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Lourdes’s Avatar
Lourdes Feb 27 283 views

When is it too late to fill out the FAFSA for the 24-25 school year?

When is it too late to fill out the FAFSA for the 2024-2025 college year? I haven't out in my college application yet, and I'm not sure if I do the application before or after FAFSA.

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Feb 20 508 views

What can you tell me about Nuclear Medical Technology?

Hello! I'm on a journey to find a new career path. I decided to get into medical imaging. There are so many options; Sonography, Nuclear Medical Technology, etc. and I'm unsure what would be best for me. I originally started looking into a Digital Medical Imaging program and with further...

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Feb 13 762 views

Industry Accountants - how much did you have to remember from school?

Hi, I am a junior in college currently majoring in accounting and I plan on working in industry. I worry a lot as graduation comes closer because I haven’t really retained things and even if I brush up on the basics it’s not like I’ll be a professional and know how to do an entry for...

Nora’s Avatar
Nora Feb 08 400 views

As a high school student, how do I know if a finance is the right college major for me?

I'm a 17 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning basics about taking spending and investments in my free time for the past year or so. I've decided that I want to study finance in college, but I'm still not entirely sure about my decision. #finance #University #College

karen’s Avatar
karen Jan 25 477 views

What is the quickest way to become a registered nurse midwife? Does it help to have experience shadowing? If so, what are some more opportunities to make the process faster?

I want to know the quickest and most efficient way to get through this process of becoming a nurse midwife. Also, am I less likely to get a job opportunity if I go to online college for my BA? Thanks!

karen’s Avatar
karen Jan 23 241 views

I am wondering if I start off being a midwife, is there a way I can switch in middle to a nurse midwife? Also, how much years off school total is it to be a midwife, and a nurse midwife? What is the difference between them? Thanks!

I am in 10th grade, and I am interested in the field of labor and delivery. I find women to be amazing and I would love to be part of the process, to bring more babies into this world! I am interested in Biology and anatomy and physiology.

Selina’s Avatar
Selina Jan 04 326 views

How can i stop myself from procrastinating?

I seriously need help I need tips or something like that because it's gotten to the point where I'm so backed up on work it's getting kind of hard to keep up

Dorian’s Avatar
Dorian Dec 24, 2023 371 views

How can I become successful at a young age?

15 year old

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Dec 12, 2023 248 views

How do I make goals for myself in highschool to prepare me for college ?

I am 17 years old and I have plenty of opportunities. I have an internship with an animal hospital and I am financially stable. For some reason I cannot figure out what I want to do or create any goals for myself and this has become a problem. It’s slowing me down in school work because I see...

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Dec 09, 2023 339 views

Which classes would be the most beneficial for me to take?

I am interested in becoming a Speech Language Pathologist and I want to take dual enrollment classes next year because presently I'm in 10th grade.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Dec 04, 2023 232 views

Where does a PharmD lead to?

Are there oppurtunities for someone with a PharmD to work outside of a pharmacy? What specific field would entail a pharmacist working in a hospital doing more than just distributing drugs?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Nov 28, 2023 220 views

For a PNC Banker of 1 year service what is the next career step to consider

For a PNC Banker of 1 year service what is the next career step to consider

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Nov 26, 2023 282 views

What made you want to be a part of the medical community??

What sparked your interest in your specific field?

Bob’s Avatar
Bob Nov 23, 2023 191 views

What extracurriculars?

What extracurriculars did you take to get to your college and to decide on major?

Dimitri’s Avatar
Dimitri Nov 19, 2023 469 views

What are some door opening jobs I can apply for within the game industry for project manager?

I am still in college obtaining my Associates in Game Business and Esports. What steps should I take to reach that end goal of Project Manager?

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