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Lourdes J.’s Avatar
Lourdes J. Feb 25 72 views

When is the right time to start preparing for college?

I am currently in High School and I am wondering when should iIstart preparing for college. Also, when should I consider writing my resume? #college #highschool #resume...


Maria T.’s Avatar
Maria T. Mar 12, 2017 2348 views

What is the 1 book you would suggest everyone reads in their lifetime?

I'm making it a personal goal to read for 30 minutes daily again, and am looking for some quality material. Anything related to science, technology, or woman's history are very interesting to me. #college #engineering #science #technology #tech #women-in-tech #reading #women-in-engineering...


Joshua H.’s Avatar
Joshua H. Jan 23, 2018 1819 views

Best way to earn 150 credits to take the CPA Exam?

I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers Business School majoring in accounting and want to know what would be the best way to earn those credits. Should I double major, get my masters, minor in a few things, or do something else entirely? I'm planning on doing auditing for the big 4, but I'm open...

#cpaexam #accounting #career-counseling #cpa

Tyra H.’s Avatar
Tyra H. Nov 12, 2018 213 views

Ok so say if you want to be RN do you have to college to become that or can you just go to a nursing program?

Ok so say if you want to be RN do you have to college to become that or can you just go to a nursing program?...


Taylor K.’s Avatar
Taylor K. May 13, 2020 842 views

Should I continue my Degree?

I'm graduating this month from a community college with my Associates in Business. I am thinking about transferring to a university to get my bachelors in marketing, but I honestly don't know what I want to do with my degree/career. I'm struggling to make a decision on whether or not I should...

#college-major #marketing #career #business #college

Jordan Michael W.’s Avatar
Jordan Michael W. Jan 16, 2018 323 views

Is it a good idea to change college for junior and senior year?

I have an opportunity to work in my field if I am willing to transfer to another school 5 hours away from where I am now. #political-science #college #college-transfer...


Tiffany  B.’s Avatar
Tiffany B. Jan 27, 2017 1468 views

Due to the competitive nature, do Big 4 firms discriminate against students who start at a community college?

So I am a student at community college for financial reasons, however I do not want that to make me a 'weaker' candidate. If it does, what can I do to set myself apart from the pack? #accounting #community-college #auditing #working-in-big-companies #deloitte #ey #kpmg...


Abigail D.’s Avatar
Abigail D. Sep 13, 2020 201 views

Which risk management specialization track should I choose? There’s employee benefits, healthcare risk management, and property liability/ corporate risk management.

I’m currently a student enrolled in college and I’m looking to switch my major to risk management, and I’m not really sure which track I should do. I’m also looking into an accounting minor, but I’m not entirely sure how much that will help me. #college-major #colleges #risk...


Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Oct 11, 2016 2012 views

What are some areas of telecommunications that will see the most growth in the coming decade or so?

I'm curious about what specific types of jobs are in demand now or will become more in demand within the next few years. This could even include positions that don't exist currently, but might in the future once technological innovations call for it. #communications #telecommunications...

#verizon #job-outlook

Austin S.’s Avatar
Austin S. Apr 07, 2015 854 views
Sam M.’s Avatar
Sam M. May 11, 2016 770 views

In what careers can I utilize my love of math?

Hello! I favorite subject in school is math and I love working with numbers so I am interested to find out what careers you think might be a good fit for me. Do you work with numbers a lot in your job? If so, what do you do? What kind of math do you do and what programs do you use a lot?...

#finance #math #stem

Calista P.’s Avatar
Calista P. May 10, 2016 456 views

What types of career options are there for polisci/comm majors??

I want to major in political science and minor in communications, but I have no idea what I want to do with it after school. I'm also considering adding a double minor in women and gender studies. #communications #communication #political-science...


ShyAnne T.’s Avatar
ShyAnne T. Aug 13, 2018 233 views

When should I apply to Graduate School?

I’m in my Sophomore year of college and I was thinking about applying for graduate school next Fall semester, or is that too soon? How do I go about it? Or moreover, what is the process? #graduate...


