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Career Questions tagged Computer Programming

garett’s Avatar
garett yesterday 18 views

how much schooling in needed for computer programmer?

I want to know how much schooling recommended for a programmer. I don´t wamt to go college for 4 years.

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Sep 27 54 views

What can I expect as a game developer?

How is the workload for video game developers? What can I expect if I decide to go into that field?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Sep 27 49 views

Whats the best way to use python or any programming language ?

This is for my computer class and even though this is for my class I want this question to be answered

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Sep 27 82 views

What are the most used programming languages? Why?

I am wondering if the programming languages people choose are based on preference. Or is it based on the complexity of the programming language?

Shiying’s Avatar
Shiying Sep 27 64 views

what college is better for computer science major?

like which school and isn't that hard to get in with a ~3.9 gpa?

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Sep 27 92 views

What are some recommended minors to take alongside a Computer Science major?

I'm a Junior attending Galileo High School in SF. I want to major in Computer Science but also have a love for art and video games.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Sep 11 136 views

How do absorb or learn technical functions in programming languages?

I am an IT student. Having a hard time memorizing the functions in Python and figuring out what the "problem" needs. Like I know what is the flow of the "program" but I have no idea what functions or specific commands to use.

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Cai Aug 29 86 views

A few questions, which are all relatively different.

Question 1: Are there some college classes which can be done early, to only attend classes which focus on the chosen Major? Question 2: For a Business Major, what are some extra classes that can be taken to help one exceed in the Business world? Question 3: If one was to seek a position as a...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28 254 views

How common are promotional opportunities in the field of Cyber Security (e.g: promotion wise)

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would appreciate information on how consistent or common promotional opportunities are.

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28 147 views

What additional training/certifications/classes should I take to further my career in Cyber Security

Hi my name is Daniel I am a current cyber security prospect, I am looking to build myself, as well as my portfolio in the field and would appreciate any information or tips for a strong lucrative start.

Thank you for your time.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jul 21 246 views

Does taking IT help immensely in a Programming Job in the future?

Does Informational Technology (Linux) help at all with Programming (Python)? I've enrolled in an IT 101 course, and I'm getting second thoughts on whether or not I've been tricked into an advertisement or I'm gaining purposeful knowledge.

Omari’s Avatar
Omari Jun 16 268 views

What Advice Would You Give To a Teen Who Is Starting to Have an Interest in Computer Science and Automotive?

Hello! As a child I have always had a passion for cars, which is still reigning now, but I have down this newfound love for CS. What advice would you give someone who is willing to a career in these sectors, and is there any resources that I can use to help gain further knowledge about them?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope May 28 264 views

Computer Programmers

Would you recommend working in New York or New Jersey as a Computer Programmer?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 22 318 views

Computer Science/Programming Languages

Do you think that it's worth going to college to get a Computer Science Major/Programming Experience? I heard that coding boot camps do the same, but for less than the tuition that colleges charge you. What are your opinions on learning programming/computer science on websites like this...

So24fia’s Avatar
So24fia May 06 259 views

Programming languages


I am a college student majoring in computer science. I have realised that not everything is taught in a classroom, therefore I don't know which language should I pick up next. I studied C, Java, SQL, HTML. I am currently learning CSS, but what should be next?
Thank you!

Wyatt’s Avatar
Wyatt May 06 226 views

What is the best interactive platform to learn the fundamentals of the C# language?

I'm looking into coding my own game, what do you recommend or what did you use when first learning how to code C#?

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan May 05 251 views

What inspired you to be a programmer?

We are discussing careers in class and I am interested in programming.

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Colton May 05 208 views

What is the schedule of a computer programmer?

What is the schedule of a computer programmer on a day to day basis? Do they make their own hours or does it depend on where they work? How long is an average work day?

Colton’s Avatar
Colton May 05 276 views

What is the most important coding language to learn?

There are so many different languages to code in like HTML, Java, C, etc. Which one is the best to learn depending on what you're trying to accomplish?

Colton’s Avatar
Colton May 05 178 views

What is the hardest part of learning a computer language?

In class, we are doing a final over what career we might go into. Earlier in the school year we learned some basic Java and HTML but it wasn't very deep diving. What is the hardest part of becoming fluent in a computer language and coding programs?

kendalle’s Avatar
kendalle May 04 341 views

In computer programming, what should I focus on most?

It would be helpful if there was something significant to focus on if I were to start computer programming.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 03 241 views

Is it okay to get into any computer field with little to no knowledge on the subject?

Computers have always been of interest to me on many different levels, both in hardware and software. Still, I have never been in a position to expand my personal skills and knowledge of computers. To be able to create the things I have always dreamed of, I would like to program or even code in...

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 28 130 views

What are some good classes to take in college for a computer programmer?

What would be good majors/minors to take in college to help prepare you to become a computer programmer?

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 28 303 views

What is the best coding language to learn as a computer programmer?

If you have to learn multiple different types of coding languages, what would be the best one to learn that would help you to learn other languages a lot easier.

Jervoris’s Avatar
Jervoris Apr 26 201 views

Is coding a hard focus area for a Computer Engineer?

Hi, I am a senior Computer Engineering major. I have no experience in the field and I would like to be able to get into the field without being completely lost.

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Apr 26 194 views

Is getting a job in IT a good idea right after college?

Interested in getting a career in the IT field.

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Apr 26 278 views

What are the qualifications to become a computer systems analyst?

Wondering what types of classes, degrees, licenses, etc. are needed.

Tushar’s Avatar
Tushar Apr 26 305 views

what is the best language to start learning about coding is HTML a good language to start with

I am tushar student of 10 standard. I want to learn about coding I started with HTML and through which I found my passion for software development but is the right language because I don't want to excel in web development. Many people suggested me to learn about python should I learn that.

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Apr 04 118 views

What programming languages are easy to learn?

I want to know which programming languages are best for beginners

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 18 320 views

What computer language is utilized the most/most essential in Computer Programming?

In Computer Programming, what is the most important Computer Language skill to learn/code with?