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How do I pick a major?

Im still not sure what im looking to do or if theres something that will fit my interest. #business #children #pyschology

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2 answers

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Moeko’s Answer

PwC has Financial Literacy lessons available to the public on our site, PwC.com. The "Income & careers" lesson includes a career survey that will help you gain a better understanding of college majors and academic requirements for each college major. Specifically, the handouts A-H under "Career survey" - http://www.pwc.com/us/en/about-us/corporate-responsibility/commitment-to-youth-education/financial-literacy-curriculum/thank-you.html

Hope this helps!

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Wael’s Answer

Start by taking several online career tests and researching the results. Then you would have a better idea about careers and your options. You should identify what you value, enjoy, and excel at and take that as a career.