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Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Within 40 mile radius
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Kayla Mar 09 83 views

What is a good first job for someone who is starting to work?

I'll be 16 soon, so I am just thinking about my first job.

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Kayla Mar 03 41 views

What electives should I take in 11th grade?

My school is getting ready for the next year and I honestly don't know what I should take for electives.

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Shira Mar 01 75 views

I have an interest in painting my face is there another career where I could use my artistic abilities and love for makeup?

How do I become a makeup artist to work on movies? What sort of education level would I need? I want to do something creative with my career and be able to make people feel beautiful, and I also love everything about movies and the reasoning behind the choices made in movies. #CV23

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Kayla Feb 16 142 views

What are free ways to learn Korean?

I have a dream of visiting Korea and taking dance classes, going to a concert, and whatnot. Yes, I am one of those people who like k-pop and the culture. Literally so amazing. First, before I do travel to Korea, I have to learn Korean, but anyway I have tried, and it hasn't stuck in my head. I...

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Kayla Feb 15 163 views

What are some tips to get better at singing?

I am really bad at singing even though I love singing. I want to be able to sing songs that I love without cringing.

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Kayla Feb 13 199 views

What jobs can I get as a 15yo?

I want to start paying for my own things, but I can't get a job because most jobs hire at 16.

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Kayla Feb 07 180 views

How do I get myself to be able to talk to a therapist?

I'm pretty shy and usually can't open up, but I need to because I have anger issues and I need to talk to someone but never be able to do it because I can't open up to anybody.

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Kayla Feb 06 118 views

How can I relax my social anxiety?

I have really bad social anxiety and when I want to do something with my family or go somewhere with them, my social anxiety gets in the way.

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Kayla Feb 06 186 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

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Lisa Jan 02 380 views

How can one build a close network?

How can you build a close relationship with someone, and come across as more responsible, memorable, and outgoing? How to meet new people and start a conversation? What do friends normally talk about on a daily basis, in contrast to a coworker? How do you make friendships that will last?...

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Kayla Dec 22, 2022 317 views

What is an easier method to start saving money?

I have a really hard time-saving money.

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Aaliyah Dec 22, 2022 369 views

what colleges are good if you want to major in law and become a lawyer?

I'm in 10th grade and I really want to become a lawyer. so I want to know what colleges I should look at.

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Ayden Dec 21, 2022 192 views

how would start a photographer career ?

i am in 10th grade wondering how to start a photographer career and im interested on how it all works

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Helen Dec 21, 2022 255 views

When should I make my career decision, is it better to decide in the future or as soon as possible?

- A "helper"

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Kyren Dec 21, 2022 241 views

What colleges are good for a major in aerospace engineering?

I am currently in high school and I am interested in majoring in aerospace engineering. I do not really know where to begin to look for colleges to attend.

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Laura Dec 21, 2022 177 views

What college should I go to for business?

What should I major should I do? I am interested in business, but I still find public speaking scary. Also, am interested in law and I really want to go to a good school.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Dec 21, 2022 156 views

How do I figure out what area I want to go for college?

- Sophomore in high school
- Currently in Western Mass

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Lisa Dec 21, 2022 241 views

How to find internship opportunities?

What sources could a high schooler use to find internship opportunities?

How could we build our resume as a student in 10th grade?

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Lisa Dec 21, 2022 233 views

How to get accepted into a college/university?

As a sophomore in high school, how can I improve my chances of getting accepted into a college? (extracurriculars, awards, classes, internships, passion, etc) Thank you!

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Dec 21, 2022 129 views

What career is for me?

My holland code was helper and persuader. What careers go well with this?

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Connor Dec 21, 2022 194 views

What are the best schools for engineering in or near colorado ?

What are the best schools for engineering?

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stephanie Dec 21, 2022 156 views

What colleges would you recommend for someone interested in criminal psychology?

I'm currently in high school, and i enjoy learning about the minds behind criminals, and why they did what they did.

addison’s Avatar
addison Dec 21, 2022 223 views

What are the best colleges for helping people that went through disasters?

Is the pay good for a teaching job and is i worth it?

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Dec 21, 2022 219 views

Is working in the mental health field mentally taxing?

how mentally taxing is working in the mental health field.

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Dec 21, 2022 217 views

What are some tips for figuring out what college to go to?

Schools all have extremely diverse qualities, and I'm wondering what the best things to look for in a college are.

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Nooralmustafa Dec 17, 2022 344 views

What courses should I take in High School in order to get into Medical School? What Advice would you give to an 10th grader that wants to get into the medical field? Could I get a Volunteer Job at a Pharmacy, Medical Office, or a Hospital at 14-15?

I am M/15 I recently got into high school and gets good grades as I achieved high honors. I have been consistent at math, getting 100 in geometry, 93 and above in science and over 93s in all classes including the 5 100s I have. My GPA is a 96-98 average, and I would say I am one of the smartest...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Dec 15, 2022 292 views

How should I go about starting and growing a career in politics?

I am a high-school senior who is looking to get my start in the business of politics. I am planning to go to college for political science and would like to become a political speech writer. Possibly even becoming a politician myself some day. How should I start paving my path?

Tia’s Avatar
Tia Nov 30, 2022 205 views

When applying to colleges as regular decision, do the admissions office wait until all applications are received before choose which students get accepted? How long does FAFSA stay open, and are you able to apply for it the summer before your freshman year of college?

Hoosac Valley High School Senior: Tia Paul Kareh #FALL22 When applying to colleges as regular decision, do the admissions office wait until all applications are received before choose which students get accepted? How long does FAFSA stay open, and are you able to apply for it the summer...

Kristofer’s Avatar
Kristofer Nov 27, 2022 145 views

How does people improve on their manufacturing skills outside of work and school? #FALL22

I am in school and I work, but I still want to improve more.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Nov 25, 2022 77 views

Research in College?

How will research opportunities impact job applications after college?

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