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Career Questions tagged Daycare

Devonna’s Avatar
Devonna Apr 10 63 views

What's the proper major for someone who wants to own and run a daycare centered mental health ?

I want to work closely with newborns and babies, but I also love the idea of having my own psychology practice within my daycare. I'm not sure where to start.

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Mar 15 127 views

What steps need to be taken to open your own daycare?

I am interested in starting up my own preschool or daycare and I am not sure where to start to get that process going.

Quanicia’s Avatar
Quanicia Jul 25, 2022 211 views

Grants and funding to start a daycare

I would like to know if there are any grants or funding available to help start a daycare center?

laura’s Avatar
laura Nov 01, 2021 340 views

what are the best classes to take for child development?

I love kids a lot. I help in my schools nursery. #teaching #daycare

Tea’s Avatar
Tea May 27, 2018 795 views

How do you start your own Daycare?

I want to know the basic requirements to having your own daycare. For example, do you need a degree? How do you recruit people to work there? How do you get the parents to trust your new daycare? How much does it cost to start a daycare? Should I consider getting a degree in Business?...

kaela’s Avatar
kaela Mar 08, 2017 601 views

how can i start my own daycare and work with younger childern

i want to start my own daycare and i want some advice to start #daycare #child-care

jaime’s Avatar
jaime Mar 01, 2016 1201 views

I want to become a music teacher for smaller children like in kindergarten, is this a good idea?

I want younger children to be exposed to various types of music because music is a major thing in the world. I do not know how to play any instruments very well besides the saxophone, which will not help me. However, I do want to try and open up a daycare with my bestfriend, and within some...

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Sep 07, 2012 1563 views

Do I need to take any specific classes in college to become a babysitter?

I am a sophomore in high school and i am very interested in kids. I need to know how many years it will take and what I need to know. #children #daycare #baby-sitting

TerrellCodman3’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 Feb 02, 2012 2125 views

What Things Do You Need To Have To Own A Day Care Business

I Think I Might Want To Own One? #business #college-majors #daycare

TashinaCodman1’s Avatar
TashinaCodman1 Jan 23, 2012 1836 views

which college can i take to work with kids

is there like a college to help you talk and work with kids.. i like helping kids out , is there any colleges that helps you work with children? #jobs #college-selection #children #daycare