expect I will still be dealing with it when I attain my career. How can I go about handling my illness while also successfully...

#research #brain-sciences #clinical-psychology #highered #phd #depression #science #stress #mental-illness #psychology #psychiatry #passion #mental-health

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Gabrielle B. Jul 11, 2019 166 views

Should I pursue psychiatry or another mental health career?

Currently, I'm a sophomore on the pre-med track to medical school due to my interest in such careers as psychiatry, obstetrics/gynecology, family medicine, etc. (honestly, who knows). For the sake of this question, let's say I know I want to pursue a mental health career and would become a...

#medicine #clinical-social-work #psychology #mental-health

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Gabrielle B. Jul 11, 2019 142 views

How do I choose the right mental health career for me?

I'm interested in understanding the differences between a clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor, a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist. I’m particularly interested in understanding their different approaches or philosophies towards treating mental health. Currently,...


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Janiyah M. Jan 20, 2018 287 views

When do you know when you are pushing yourself too hard or just need to toughen up in school?

I feel like I will join a lot of clubs and have different classes. I want to know when it is okay to take a break, or stop doing an activity or just know if I am just taking the easy way out. #dotoomuch #howdoyouknow #study-skills...


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Trinity P. Jul 05, 2018 317 views