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Nathaniel P. Oct 30, 2016 428 views

Is it possible to teach music at a collegiate level and also conduct a symphony-orchestra?

Conducting is an intense, beautiful study, and I would love to teach at a college level as well as conduct a symphony. #music-industry #music-teaching...


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Nathaniel P. Oct 30, 2016 431 views

As a potential Engineering major, I would like to know the possibility of pursuing Engineering as well as Vocal Teaching at the same time.

I love music, and have played piano for thirteen years. I have been in my school choir for seven years, and I made first chair All-State Choir last year. I would love to incorporate music into my every day life. #mechanical-engineering #music-performance...


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jaime G. Mar 01, 2016 770 views

I want to become a music teacher for smaller children like in kindergarten, is this a good idea?

I want younger children to be exposed to various types of music because music is a major thing in the world. I do not know how to play any instruments very well besides the saxophone, which will not help me. However, I do want to try and open up a daycare with my bestfriend, and within some...

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