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Career Questions tagged Event Planning

Wren’s Avatar
Wren Mar 17 28 views

How can I get started as an event planner in the Bay Area?

I just graduated as a Communication Studies Major and I’m trying to get into the industry, but when I ask the local agencies for positions they’re all full.

Tvisha’s Avatar
Tvisha Jan 07 293 views

How get clarity for your career ?

I am leaning towards two choices for career, either culinary arts or event management. I am still not completely confident to make a choice, how do i know what is the best choice for me in the long run for a career?

someone’s Avatar
someone Oct 30, 2022 572 views

will it be worth taking an event management course?

can I earn enough in the coming years if I take an event management major

Avigail’s Avatar
Avigail Sep 19, 2022 451 views

How do I build a "program" and request funding from sponsors (lenders, brokers, affiliates) for multi-day professional event?

What programs can I use to build a 4-day event program? This is for a 4-day Real Estate Summit at Costa Baja Resort & Spa in La Paz BCS. The proposed date is October 11-15th 2023.

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Sep 13, 2022 206 views

What should I major in to be a wedding planner?

Is business a good thing to major in for event/wedding planning? What about minoring in arts?

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Sep 13, 2022 407 views

What schools do I need to look into?

What are good schools to look into if I want to be a wedding planner?

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Abbie Mar 03, 2022 301 views

What type of schedule do event planners have, are the days and weekends flexible?

I am a high schooler who is involved in a lot but has most of my weekends free! #event-planning

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Feb 04, 2022 371 views

Should I invent in stocks?

Interest in the stock market. #business #finance #college-major #event-planning #small-business #accounting

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Oct 25, 2021 299 views

What was the biggest event you've planned?

#event-planning #business

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 20, 2021 345 views

What one of the first main things people do when they return back from the navy?

I plan on joining the navy for a minimum of5 years but I'm still deciding on which college I plan on attending when i return back after 5 years. #Navy #event-planning

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi Jul 24, 2020 587 views

After confirming a Board of Directors, what are the next steps for registering a nonprofit?

#nonprofits #financial-planning #event-planning #organization #board #science #registration #nonprofit #Texas

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 05, 2019 707 views

Should I take small engine repair?

My school has a semester elective called small engine repair. I learn to tune up and fix small engines like ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc. Once the class is over, I would be able to fix small engines around my neighborhood, where I can get really good money. But then I will have to take a...

Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey May 03, 2019 958 views

What skills do you need to be an event planner such as either a party planner or a wedding planner?

#event-planning #management #business

Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey May 03, 2019 357 views

What is the typical work day for event planners?

#event-planning #management #work

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 03, 2019 356 views

what do i need to become a party planner

#party planner #decorations what do i need exacltly?


Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Oct 17, 2018 805 views

How do you balance your family and faith life within the chaotic and busy event planning industry?

#event #planning # #event-planning #time #management #balance #career #future #business #familylife

jess’s Avatar
jess Oct 07, 2018 647 views

Event planner?

I was wondering since I’m heading into year 11 next year and wanting to be an even planner I couldn’t find anything I needed to become one I know I need maths and English but what would I need for electives? #career #eventplanning #event-planning

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Aug 09, 2018 469 views

whats the best route for scholarships?

the amount there are is overwhelming, and not all of them need the same essays anymore, some require blogs or are just a drawn-out-of-a-hat chance. whats the best way to comb through these, and/or apply for them? #event-planning #medicine

Tanasia’s Avatar
Tanasia Jul 27, 2018 652 views

WHat are some tips to become an event planner?

I want to become an event planner and eventually own my own business. I am majoring in public relations and I would like to know if there are any specific routes I should take to reach my goals. #event-planning #public-relations #business

anagha’s Avatar
anagha Jan 12, 2018 436 views

what should i take as my stream after 10th if i wish to be an event manager

iam confused about my streams after 10th. i really want to be event manager.what should be my actual way after 10th #event-planning

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Sep 01, 2017 752 views

What is the best way to get connections in the event management industry?

I am a freshman in college and am majoring in event management. I want to have a successful job one day planning events. I think part of being successful is having the right connections. How would a student begin to make those connections? #event-management #event-planning #hospitality-industry

Donnaysia’s Avatar
Donnaysia Feb 16, 2017 906 views

Is event planning a slow process?

I am a junior at CCHS, and i am looking forward to becoming an event planner and helping people plan special events and so forth. I want to know more about what to it takes to be a planner as well. #event-planning #wedding-planner #event

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Feb 08, 2017 1124 views

What is a day like as an event planner?

I am a senior in high school and have done a lot of research about planning. I was wondering what a breakdown of a day is as an event planner. #business #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #corporate-events

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Feb 08, 2017 913 views

To be an event planner, should I work for an event planning business or directly with a certain company that would use my services?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm looking into event planning as a potential career path. I have taken multiple business, marketing, and economics classes, and plan on pursuing something similar in college. Socializing, organization, and problem management are strengths of mine and event...

Bria’s Avatar
Bria Feb 03, 2017 871 views

As an event planner, how do you go about gaining and keeping customers?

I am a junior in high school, and I am thinking about becoming an event planner. I was wondering how event planners, go about attracting customers and how you keep them coming back. #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner #meeting-planner #event-marketing

Bria’s Avatar
Bria Feb 03, 2017 2580 views

How long does it take to plan an event?

I am a junior in high school, looking into becoming an event planner. I was wondering how long, on average in takes to plan an event. #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner #meeting-planner

Bria’s Avatar
Bria Feb 03, 2017 1913 views

What type of events are the hardest to plan and why?

I am a junior in high school, and I have been thinking about becoming an event planner. I was wondering which types of events would be the best to plan and what are the most challenging ones and why? #hospitality #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner...

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Jan 26, 2017 1251 views

What degrees should you get to become an Event Planner?

My sister is attempting to get a career in Event Planning. What degrees should she look to get to pursue the career she wants? A friend told her she should look to get a Communications degree, is this true? How does that help? #communications #communication #event-planning...

Queshanna’s Avatar
Queshanna Oct 26, 2016 1771 views

Can event planner work with Celebrities and host or set up their events?

I am 17 and I am a senior. When i graduate I want too go to college and take Hospitality Management. I am very nice and polite. I am asking this question because I want to be an event planner and work with celebrities and big companies. #event-planning

D'asia’s Avatar
D'asia Oct 19, 2016 1052 views

What is the typical day of an event planner like?

I am asking this question because I am pplanning to persue my education to become an event planner. #communications #communication #event-planning #communication-skills #event-management