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Career Questions tagged Counseling Psychology

Melissa P.’s Avatar
Melissa P. Nov 14, 2019 224 views

What are some good ways to get on-the-job training with forensic psychology with little to no experience

I'm a junior perusing a bachelors in Psychology. I'd like to obtain my Masters in Forensic psychology next. What is a good way for me to start gaining experience in the field with no related work experience? psychology forensic career...


Clifford Khent C.’s Avatar
Clifford Khent C. Mar 06, 2018 406 views

What exactly do Marriage and Family Therapists do?

I was looking into pursuing this field of study for grad school as well. But can anyone who's already in the program/or beginning their graduate studies in the program share their thoughts? family-therapy individual-and-family-services counseling-psychology therapist...


Zalyia C.’s Avatar
Zalyia C. Apr 26, 2018 387 views

Do psychologist ever feel that their job is to much to handle/ too overwhelming?

I ask because I've heard the job can be emotionally draining and I can be a sensitive/emotional person. counseling-psychology therapy psychology psychologist...


jasmine V.’s Avatar
jasmine V. May 03, 2018 362 views

the coditions for changing major from computer science to psychology

hi, i wanted to know more about the terms and conditions for changing major. i have a bachelor degree in computer science but i figured i really want to study psychology for master. but i don't know the conditions for this change of field. is it possible to start psychology from master ? what...

psychology-education counseling-psychology psychological-assessment psychology

Zalyia C.’s Avatar
Zalyia C. Apr 26, 2018 319 views
amanda T.’s Avatar
amanda T. Apr 04, 2018 310 views

Do you have to be really good at science to be able to study psychology?

I'm interested in the brain and how emotions and actions alter do to an experience or an altercation and i'm considering the field of social work but i have never been good in science psychology counseling-psychology...


Samuel K.’s Avatar
Samuel K. Jan 18, 2018 481 views

Where are some good places to find meaningful Counseling Psychology summer internships?

I hear about many counseling psychology internships that basically have interns do more administrative work or "babysitting" clients in high risk facilities. I want to have more exposure to actual counseling sessions, learn different techniques and get enough experience to help guide me closer...

psychotherapy counseling-psychology psychology

Samuel K.’s Avatar
Samuel K. Jan 18, 2018 352 views

What are some career choices for a Psychology/Music Major besides Music Therapy?

I am double majoring in Psychology and Music and while Music Therapist sounds great, it is mostly used with populations I am less interested in working with. counseling-psychology musicpsychology...


Khamedriah G.’s Avatar
Khamedriah G. Jan 16, 2018 361 views

Is having your own practice better than working for someone?

I would like to have a practice of my own as a clinical or counseling psychologist, but I am not sure if it would be best for me to do that or just work at a company. What are the complications, the benefits, and such that could have me either choose one or the other or I could do both?...

counseling-psychology clinical-psychology psychology

Khamedriah G.’s Avatar
Khamedriah G. Jan 16, 2018 506 views

Which is best to part of psychology is best to major in: clinical or counseling?

I will be attending college to major in psychology. I was pretty sure that I wanted to study in clinical psychology, but as the time gets closer to next fall I wonder if I should go into counseling psychology. I would like to help general people with everyday problems (like why they are failing...

therapy counseling-psychology clinical-psychology psychology

Thaaki S.’s Avatar
Thaaki S. Nov 27, 2017 710 views

Is it possible to branch off into speech and hearing therapy from psychology?

I am considering studying psychology, but is it possible to branch off into forensic psychology or speech and hearing therapy, with a psychology degree and experience as a clinical psychologist? psychology therapy counseling mental-health mental-health-care physical-therapy therapists...

forensic-psychology counseling-psychology forensic

Kaesyn H.’s Avatar
Kaesyn H. Sep 01, 2017 410 views

Upon studying Psychology, can I be expected to conduct legitimate social experiments or solely work from a book?

