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whats the best route for scholarships?

Asked Georgetown, Texas

the amount there are is overwhelming, and not all of them need the same essays anymore, some require blogs or are just a drawn-out-of-a-hat chance. whats the best way to comb through these, and/or apply for them? #event-planning #medical

3 answers

Lory’s Answer

Look for organizations that you have an affiliation with, as an example, if you're a member of an organization and they're offering a scholarship just being part of this group has already given you great exposure. If your family has an affiliation, that helps as well.

Also pay close attention to Scholarships that ask for an essay on how you will use the money. I've served on committees who review applications and the essay plays a key role in showing how this award will impact the applicants future, what they plan on doing with their education and who they will impact in the community once they've graduated.

When giving away funds to students, organizations want to be assured that these funds are going to individuals that will continue to strive for better, not only for themselves but those they serve. Best of luck!

Kimberly’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

One of the best things you can do while in high school is to get involved with many commuity groups and projects as possible, potentially prioritizing those that offer scholarships. when you become a member of these groups, make sure you stand out to the leadership team there if nothing other than making it a point to say hello and shake some hands. Faces and names are important recognition for decision makers. Be as likeable as possible. Some ideas for these groups are churches, community centers, YMCAs, 4H clubs, local boys and girls clubs, scouts, jaycees, chambers etc. Also check in with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, neighbors to see if their work or their organizations offer any scholarships where they can sponsor you to receive something. Ask early so you understand the pre-requisites to applying.

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

  • check into local organizations in advance to see what scholarships may be offered to prioritize your free time on where to get involved.

Gladys’s Answer


Hi, scholarships fall into 3 major categories: merit based, community involvement/leadership based, financial needs based.

1) Merit based. The criteria is usually very clear for each scholarship. You can simply search for the GPA requirements that you qualify for.

2) Leadership. I suggest you only apply to scholarships that are meaningful to you and you are passionate about the principals behind the person/organization who established the scholarship. Your experience and passion have to connect to the scholarship committee, which the committee has to believe you will be a good representative of the scholarship.

3) Financial needs. This one is pretty self explanatory.