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Rachel H. May 22, 2018 282 views

Careers in Social Work

I’m working towards my Masters in SW. What are some careers that involve more therapy and working with families and teens? Even foster families and teens. #social-work #social-worker...


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Kinley W. Apr 16, 2018 366 views
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Katherine S. Sep 01, 2017 316 views

What does submajoring in a major do for a resume?

I have so many majors that I'm interested in and I would love to be able to pursue as many as I can in as little time as possible and or save money.. Guess I'm also asking how it works as well. #environmental-science #pyschology...


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Stephanie P. Feb 17, 2017 376 views

What are great places to get internships?

I want to be a psychologist and need great places intern?...


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Trinity C. Feb 08, 2017 423 views

Can you work with both kids and adults?

I wanted to know if they allow you to work with kids and adults working within this career #pyschology...


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Caroline M. Feb 03, 2017 536 views

When deciding upon the Genetic Counselor career were you more interested in the research and application of knowledge or the counseling aspect?

I am a high school senior who has researched Genetic Counseling as a potential career interest. One question that seems to never be answered is if the Genetic Counselor's were more intrigued with the research aspect of the job or with dealing with the patients. This is important for me because...

#research #science #genetics #genetic-counseling #counseling #pyschology #biology

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Abdulwahab A. Dec 17, 2016 900 views

How does online shopping affect people's financials and psychology?

How does online shopping affect people's financials and psychology? #business #finance #marketing #business-development #pyschology...


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Samantha D. May 27, 2016 464 views

How do I pick a major?

Im still not sure what im looking to do or if theres something that will fit my interest. #business #children...


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Jennifer L. May 13, 2016 445 views

Did you have a personal reason as to why you chose this as a career path and did you achieve it?

I am interested in psychology and/or sociology because human behavior has a lot to do with the way we interact with one another and I feel if I can attain more information as to why we react to the things we are faced with, I can help people in all different types of situations. I also know...

#pyschology #sociology

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Naeema M. May 12, 2016 480 views

Since nursing will be my major, what type of classes should I have more in

I am dedicated and always ready to do what my heart has longed for. I also care about what I'm doing even if it doesn't turn and seem to be accurate. I know by choosing the right classes that will give me a bright idea of my future goals. #doctor #nursing #physician #social-work...

#pyschology #healthcare-it #guidance-counselor #principal

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janani S. Apr 26, 2016 584 views

What are important steps to be taken in the stage of begining college life ?

i must be a good attitude person #education...


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Thrisha A. Apr 26, 2016 591 views

Other than completing degree if any thing gives us money later ? Which business can i prefer?

i can finish up my school life , but after that i like to do business, rather than continuing my studies ..then what of business can i prefer #doctor #pyschology #legal...


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Kamila C. Apr 13, 2016 780 views

If I wanted to pursue a career in psychiatry, what type of high school internships should I participate in?

Hi, I am a sophomore from Boston Collegiate Charter School. I am really interested in being a psychiatrist but I am not sure how to get myself out there to begin networking now. My school participates in a 2-week internship as part of our graduation requirements, and I interested in securing a...

#pyschology #psychiatry #college

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Alzaria T. Apr 13, 2016 1254 views

How does being a psychiatrist impact your life outside of work?

My name is Allie and I'm a sophomore in high school. I've taken many personality tests that have told me that I should follow a career path that includes psychology, psychiatry, or therapy. These fields have interested me, yet I am concerned about the emotional toll that it may take on me. I'm...

#pyschology #therapists #psychiatry

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Danica P. Mar 17, 2016 1434 views

How applicable is a psychology degree to the world of business?

I want to study psychology in college, but I also want to make sure I can get a good job with decent pay in business. Is this possible, or should I reconsider my college major? #business #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing...


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Julia W. Dec 07, 2015 742 views

In Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which industry (healthcare, advertising, etc.) did you find most fulfilling?

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm currently a senior in high school who is looking at a few career options. I have found that the skills, interests and wants I have match up with an I/O Psychologist very well. An interesting part of of the job is that are many different industries that one can go...

#pyschology #organization #industrial

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Sidney W. Aug 03, 2015 820 views

What is the difference between Psychology and Sociology

I would just like to know the difference. #sociology...


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