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Career Questions tagged Music Industry

Niki T.’s Avatar
Niki T. Jan 06 32 views

What can i study with music?

I play clarinet, i dont know what to do with my life but i love music, art, food and cooking and i also like working with peolple music art...


Dakota W.’s Avatar
Dakota W. Jan 03 46 views

How do I play my songs everyday if I don't have a guitar at home?

music I am a novice singer/guitar player and I have a very strong passion about music. singer music-production...


Aaron J.’s Avatar
Aaron J. Oct 26, 2021 77 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter Film & Editors

I've been interested in movies and videos and thought about being a Film & Video editor. I've been recently editing and making music, I have a few songs so being a film or video editor is good with music on certain scenes . I want to scale up and be a producer, edit and produced the...

film music-industry acting music film-acting

Naomi E.’s Avatar
Naomi E. Aug 20, 2021 133 views

What practices help with building motivation for music artists?

So as a singer songwriter who's also going to college, I feel very unmotivated to do music or expand my music expertise even though that's what I'm in college for. I feel like I'm behind even though I've built a platform for myself. I don't know how to refocus my passion when I'm so busy with...

music-production singer college music music-industry

Devon S.’s Avatar
Devon S. Jun 30, 2021 191 views

How can I become a good rapper and a music producer

How can I push my music career further and get more fans to listen to my creative work? music music-industry career music-production...


Jayda C.’s Avatar
Jayda C. Jun 28, 2021 130 views

What do I need to become a music artist?

I like writing music and playing instruments. I enjoy singing and rapping. I listen to a wide variety of artists in different genres....


Naomi E.’s Avatar
Naomi E. Jun 21, 2021 130 views

How do I promote my music on a budget?

I just started taking my music journey seriously and would like to know how to promote the songs that I'm about to release. I don't have a music mentor or manager. I am going to college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Recording. I think my music is worth risking a couple coins on but I'm...

music-production singer music musician music-industry

Imani D.’s Avatar
Imani D. Jun 08, 2021 90 views

How do I get producers to work with me?

I love singing and currently studying music. I wanna get my first experience in the studio but I don't have the money for that....


Kristina G.’s Avatar
Kristina G. Feb 25, 2021 220 views

What major is best for me to take in college?

Hi, i'm currently a sophomore in high-school and would love to get into the music industry! However I know it's difficult to get into and a lot of it is luck and connection based. I also would like to go to college but if I do should I go to set my self up for a safer career path? Is there...

career-path double-major college-majors music music-industry

felicia M.’s Avatar
felicia M. Feb 23, 2021 163 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior in high school and interested in both music industry work as a recording artists and also business and working on different business ventures. music-industry singing musician...


Courtney C.’s Avatar
Courtney C. Jan 22, 2021 239 views

How do you become a tour manager?

I love music and playing guitar and so I want to know how I would become a tour manager so I can have a career in the music industry. music-industry music...


Ava D.’s Avatar
Ava D. Jan 18, 2021 163 views

What does a day in the life of a music industry professional look like?

I am a high school senior and I'm interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Thanks! music-industry music music-business...


Ava D.’s Avatar
Ava D. Jan 18, 2021 175 views

How do I go about making connections with industry professionals?

I am a high school senior and I'm interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Thanks! music music-industry musiccareers...


Ava D.’s Avatar
Ava D. Jan 11, 2021 243 views

How did you get started in the industry? Like how did you find internships and connections?

I'm looking at pursuing a career in the business side of the music industry. music music-industry music-management...


jayla ..’s Avatar
jayla .. Oct 15, 2020 211 views

am i cut out for music?

I love music and i have always loved music since I was a little girl. So I joined the band in the 6th grade and enjoyed it until now. Now it's so technical which i'm not used too. For these past few years in concert band i have been naturally flowing with the music without sub-dividing rhythms...

vocalist music-industry music musician music-performance

Stephanie L.’s Avatar
Stephanie L. Jul 26, 2020 424 views

I wanted to start a music career but not sure if I should continue right now

career-counseling career-development career-path music asian I’m from Hong Kong and I want to study undergraduate program in US. Preparing for Toefl and DSE right now. I like music and wanted to make it as my career, but other than that I also want to study one extra subject in college....


Lion S.’s Avatar
Lion S. Jun 18, 2020 228 views

How do I produce music?

I am 10 years old and write music. I use garage band and Logic X Pro. Is there a better way to do this? music-industry music-production...


Andrameda C.’s Avatar
Andrameda C. Apr 12, 2020 264 views

How can I make it to the Billboard top 100 with a album that has been discussed already via social media?

I am a musician that loves to make Jazz music. I am also a fashionista and an array of artist abilities that I focus in. I love exercising and being in my own place with my man. music music-industry sports singing...


Kyra C.’s Avatar
Kyra C. Apr 04, 2019 476 views