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Career Questions tagged Majors And Minors

sarah S.’s Avatar
sarah S. Jan 27, 2021 266 views

I want to go into an international studies major what's a good minor to pair with that?

I want to help out in the humaitarian feild as much as possible. I love travel and hope to be able to do that all my life. I know only a little French but don't know if I want to minor in a language. I will be doing a business module with the IS major. I love writing which makes me consider...


Bahara S.’s Avatar
Bahara S. Aug 26, 2020 514 views

Will double minor add value to my degree?

I am going to my 4th year of University and majoring in Accounting. I am considering doing a double minor in Finance and International Business. I am concern about double minors. Will double minors add value to my degree? and is it a good minor to choose with my major in Accounting? Need some...

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Jinah L.’s Avatar
Jinah L. Jul 19, 2020 1443 views

Which minor would be most helpful for a job in the fashion industry?

I'm pursuing a major in Economics and want to enter the fashion industry some way in the future. Which major would you recommend? majors-and-minors fashion career...


Denzel E.’s Avatar
Denzel E. Jul 17, 2020 183 views

Double Major vs Major & Minor

I'm hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering as well as Astronomy but I am not sure as to whether I want to do so via double majoring or perhaps having a major in MechE and a minor in Astro. What're the pros and cons to both of these paths? JULY20 double-major...


Brianna M.’s Avatar
Brianna M. Aug 31, 2018 366 views

Is there a way for me to add a minor on the common application?

I’ve managed to get established my psychology major and my interest in pre med, but I don’t know if I can add an art minor or if I should submit a portfolio for my minor. I’m applying to 11 schools and I’d just like to make it clear I intend to be involved at whatever school I attend....

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Dorothy Deane D.’s Avatar
Dorothy Deane D. Aug 29, 2018 320 views

Should I choose a minor that is similar or different to my major?

I am a public health major and I'm not sure if I should choose a minor that is health/science related or something completely different to widen my area of study. choosing-a-minor majors-and-minors...


Tatiana R.’s Avatar
Tatiana R. Aug 27, 2018 296 views

How do I start studying my minor?

I am currently at a community college (Valencia) studying for a major in architecture and after earning my AA will transfer to a university (University of Central Florida). Could I start taking classes toward a minor or would I have to wait til I transfer to a university? majors-and-minors...


Mia S.’s Avatar
Mia S. Aug 21, 2018 361 views

Is it smart to major and minor or just focus on a major?

Is it a good idea to both major and minor or is it better to just focus on your major? # majors-and-minors co college-major choosing-a-major...


Chrishayla R.’s Avatar
Chrishayla R. Aug 15, 2018 370 views

Would it be a good idea to minor in business with a Clinical Laboratory Sciences major?

I just recently changed my major to Clinical Laboratory Sciences and I would like to pursue my own business as well. majors-and-minors # major business...


Camryn C.’s Avatar
Camryn C. Aug 14, 2018 354 views

What would be a beneficial minor next to a psychology major?

I want to be a child psychologist one day, but some schools I plan to apply for require a minor. I want to be able to help individuals and have thought about opening a mental health store. This makes me wonder if business might be a good minor. university psychology majors-and-minors...


Elaina B.’s Avatar
Elaina B. Jul 19, 2018 369 views

What advice do you have for someone who fears changing majors but is scared to continue in the major they have selected?

I am going to begin my first year at Grand Canyon University in the fall. I was accepted into the Nursing program earlier in the year, but as time has passed I fear I don't have what it takes to be a Nurse. What should I do? college...


Maria S.’s Avatar
Maria S. Jul 18, 2018 442 views

What is better-to have a double major or a major and a minor?

What would look better to an employer and which is less hectic? majors-and-minors doublemajor...


Gabriel S.’s Avatar
Gabriel S. May 28, 2018 419 views

What minor would you recommend to go along with a major in English?

I plan on majoring in English and I would like to eventually become a novelist. I have strongly considered doing a Creative Writing minor but have not decided yet...


Jaelen J.’s Avatar
Jaelen J. May 22, 2018 489 views

Should I purse a minor?

I was considering a minor for my school resume, and I was wondering what is the best suited minor for an exercise science major as I apply myself forward through college? majors-and-minors school college-minor college minor resume...