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How can i get started as a filmmaker in my community

I don't plan on going to film school so I want to gain on the job experience and start now as a 16 year old. #film #director #video #movie #audio

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4 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Andres,

Here it is some tips:

  • Write a script. It should probably stay under five pages, since you probably don't have enough time or money to afford a three hour epic. Keep it small. Scripts have particular formats, but you just need to separate dialogue (what characters say) from action.

  • Get your equipment. The hardest thing to get is a camera. Try asking your parents if they have one, and if you can use it. If they don't, move on to other family members, like aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. If they don't have one, try asking your friends. You're bound to find something.

  • Find your cast and crew. Your cast can just be a couple of friends who like acting. Try asking around your school's drama club.

  • Find locations, props and costumes. For props and costumes, look through your wardrobe, garage/attic, and friends' wardrobes. Try to shoot near your house, or in public property. It's harder to get people's permission for shooting by their house.

  • Shoot the movie. Don't try for the perfect take. Once things are as good as they'll get, move to the next location.

  • Edit. This is the most tiring part. Most computers nowadays come with editing software built in. Learn how yours works. iMovie is an amazing tool that is easy for a kid to use, but creates professional menus, transitions, and seamless cuts.

  • Distribute. Invite everyone who helped make the movie over for a premiere screening. Send the movie to film competitions and festivals, and get it seen.

  • Once you're finished, make another movie!

More in: http://www.wikihow.com/Start-Filmmaking-As-a-Kid

This link can help you in your project:

Best of Luck!

Thank you this helps a lot. Andres Z.

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Bob’s Answer


The best thing to do is start filming... Anything. You've go to find your eye, your vision, your voice. Find what you like to film. And then keep shooting.

What is it you're looking to do? Are you looking to shoot scripted material or documentary type films? Once you know what interests you the most, study the genre. Look up videos/movies that fit what you're looking to do and then study what makes them work, and what falls short.

If you're new to filming, you can look up all sorts of tips on YouTube!

Here is a quick bit of admission on my part. I was an actor for a while and needed a career change. I told a company that I knew everything on the production side (though I didn't). They had hired me as an actor many times so it seemed natural that I knew the other side as well. I quickly taught myself everything I could on film making and was able to be passable within a few weeks. Now I've been a corporate video guy for over ten years and really can do it all.

That means that everything you need is out there for you to learn. But that is all the technical stuff (how to shoot, how to light, how to edit, etc.). The important thing that you'll bring to everything is your vision. That is what you must find in order to set yourself apart.

If I can help in any way, don't hesitate to reach out. And best of luck with everything! We need good film makers!

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Tiffani’s Answer


The first step I would recommend in getting started is getting involved in your local school or theatre company. Often times they have equipment that students or members can utilize for free or cheap. It also puts you in contact with directors, writings, costumers, lighting crews, sound crews and actors.

A love for reading/writing helps! Most film makers either writer their own material, partner with a writer, or adapt short stories.

A long with equipment like microphones, sound booms, and cameras. You will also need a decent computer and video editing software.

Practice, practice, practice.

And of coarse good reference material. I recommend
Feature Film Making at Used Car Prices - It helps with everything from scriptwriting to story boarding to finished product.
Filming Directing Shot by Shot -
Covers the planning of each scene to take from concept to reality.

To name a few.
Good luck!!

Thank you! Andres Z.

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Andres,
On the websites Studio 32, Script and YouTube you will read many articles providing advice for filmmaking. You could write a short script of 10-15 pages, then ask your friends and family members for cash for the funding. Look for a class, if you don't already know how to operate a camera. However, more and more short filmmaking is being done by mobile phones now. Regarding the cast, see if your friends, family members or the actors in a local theater would be interested. Of course, they'll expect something to eat which you should provide that day. Then edit, add music for the tone if possible, and submit your work to the festivals. Who knows? You might win the contest, and attract the attention of a producer? Good luck, Mark Wagner