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If I choose to do a double major or a major and minor while studying nursing, what would be the benefits?

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2 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Double major pros: Allows you more flexibility when searching for jobs since you'll have two majors under your belt, and it'll look better on your resume. Cons, obviously you will need to earn enough credits for both majors . I would suggest doing summer school to try and gather credits so you can graduate in a timely manner.

Major and minor is pretty good too, it puts you ahead of the pack over people that just have a major. Ultimately though a double major would look more impressive, it would just depend on your financial and personal circumstances if you should pursue it. If you plan your courses right you can graduate in a timely manner AND have a second major under your belt (I planned my courses from day 1 of Freshman year and I graduated a year early). You'll have more career opportunities and employers will see that you not only had the perseverance to earn 1 full-time degree, but two!

Jason recommends the following next steps:

Plan your schedule and see if it's feasible (Major time commitment obviously)
Look over your finances
Consult with a family member or trusted adult (eg. counselor, that's what they're there for!)

Thank you! Zemira M.

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Chad’s Answer

This is a great question Zemira. One of the pros of having a double major is you'll have something else to fall back on. For example, if your plan is to get a medical related undergrad degree and you don't get into nursing school, another degree can help you get into another field of work. You could also just get one degree, but not have it be medical related. My wife actually applied for nursing school and didn't get in. However, her one undergrad degree was in Journalism, so she was able to get a job right out of school in the field of journalism.

I have a couple of friends who got medical related degrees in hopes of going to medical school. When they didn't get in, they went back to school for masters degrees in other fields (one did a Masters in Finance and the other a Masters in Business).

If I were in your shoes, I'd get one major, apply for nursing school, and have a backup plan for if I didn't get in (e.g. another major, a masters degree, or start working in a job that only requires my undergrad degree). I wouldn't get two degrees right off the bat, because if you get into nursing school (and if you work hard enough you will!), then you may regret the extra time and money you spent getting another degree you may never use. At the end of the day you should do what's best for you and follow your interests.

As far as a minor goes, I'm not the best suited for answering that when it comes to nursing school. I didn't get a minor and it wasn't needed in my field. However, if a minor looks good on nursing school applications, then it's worth looking into.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much Mr. Baucom! Zemira M.

No problem Zemira! Good luck with everything! Chad Baucom