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Kenia’s Avatar
Kenia Aug 27, 2018 497 views

I enjoy working with young children, is it better to become a teacher or a ophthalmic nurse for kids?

#doubts #children #teacher #nurse

Paulina’s Avatar
Paulina Sep 04, 2018 532 views

Insomniac Roomate

How to tell my roomate that she cannot wake me up at 3 am and organize the room at that time?
I should breeth in/breeth out first!!!

#roomatetrouble # #college-advice #sharingIsCaring

Ajaysia’s Avatar
Ajaysia Aug 28, 2018 475 views

What would be a better job? Child psycologist within the school district OR A CHILD PSYCOLIGIST IN MY OWN OFFICE?


Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa Aug 31, 2018 565 views

How do you deal with sexism in the workplace?

I am a student and an officer in my school's engineering groups. I am working with our Society for Pre-engineering at the moment, and I have had to deal with a great deal of sexism. I get comments about being to "girly" to be an engineer and how its a "shame" that I want to spend time in labs....

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Aug 31, 2018 776 views

Can a person burnout in real life?

If a student stays up till 12 am each day in high school doing homework, is there a point in time when the body cannot maintain these standards anymore, and we loose steam somewhere in college or grad school #high-school-students #work-life-balance #high-school-classes #school

Margaret Ann’s Avatar
Margaret Ann Aug 15, 2018 417 views

What are some good publications to submit your writing to?

I am very interested in writing, mostly involving fiction. Would you have any recommendations for a publication that I could send my work too to get started? Thank you!

#career #author

Kendell’s Avatar
Kendell Aug 11, 2018 474 views

How much sleep is really required?

It seems that when i get more hours of sleep, i feel groggy during the day. What is the right amount of sleep for a teen?

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jan 18, 2018 786 views

What is the best way to become friends with my college roomate?

I`m heading of to college soon and I don`t know what she`ll be like. It makes me a bit nervous that she`s a stranger to me, because what if its hard to become friends with her or we end up not liking each other. #roommates (new) #college #dorm-life

Johana’s Avatar
Johana Aug 05, 2018 390 views

Forensic science for non native speaker

Hi, I´m interested in forensic science since I was 12 years old. I think I could handle studies, but I have read that when you want to work with the police, you have to be good in speaking and writing. Do you think I can make it when I´m non native speaker? Could I be good in doing it in...

Kylee’s Avatar
Kylee Aug 07, 2018 364 views

What are some good tips for coping with test anxiety?

In high school I really struggled with testing anxiety and it showed when I got my test scores back. In college tests will get more rigorous, so I was looking for tips and tricks to overcome testing anxiety to get the test scores that I want. Thanks! #testanxiety #testscores

Clifford Khent’s Avatar
Clifford Khent Mar 06, 2018 710 views

How do you deal with nonverbal kids on ASD?

Just wanted to get tips from other BT's out there! #behavioral-intervention #ASD

Camdyn’s Avatar
Camdyn Aug 03, 2018 478 views

My goal is to become a parent / family life educator. How do I maintain peace in my life when helping children daily who are hurting in their life? How do I keep work, at work?

I'm concerned that I will be worried about kids on a daily basis and need to learn techniques to help children, but maintain my sanity
#helpingothers #children

Catera’s Avatar
Catera Aug 02, 2018 398 views

What classes should you take if you want to become a Psychology Teacher?

I want to get into the education department. #professional #psychology #teaching

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 30, 2018 3442 views

Is neuroscience a good major?

Things you can consider for this specific question... Are there many job opportunities in neuroscience? Is there a lot of room for growth in the field of neuroscience? If you majored in neuroscience, are you happy with your choice of major? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting...

Zalyia’s Avatar
Zalyia Apr 26, 2018 498 views

Do psychologist ever feel that their job is to much to handle/ too overwhelming?

I ask because I've heard the job can be emotionally draining and I can be a sensitive/emotional person. #counseling-psychology #therapy #psychology #psychologist #stress