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Morgan S. Oct 03 13 views

What should I minor in to become a clinical psychologist?

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Trinity B. May 24 65 views

How much do minors cost?

I want to major in English, but I also would like to minor in Music Performance for side jobs. #college-minor Do minors usually cost extra, and is it worth it to get a...

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Isabelle H. Apr 08 57 views

Is Pre-Med a good minor to pursue a speech pathology degree?

Currently I am a psychology major with no minor. Due to credit requirments ​​I need to find a minor. I fully intend on reciving ​a masters in speech language​ pathology, and my school does not have a speech program. I am enrolled in psych courses, ASL and science. I was thinking about...

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Deanna W. Sep 01, 2018 226 views

Suggestions for minors?

My major is fine arts with a concentration in digital media with the hopes of becoming an animator. I was curious what kind of minor I should take to accompany it or if I should take one at all. #college #college-major #art...


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Brianna M. Aug 31, 2018 132 views

Is there a way for me to add a minor on the common application?

I’ve managed to get established my psychology major and my interest in pre med, but I don’t know if I can add an art minor or if I should submit a portfolio for my minor. I’m applying to 11 schools and I’d just like to make it clear I intend to be involved at whatever school I attend....

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Laniece W. Aug 24, 2018 198 views
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Clifford Khent C. Mar 06, 2018 168 views

What should I minor in with my Psychology degree?

Hello! I have been considering in Minoring in something lately. Of course, I'd like to minor in something beneficial to my major. I'd eventually like to pursue Applied Behavioral Analysis or Clinical Psychology in Grad school. Any tips? #college-minor #college #college-major #psychology...


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Savannah S. Apr 19, 2018 200 views

How can I create a minor for myself, while taking aspects from other majors and minors?

I wish to shape my own future, which is why I want to create a minor that is unique to myself and aspirations. #minors #college #college-major #college-minor #design-a-major #custom-major #custom-minor #academic-advising...


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Brian F. May 24, 2018 257 views

Computer science college graduates do-over?

For those working in technology, is there anything you wish you took the time to learn in college now that you have graduated that you believe would have helped you now that you are working in your field. Like a non required classes or a minor or something? #college-minor #college-classes...

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Jaelen J. May 22, 2018 208 views

Should I purse a minor?

I was considering a minor for my school resume, and I was wondering what is the best suited minor for an exercise science major as I apply myself forward through college? #majors-and-minors #school #college-minor #college #minor #resume...


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Isha T. May 20, 2018 185 views

What's it like doing a theatre minor?

I'm an engineering major and I've recently realized that I really miss being involved in theatre - I used to do the plays in high school. I'm considering doing a theatre minor, but I don't know if it's going to do me any good since my career is probably not going to be related to theatre at...

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Ellie S. May 16, 2018 224 views

Do you take extra classes to minor in something?

I'm confused about the whole major/minor thing. Do you get a minor from select classes you're taking or do you have to take extras. Are minors required? I want my Bachelors in International business and an Associates in Communications. Does this mean I'm minoring in Communications?...

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Katherine P. Jan 16, 2018 186 views

How do I decide what I want to minor in?

Going into college, I know I want to study journalism. The problem is that I want to study other things to help in my journalism career like anthropology, economics, politics and much more. Not just a few classes, I want to be able to know all of these topics inside and out. I don’t know what...

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Rissa F. Apr 19, 2018 1660 views

What can I do with an Accounting Minor?

I am interested in minoring in Accounting, but I'm not sure what I can actually do. Most things I have looked at you need a major for. #accounting...


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Rae M. Jan 10, 2018 203 views

What is the best major for someone who wants to be an orthodontist?

I am a junior in high school and am looking into majors. I already know that I want to become an orthodontist, but I am not sure if I should choose a STEM major with a Humanities/Social Science minor or a Humanities/Social Science major and a STEM major? Also, what are good combinations of...

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Rachel B. Feb 07, 2017 399 views
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Tamera P. Mar 27, 2018 267 views

Complimentary major/minor for Sociology major?

I plan to chase after a career in international human rights law, working with NGO's like Amnesty International or the EU court of human rights. With that in mind, I've thought about minors/ double majors in subjects like Spanish or international studies, but am still undecided what subject...

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Jasminne V. Mar 19, 2018 226 views

Is it better to minor in French?

I am already fluent in Spanish, but have only taken French in high school. #french #college-minor #spanish...


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Audra M. Mar 14, 2018 566 views

What minor should I choose with a master's in architecture?

I plan to major in architecture and was wondering what minors would go along with architecture. I plan to become a certified architect and have my own firm. I know business would be a good minor, but are there any others? #architect #architecture #architecture-and-planning #college-minor...

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Roberto P. Jan 23, 2018 349 views

What is better as an intended minor to help increase the amount of experience for a marketing job.

I want to be able to get the best real life experience for a career in marketing to be able to grow quickly. #marketing #customer-experience...


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Morgan O. Jan 24, 2018 270 views

What are the benefits of choosing a minor?

I am considering choosing a #college-minor when I get into college. What are the benefits and/or drawbacks to minoring and majoring at the same...

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Gabriel H. Jan 21, 2018 169 views

Whats better- double majoring or getting a major and a minor

I'm going into the computer science major but I was wondering if it would be smart to take up a second major or to just get a minor in another interest. I know taking on a second major means a lot more workload but it also looks a lot better to employers. Just wondering what the smartest...

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Chloe S. Jan 18, 2018 306 views

How important is having a minor?

I am a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Hospitality Management. I needed more credits so I decided to add on a Communication minor. How important is having that extra title with "minor" to your resume and future career? #business #communication #college-minor...


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Devetra C. Dec 02, 2017 370 views