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Destiny Jun 14 145 views

is there more options to get a better job then being a nurse

i wanted to know because i am in training for nursing

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jan 18, 2018 576 views

When graduated with an MBA or Bachelor's degree in any business field, is it more beneficial to work at a mid-level firm or large firm if you look to obtain enough capital from your job and then invest into starting your own entrepreneurial enterprise?

I look to graduate with a degree in marketing and would like a job at a sizable firm so I can make money, but once I have worked for 15 to 20 years in corporate industry I want to become an entrepreneur and start my own marketing agency to work with local businesses and eventually move my way...

Queshanna’s Avatar
Queshanna Oct 26, 2016 674 views

If i go to college and get a bachelors degree will most companies hire me with a bachelors degree or can i go for an higer degree .

I am asking this because I will love to be an event planner and i want to know what would be the best degree to get if i go to college.
I am a senior and i am a very hard worker, I am very responsible and I am very reliable. #event-management

Queshanna’s Avatar
Queshanna Oct 26, 2016 1713 views

Can event planner work with Celebrities and host or set up their events?

I am 17 and I am a senior. When i graduate I want too go to college and take Hospitality Management. I am very nice and polite. I am asking this question because I want to be an event planner and work with celebrities and big companies. #event-planning

Cindy’s Avatar
Cindy Dec 22, 2020 458 views

I want to build a property (a luxury treehouse). Does anyone have experience in building floor plans or general advice?

I want to build a treehouse business. So far I have: Found mentors Wrote the why, vision and goals of my business plan Researched the market I now want to build a floor plan to use on my website as a Minimum Viable Product that I can show to investors/programmes. Can anyone please help me...

Lamont’s Avatar
Lamont Nov 05, 2020 284 views

Will there be a collapse in plan A through Z?

Having a back-up plans would get you in a safe way of managing your career planning. #planning #event-management

Priyanka’s Avatar
Priyanka Jan 12, 2020 605 views

I am a national level badminton player. Can that be a criteria for recruitment in stanford?

I want to apply to stanford through athletics. I play badminton, but as it is not a varsity sport, i am not sure if it will raise my chances for admission. #sports #college #athletics #college-admissions

Ms. Kim’s Avatar
Ms. Jan 16, 2020 545 views

I'm interested in going into real estate and helping the family business. How do I get started?

My parents have a couple of properties that they would like to sell in the coming years. They want me to get a headstart into #real-estate so I can help them out in the future, but I don't know where to begin.

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 637 views

When did you know what you really wanted to be?

I think I want to be an engineer but im not completely sure. How will I know if ths job is right for me? #engineer

Nabil’s Avatar
Nabil Jan 19, 2020 483 views

Can’t decide which courses to take in Grade 10. Need advise on how to know my interest?

s for Grade 10, but I still don’t know what field I want to study at university and can’t decide on any specific career? #undecided #career-counseling

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 11, 2016 3575 views

What are some areas of telecommunications that will see the most growth in the coming decade or so?

I'm curious about what specific types of jobs are in demand now or will become more in demand within the next few years. This could even include positions that don't exist currently, but might in the future once technological innovations call for it. #communications #telecommunications...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 12, 2019 229 views

What is the advancement potential in the field of being a Zoologist? What is a typical path?

Zoologist #science #biology

keoni’s Avatar
keoni Jan 11, 2020 397 views

if your 14 year old, can you get a job?


n’s Avatar
n Sep 16, 2019 230 views

what do architects need and have??

#architect #financial-planning #architecture

Laniya’s Avatar
Laniya Sep 09, 2019 273 views

What qualifications do you seek when hiring a new Business Continuity Planner?

I am a 17 year old black woman in my senior year of high school who aspires to be a Business Continuity Planner. #business #business-management #business-management