When I took AP Psychology, it was a merit course that could result in college credit. However, while not all of our work was from a book, most of it was. I am more of a hands on learner, and I was curious as to if I could expect to learn hands on in a college atmosphere. psychology...

college college-advice counseling-psychology

Heather L.’s Avatar
Heather L. Aug 31, 2017 409 views

Is it silly to want to be a professional actress?

Something that I have always wanted to do was perform; from ballet to cheerleading and various kinds of acting, even putting up vlogs on YouTube, it has always been something in the back of my mind despite being shy and due to extenuating circumstances could never really be a part of. On the...

acting voice-acting counseling-psychology psychology

Ross B.’s Avatar
Ross B. Aug 23, 2017 526 views

Can i get some advice on my future plans?

Hi. My name is Ross and i just finished my CSEC/GCSE exams and ive been thinking about the career to be exact. First of all im trying to pin down exactly what i want to be. This might be a bit confusing but please bear with me. Ok ive based my career upon psychology, mainly...

child-psychology counseling-psychology psychology

abraham D.’s Avatar
abraham D. May 30, 2017 565 views

What are the requirements to become a psychologist for teens?

I am asking this because I see a psychologist every Wednesday, and have been for the past 4 years, for personal issues, and it helps me so much. My psychologist is someone who gives me a sense of hope and tells me reasons to be alive. Therefore, going to my psychologist for the longest made me...

psychology counseling-psychology career-details child-psychology

Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. May 31, 2017 741 views

Is the graduate school supposed to pay for you to attend?

I have heard people say that if the graduate school is not paying for you to come then something is wrong. Does it depend on the school, or major, or something else? I don't understand how this works or what it really means. psychology graduate-school clinical-psychology...


Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. May 31, 2017 670 views

How does graduate school work?

I am confused about what goes in graduate school. I understand that it's usually taken after going to college and sometimes you have to take a test to get into one, depending on your career choice or the degree you're seeking, right? graduate-school clinical-psychology counseling-psychology...


Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. May 31, 2017 605 views

How would a college graduate go about finding a job in clinical psychology?

I'm graduating soon and want to know what first or next steps I can take to get closer to being a marriage and family counselor. clinical-psychology counseling-psychology family-therapy marriage-therapist marriage-counselor...


Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. Mar 27, 2017 614 views

What qualities best work with being a marriage and family counselor?

I am not that great at giving people advice but I have a really strong passion for wanting to help marriages or families in trouble. I'd like to do whatever I can ( ethically) to assist these individuals, couples, and any others to be fulfilling but right now I'm just not strong in that area....

family-therapy marriage-counselor counseling-psychology marriage-therapist

Jennifer A.’s Avatar
Jennifer A. Jan 16, 2017 645 views

How do I get experience towards being a Therapist/counseling with only a BA in Psychology?!

I'm saving money for graduate school, I'm about to get my BA this 2017 Spring and I can't find any experience towards my field of study being a licensed professional counselor. therapy therapists counseling-psychology mental-health-counseling...


KAMRAN K.’s Avatar
KAMRAN K. Oct 30, 2016 588 views

As a psychologist, have you ever been affected personally by your patient's story or stories?

As a person who often listens to their peers about their problems, I have often found myself thinking about those peers and their story. psychology...


Vidal A.’s Avatar
Vidal A. Sep 16, 2016 752 views

Which age group is the best to work with in the field of Psychology?

In the near future I'm going to be interested in working with a certain age group on the field of Psychology. I would like to know if it's better to work with toddlers/babies (Neonate-3 Years Old), children (4-11), teenagers (12-18), young adults (18-21), or adults (21+)? psychology...

school-psychology counseling-psychology child-psychology

Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 07, 2016 890 views

What Psychology education/degree is right for me?

I want to make good money and have an enjoyable job that I look forward to. I'm interested in the Counselling stream for Psychology, but I'm not sure what the recommended education level is for counselling-related jobs. I've heard a Master's degree is recommended as the minimum level of...

counseling psychology therapists therapy counseling-psychology clinical-psychology