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Career Questions tagged Audio

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 26 144 views

What are good entry level jobs or opportunities for sound engineers and producers?

I'm a high school senior interested in studying music technology in college. I reside in California right now and am aiming to study in LA, NYC, or Nashville. I'm also open to study abroad opportunities.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 220 views

For those in Sound Engineering, have you found that working in that career field has been fulfilling and enriching to your life in anyway?

#audio-engineer #audio-engineering #audio #sound-engineer

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 222 views

In a career like Sound Engineering, what exactly do you do on a normal day to day basis

My name is Joshua Spurgeon and I am currently a Bamberg, SC Job Corps student. I have a very creative mind and I enjoy creating #audio-engineering #audio

Garrett’s Avatar
Garrett Nov 14, 2019 353 views

What route do I take for an audio career?

I'm a junior in high school and I love music and quality audio equipment. I'm interested in audio equipment like learning about drivers in headphones. I want to get into a career involving creating and tuning drivers and headphones and earphones. I've spent a lot of time researching and getting...

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Sep 20, 2019 340 views

What tools should i familirize my self with as a sound technician

#technology #tech #audio

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jan 16, 2018 571 views

Will joining the police force after college affect my job placement?

I'm in a music business program to hopefully work in a recording studio and run FOH audio for bands, and I'm curious if joining the police force right after school would affect my opportunities in these fields.

#audio-engineering #production #music #law-enforcement #police #audio

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 10, 2018 733 views

What is a good computer program to practice sound mixing?

I’m interested in trying out sound mixing but I don’t know if there is a cheap way to test it out. Are there any programs for students to use if they want to practice editing and mixing sound? #sound-mixing #audio-engineering #audio #audio-editing #audio-post-production #audio-production...

Neimad’s Avatar
Neimad Sep 01, 2017 575 views

What type of equipment is best for film and audio editing?

I'm a high school senior looking into this career and want to pursue this career #film #editing #audio

Neimad’s Avatar
Neimad Sep 01, 2017 475 views

What type of schedule does a film and audio editor have?

I'm asking this question to help pursue a career in this field #film #audio #editing

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 01, 2016 3141 views

I am interested in music. Besides being a musician or teacher, what other musical jobs could I look for?

I enjoy music and would love to find a career related to music. #music #musician #radio #audio

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Mar 01, 2016 1026 views

How can i get started as a filmmaker in my community

I don't plan on going to film school so I want to gain on the job experience and start now as a 16 year old. #film #director #video #movie #audio

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Mar 26, 2014 1160 views

what does a recording or audio engineer do or what does such a career consist of?

I'm asking because I plan to major in audio/ recording engineering in college this fall. #engineering #studio #audio