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Career Questions tagged Children

Myranda V.’s Avatar
Myranda V. May 21 153 views

I want to become a teacher, early childhood education. How long is the process? I know everyone has their own path, timing but how long did it take you to become a teacher? Is it also a good paying salary career?(NYC DOE)

I've always been interested in teaching and learning from kids. Please be honest and thank you for taking your time to read along with answering if you do. Have a good day!!!!!!!

Sumi S.’s Avatar
Sumi S. May 19 117 views

What would be an ideal career for someone who wants to work with disabled children but has a low patience?

I would love to one day be able to help and communicate with disabled kids, such as a pediatric occupational therapist or something similar, but I tend to loose patience without meaning to. I am afraid that a career path such as pediatric OT is maybe a little too social for someone like me, and...

Anita S.’s Avatar
Anita S. Apr 08 165 views

How long does becoming a pediatrician take?

Just wondering what the time span looks like, although i'm only a sophomore in high school.

carly F.’s Avatar
carly F. Jan 04 207 views

What psychology related jobs are there that can work in the hospital and with children?

I am 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have always wanted to do something that involves kids, and mental health. I have been doing a lot of research on different jobs and I don't know what I should do. I would like to work as someone who advocates in mental health (preferably...

Leighton L.’s Avatar
Leighton L. Nov 30, 2021 194 views

How fun is teaching little kids?

#teacher #children #education

maddy G.’s Avatar
maddy G. Oct 21, 2021 152 views

what are the drawbacks of being a child care worker

#social #children

Noah W.’s Avatar
Noah W. Oct 20, 2021 241 views

What are some draw backs of being a teacher

I like kids and would want to work in k-4 grade
#teacher #children #education

marissa Y.’s Avatar
marissa Y. Oct 19, 2021 182 views

is there an occupation with speech pathology for working with children?

#speechpathology #children #psychology #therapists

maddy G.’s Avatar
maddy G. Oct 19, 2021 178 views

what advice would you give someone wanting to work as a child care worker

#children #career #social-work

Da'Nita G.’s Avatar
Da'Nita G. Jul 06, 2021 259 views

Is this realistic?

I want to make a business. I want to work with children, teens and animals. It will be like a mental and physical therapy. The children will get help with life. Like emotional, mental, physical support or with life, school and family. The animals will be rescued and fixed up. The children and...

Chasity K.’s Avatar
Chasity K. Jun 03, 2021 170 views

How many hours do a pediatrician work a week ?

#pediatrics #children #working-with-children

Amuna A.’s Avatar
Amuna A. May 26, 2021 306 views

What do I do right after graduating college?

I' m entering college soon and I'm not sure if I am going to school to gain experience or to get a job right away. What's more valuable. I wanna work with kids in a school, either a teacher or speech pathologist.#teacher #children #school

Stacyangel H.’s Avatar
Stacyangel H. May 24, 2021 198 views

how many years of school needs to be taken to become a pediatrician?

#medical-school #pediatrician #children

leslie Q.’s Avatar
leslie Q. Apr 30, 2021 239 views

do you have to take medical school to become a nurse ?

Hey im a junior in high school and im looking for some help because when i enter 12 grade i want to have my mind setteled #high-school #children #help

Alondra E.’s Avatar
Alondra E. Apr 09, 2021 238 views

I am not sure if I major in psychology or in social work or something else entirely?

I want to help children that are in foster care and/or coming from bad homes. #children #social-work #therapist

james R.’s Avatar
james R. Mar 29, 2021 195 views

where can i find a paraprofessional position

i want to help out with special needs children #children #help

Faith B.’s Avatar
Faith B. Mar 01, 2021 167 views

Are there scholarships available for adopted children in the US?

#children #childcare

Jileddys B.’s Avatar
Jileddys B. Feb 26, 2021 329 views

what are the negative and positives of social worker ?

i would like to work with children, i'm just not sure if this is the career path i want to go to without all the information i need to know #career-paths #career-path #social-work #counseling #education #children #child #baby

tadiwa M.’s Avatar
tadiwa M. Jan 08, 2021 442 views

can a dentist open a dental clinic and how?

I am a 10th grade student based in Port Elizabeth. I love working with people and empowering them. I decided to study oral health because I did not want to see a single person who has insecurities about their teeth. I really wish to work with children because I love them and want them to know...

Chastity V.’s Avatar
Chastity V. Dec 10, 2020 286 views

What is the daily work day of a pediatrician?

#pediatrician #rn #pediatrics #working-with-children #children #medicine #nursing #pediatric-nursing #doctor

raikeema W.’s Avatar
raikeema W. Nov 13, 2020 284 views

what is the positive things about being a physical therapy and the bad things ?

I wanna know so i can know what im going to be looking for. Also, i love helping kids im a very nice and respectful person. #children #experience #working-with-children

rokaria G.’s Avatar
rokaria G. Nov 13, 2020 213 views

how to become a counselor?

i would like to become a counselor so i can help those children see the hope there is to see. #children #counselor

Beyza I.’s Avatar
Beyza I. Nov 11, 2020 242 views

What is like to be a fashion designer?

I love to sew and I am self taught. I have been sewing for a year or two and I hope to one day have my own business. I also love children and helping people in need.
#children #sewing #fashion #childcare

Annaleigha T.’s Avatar
Annaleigha T. Nov 05, 2020 322 views

What are some majors that you can take to become an elementary teacher?

#teacher #children

julia P.’s Avatar
julia P. Nov 05, 2020 199 views

What jobs pay well and involve children?

I like teaching. #children

sydnee S.’s Avatar
sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 284 views

What does it take to be a teacher?

I'm in 8th grade and I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having us do a project about the careers we would like to do when we are older, she asked us to ask some questions we have. #children #teaching #career #teacher

Madison G.’s Avatar
Madison G. Oct 27, 2020 600 views

What is a nurse practitioner responsible for in the workplace?

Hi, my name is Maddy and I am a sophomore in high school. I love the idea of helping children and just working with them, but I don't really know all of what a nurse practitioner does. I'd like to get to know the job and all it entails before I ever seriously considered it as a future career....

Ashley S.’s Avatar
Ashley S. Oct 26, 2020 178 views

What are some other related occupations to a pediatric surgeon?

Hello I am Ashley and I am a freshman in high school. I am struggling to figure out what I should do for the rest of my life. #medical #children

Hailey D.’s Avatar
Hailey D. Oct 24, 2020 282 views

Is it difficult to help all kinds of people, whether they deserve it or not?

I am a senior in high school and I have been set on studying psychology and becoming a therapist my whole life. One thing I think about a lot as I pursue this career is "am I only going to be able to help the privileged?". I want to help more people than who has a surplus of money for mental...

Makenna R.’s Avatar
Makenna R. Oct 23, 2020 203 views

What profession is that best to work at with special needs children and adults?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am very interested in the mind of specifically down syndrome children and adults. I would love to work with mentally challenged people so I can one, learn more about their environment and how they live everyday and two, help them the best that I can....