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Career Questions tagged Equality

Amri’s Avatar
Amri Jul 29, 2021 299 views

What should be my first step in reaching my career goal of being an attorney?

#lawyer #law-school #career #justice #attorney #equality #criminal-justice

Harini’s Avatar
Harini Jun 16, 2021 215 views

What should I do the summer before 11th grade to help build my profile?

I want to study law in college. #civillaw #humanrights #equality #feminism #justice #law

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jan 02, 2021 249 views

Based on your experience, on average, how likely is a hospital or clinic willing to hire a woman as a doctor over a man? If possible, please include region (location) of experience.

I want to become a medical doctor in the future and gender equality is something that I highly prioritize, especially in a future workplace. I asked this question to gain more information about where I would have a higher chance of employed and whether or not the health care community is more...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 26, 2018 611 views

Why is the Film Industry primarily dominated by male directors and is it difficult for women to succeed in this field?

As an aspiring female filmmaker, I have often asked myself why I only saw male directors on stage accepting their Academy Awards. Why are there few well-known female directors? Is there a low number of women filmmakers or are the talented ones not being recognized? How can I, a passionate and...

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Jan 16, 2018 491 views

Will complete equal rights be granted to all colored people?

It is said that we are all equal no matter what. But, I don't understand why bias takes place in jobs and school selections. I was wondering if equal rights will ever be considered no matter what race one race is or their background. #race #race-equality #equality #activism...

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jan 16, 2018 725 views

As a African American how can I Elevate life for all black Americans?

#Passion #Dream #PanAfrican #social-activism #race #community #equality

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jan 15, 2018 524 views

Why aren't there more high school programs centered around promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Growing up I had no idea about the labels "Predominantly White Institutions(PWIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities". My first time being exposed to HBCU's was in a somewhat negative light. These institutions provide quality programs and diversities just like any other...

Roosevon’s Avatar
Roosevon Oct 26, 2016 766 views

As a chemical engineer, do you realize any notable differences in the work ethics of female chemical engineers and male engineers? If so, what are some notable differences? If not, what are the similarities?

I am a female high school graduate who is looking to pursue a lifelong career in Chemical engineering. What drove me to ask this question is the simple fact that quite a few people have asked me why do I want to be a chemical engineer considering that I am a female, and "females just don't fit...

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 1021 views

Are there equal engineering opportunities for girls?

Are there equal engineering opportunities for girls? #engineering #engineer #women #women-in-tech #equality #sexism