Cassia T.’s Avatar
Cassia T. Jul 26, 2019 177 views

What steps should I take to get into Mobile Development

My Goal: Create an app similar to Tinder *Please note, I'm not trying to throw my hat in the ring with Tinder, Bumble, and all of those. This is just a side project that I'm interested in, I'm not considering fighting against Tinder. My Current Skills: * Minimal experience with MEAN stack...

#industry #react #mobiledev #tech #reactnative #android #engineering #ios #womenintech #technology #mobiledevelopment #internship #learning #kotlin

Taylor K.’s Avatar
Taylor K. Jul 31, 2020 263 views

What Careers Can You Have With A Bachelors Degree in Marketing?

Hello! I am a transfer student currently transferring to West Chester in the fall. All online though :( I will be studying marketing and am wondering what types of jobs I could thrive in as a marketing student. #marketing...


N D.’s Avatar
N D. Jul 26, 2020 156 views

How can one get into medical school as a single mom of 3 very young kids?

It’s a conviction of mine to become a physician but life changed the route before I could complete that journey. I have completed all but one prerequisite. I have worked in the field but not as a licensed professional. Currently I’m functioning as a single mother with three children under 7...

#future-physician #career #medical-school #single-parenting #doctor

Cloe S.’s Avatar
Cloe S. Jan 26 135 views

What does a normal schedule look like for you?

I’m doing community service for my high school. I would like to ask some questions and get some responses. #schedule...


Jonathan G.’s Avatar
Jonathan G. Mar 14, 2018 310 views

How do I go about creating my own Company in the Engineering Industry?

Being enrolled in the Drexel Co-op program has given me the incites that I am grateful for experiencing before I enter the workforce. As I near the end of my last Co-op, I have realized that a 9am-5pm job is not for me. Being self employed has always been a dream of mine. #leadership...

#self-driven #self-employed #engineering

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Jun 20, 2018 323 views

Is MIS a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#information-systems #management-information-systems #college-major #management #mis

Juliana B.’s Avatar
Juliana B. Jan 19 115 views

Hello so I want to major in education and minor in criminal justice. Can I be a police officer or a bounty hunter even when I minor in criminal justice

Hi im Juli and I’m stuck between if I want to be a teacher or a police officer/bounty hunter. And my counselor is having us choose our high school pathways and I don’t know what to pick. #teacher #policeofficer...


Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Jul 12, 2018 325 views

What education is needed to become an architect?

Things you can consider for this specific question... What is the highest degree needed to become an architect? Are there multiple paths to becoming an architect? Is there any other experience/certification required? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that...

#construction #architecture #architect #design

Kyah M.’s Avatar
Kyah M. Aug 27, 2018 201 views
Isis M.’s Avatar
Isis M. Aug 17, 2018 230 views

How do you get connections in film/production?

I'm going back to college and also changing my major. And it's around this time where I have to start looking for internships and/or apprenticeship that relates to the major that I choose. Is there any place or people that I can meet where I can get connections in order to pursue this?...

#majors #college #internships #university

Jishnav K.’s Avatar
Jishnav K. Aug 10, 2020 178 views

as someone interested in entering the biotech industry. Would it be smarter to get a general engineering degree or a biomedical engineering degree?

From what I understand Biomedical engineering degrees can become very limiting, especially when there are fewer jobs available in the biomedical industry and landscape. So, would it be smarter to start of a little more broad with a traditional engineering degree (i.e. mechanical, electrical,...

#biomedical #future #bio #engineering

Stephanie H.’s Avatar
Stephanie H. Mar 20, 2018 309 views

As a theatre major, what do you do post graduation?

I'm studying acting, and unfortunately the odds of success after graduation can be hit or miss. What the heck do I do after I graduate? Their are many questions on how to obtain a manager, agent, publicist, lawyer. And which one is the most important. It is so easy to be taken advantage of....

#artist #career #theatre #performing-arts #art

Saleemah G.’s Avatar
Saleemah G. Jan 05 52 views
Alex Butler’s Avatar
Alex B. Nov 19, 2020 149 views

How do you begin the graduate school search as a physics major?

I am a current junior in college planning to graduate next year, and am looking for advice on how to begin the search for schools. #career-path #physics #graduateschool #gradschool #application #school #college #astronomy...


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