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TyanaCodman2 .’s Avatar
TyanaCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 1387 views

Do you enjoy your job in early childhood development?

I enjoy working with kids because iam around them alot and i like helping them develop their skills and solve their problems . #childhood-development

Edaviene .’s Avatar
Edaviene . May 23, 2012 2535 views

Are there any other job options in the education feild besides becoming a teacher?

Hi Im a Junior, im intrested in majoring in education.What I wanted to know is are there any other job options in the education feild besides becoming a teacher?If there are, what other degrees do I have to persue in college to get that job?

Alexander N.’s Avatar
Alexander N. Mar 05, 2014 997 views

How can I create Sandow's dream world as a physician?

Dear Physicians and Health Fanatics: I am currently a high school junior with big dreams but little to no influence on society at the moment. After years of Cross Country running, amateur competitive boxing, and staying fit and healthy in general, I have come to espouse health & fitness as...

William B.’s Avatar
William B. Mar 17, 2014 982 views

What schools in, or near, the San Francisco Bay Area would be good for pursuing a career as a MRI or Radiology technician?

I am looking to pursue this career and I live in San Jose. I would like to live near my family, and commuting is definitely an option. #medicine

Sean G.’s Avatar
Sean G. Mar 17, 2014 783 views

Any Geneticist tips?

I am very interested in the field of genetics, but I don't know what they do, nor anything else about geneticists. Could someone help? #genetics

Eddie W.’s Avatar
Eddie W. Mar 28, 2014 10945 views

Can someone describe how hard was it to get a degree in Forensic Science? And can you describe a typical day of a Forensic Scientist

I am interested in taking Forensic Science once I get to college, but I heard that getting the degree is really hard. Also, I heard that being a Forensic Scientists is boring because you be in the lab all day. #forensics #computer-forensics

Tyler L.’s Avatar
Tyler L. Apr 07, 2014 7834 views

I'm very interested in how the brain works and want to do something where I can learn about how the human brian works. What career would be best for me.

I want to do psychology because it has to do with working with the brain. I definitely interested in helping people but also want to work with discovering things about the brain we've yet to discover? #psychology #health

Pleilerkay G.’s Avatar
Pleilerkay G. Apr 07, 2014 2255 views

What is the daily life of a geneticist like? What are specifics about the job

What do genetisist do. What is most interesting part about it. #biology #chemistry #physics #genetics

Rianne E.’s Avatar
Rianne E. Apr 08, 2014 1352 views

What major should I go through with if I love Art and the study of the brain ?

I want to help people in different ways. I am not necessarily great at all Arts but I love having people express themselves in the Art? #science #psychology #health #art

Paige B.’s Avatar
Paige B. Apr 08, 2014 34014 views

How many years and what classes do i have to take to be a successful neuroscientist ?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm really interested in neuroscience , but i don't know what i'd actually have to study and how long it would take to finish school or how many degrees i need #neuroscience #neurology #neurosurgeon

Mayelin B.’s Avatar
Mayelin B. Apr 08, 2014 1303 views
Breana A.’s Avatar
Breana A. Oct 13, 2014 6319 views

What do NHL (hockey teams) look for in they're trainers/ doctors?

I'm looking into going into the Sports Medicine field, into the hockey field as those injuries are what i know and like best to deal with. I just want to know what they look for degree wise in they're trainers/doctors so I can do the right degrees to get into what I love? #doctor #medicine...

Mia L.’s Avatar
Mia L. Oct 21, 2014 687 views

What are a couple colleges i should consider if i want to become a pediatric registered nurse?

I'm asking thing because i have set my mind to have this career. #medicine #college-major

Bhooshra H.’s Avatar
Bhooshra H. Nov 08, 2014 1001 views

Film producer

I need to choose my IGSCE subjects for next year, and i want to be a film maker/producer , i need help to choose my IGSCE subejct which fits into the context of film making, can you please help me? #teaching #teacher #film-production #movies-and-cinema

Marilou D.’s Avatar
Marilou D. Nov 13, 2014 748 views

Where should I seek employment with a degree in visual communications to become a fashion stylist?

I am interested in majoring in visual communications at FIDM and I would like to know where exactly I should be seeking employment while I study to become a fashion stylist that can help me with my career later on. I try to take jobs that will help my career and give me experience. Where should...