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Career Questions tagged Work

Casandra’s Avatar
Casandra Nov 26 62 views

What is the hardest part about working. Though I’m only in middle school I would like to know in case I start working . Or following some sort of career.?

I just basically want to know because I have never been to work so I don’t know what the hardest part is.

Ginise’s Avatar
Ginise Nov 22 73 views

How to stop thinking about failure?

How do I stop myself from thinking about failure?

I know that if I don’t work hard enough in school I’m might be 40 working a job I don’t like when I’ll I want to be in life is rich and happy

malachi’s Avatar
malachi Nov 17 80 views

What kind of hours do power distributors and dispatchers have?

wondering for flexibility and good compensation

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Nov 16 109 views

How does one maintain a healthy work/life balance so that the demands of a career or academic goal do not stifle other passions?

I have always had a desire to acquire a deeper understanding of our natural world and its living processes at a molecular level. I am applying to college to pursue Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, with the hope of one day attending graduate school or even taking the Medical sciences route. I...

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 15 71 views

Is there any OSHA violations or safety concerns I should know?

I would like to work as an electrician.

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Nov 15 118 views

what colleges offer the best criminology program?

uc's or csu's

izzy’s Avatar
izzy Nov 14 57 views

How can I get my workers permit?

At 14 where I am we are allowed to get a workers permit but I have no clue how I can get one.

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Evan Nov 10 74 views

What is the best way to work in a history field and get played well in it?

I am interested in woman’s and queer history and u would like to work in and around that field, what is the best way to go about that and get payed enough because I know a lot of museum and archive work is volunteer but i would like to work in those investments.

alyssa’s Avatar
alyssa Nov 08 68 views

do I have to go to college to be a police because if so what is one of the best ones for a 18 year old.

And if not then how do i get into a police academy

John’s Avatar
John Nov 08 53 views

Did you ever regret the career you chose?

How did this effect your motivation

Analiese’s Avatar
Analiese Nov 05 45 views

What is your main goal when helping kids succeed?

I have had trouble with homework related assingment so this question is very helpful to me.

Keiry’s Avatar
Keiry Nov 05 72 views

What is an appropriate age to start working ?

I have peers who are 14 and already working I’ll be 16 soon and I want to start to work, but my parents won’t let me. What can I’d k fro show them that k have what it take to start to work?

Tyzeric’s Avatar
Tyzeric Nov 01 89 views

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Oct 30 98 views

If you are in high school and working a part time job how do you get the motivation to go to work on the weekends?

After school and i know i shouldn’t be complaining because some people work every and i don’t but with school work and wanting being tired all the time for no reason but it is still a lot for me.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Oct 24 70 views

What's the best and easiest way to find work with transportation issues?

Only means of transport I have is a bike. I live 1 mile into a neighborhood and an additional mile anywhere else. Everywhere doesn't seem to be hiring and online work I have trouble figuring out.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 17 81 views

What are some challenges you face when working with different types of people every day?

"Question Writing Tips"

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 17 82 views

What hours do you work?

Pediatrics, Pediatrician.

Lorri’s Avatar
Lorri Oct 13 110 views

+Any How do I write a completely new resume? I have lost a 30 year career in caregiving and must start looking for work , my past work history is factory, office assistant, waitress, housekeeping and construction work all of which are over 20 years ago. Please help I have no idea how to do this.

I have been a caregiver 30 + years. I have worked in other fields but not long. I was informed by Florida that I can no longer be a caregiver. Where do I start to get a job with minimal experience over 20 years ago?

Callie’s Avatar
Callie Oct 10 118 views

How can I build a good work relationship with my bosses to get better referrals for a resume?

I want to keep building good relationships with people in the work force so I am able to build up and get raises and promotions or a better opportunity at a new job.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 08 83 views

How am I going to handle all of the stress in college if I can’t even handle the stress from 8th grade?

I have so much homework all of the time and have dance everyday of the week so I can barely get it done. I am terrible at science but I want to become a doctor which includes a lot of scientific knowledge in it.

Alana’s Avatar
Alana Oct 06 63 views

What country does the US usually work with in relation to study abroad programs?

I'm a sophomore looking into jobs that travel, and what colleges have classes that would 1. Let me get a cultural anthropology major 2. Let me get more than one major for the amount of class of one. (Meaning majors which are similar to each other, so they have a lot of the same classes) 3....

Clarisa’s Avatar
Clarisa Oct 05 174 views

Should you do more work than you are assigned to?

Not work that you are not qualified to do but extra work to help out the company. In your experience has that extra work paid off?

Symone’s Avatar
Symone Oct 03 115 views

What are some of the challenges you face in your job, and how do you overcome them?

I'm going to school for medical assisting and just wanted what is needed for the workforce.

Symone’s Avatar
Symone Oct 03 147 views

What inspired you to pursue a career in this field, and what has been the most rewarding aspect of your work?

I'm going to school for medical assisting and just wanted what is needed for the workforce.

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 03 119 views

What do I need to become a security guard in Az?

Hi my name is Bryan I am a middle school student I was wondering about what you might need to become a security guard like the education or training in addition I would also like to know what their monthly and hourly pay is for being a security guard and also what it is like to work as a...

Rayanna’s Avatar
Rayanna Sep 29 143 views

how to almost surely get a good job without going to college if you don’t want collage dept?

i want a good job but don’t want to go to collage cause i don’t want to be in dept from it

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Sep 17 150 views

What is the best thing to do to get money as a teen?

A job working at a place or not, for 12-14 year olds.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 05 125 views

How can I begin working from home?

I would like to be able to take in revenue from home (as my schedule is spotty and I’m 16 in school) and I want to know advice for starting ie websites

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Sep 03 80 views

Why do we work?

This is not blank

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Aug 31 137 views

What’s a good career to work with kids?

What’s a good way to grow experience working with children? I’ve always liked kids and would love to have a career working with them it’s my dream job..