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Career Questions tagged Work

Diamond E.’s Avatar
Diamond E. Diamond E. Jul 27 30 views
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Tyler C. Tyler C. Jul 27 42 views

How do i work harder

Im already a hard worker but i wanna learn what i can do to work harder #work #social-work...


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natasha N. natasha N. Jul 23 65 views

will i be able to become a real estate agent at 17 years old?

im determined to do anything possible for a better life and future and im willing to work really hard to archive that #career-path...


Rachel L.’s Avatar
Rachel L. Rachel L. Jul 12 73 views

Can you work under pressure

Hard working,passion person and I have good communication #communication #broadcast-media #sports #business...


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Zizipho D. Zizipho D. Jun 26 81 views

What kind of job will I get, full time or part time?

I'm a hard worker, a people's person and I am good at communicating with people #job...


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Ehood A. Ehood A. Jun 17 78 views

How can I get to my career goal?

I always like to get help from others and every time you’re more....


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Daysha F. Daysha F. Jun 17 91 views

How do I find a part time job?

I'm a student going into my senior year and I'm looking to get a part time job so that I can support myself a little, but I don't know where to start. #job #work #internship...


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Erica B. Erica B. Jun 02 68 views

How hard is it to become a flight attendant? What do I have to do

Ive always wanted to be an attorney but apart of me also wants to be a flight attendant or a nurse but how hard is it to be a flight attendant #flightsttendent #airline-industry...


Deandre T.’s Avatar
Deandre T. Deandre T. Jun 02 69 views

Will my mom be okay when I go off for 4years with only part time visits?

I love my mom she’s my best friend I think she’ll cry a lot...


Paajcha Julie X.’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie X. Paajcha Julie X. Jun 01 175 views

How to deal with poor leadership?

Without giving too much information away, I’m dealing with a boss who isn’t the greatest when it comes to leadership skills. I work online as a scouter for deals, meaning I search online for discounts, and I’m technically an independent contractor. When I first got the job, I asked many...

#management #community-management #online #working #criticism #technology #organization #organizationalleadership #leadership #job #business #boss #work #sales

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Rachel M. Rachel M. May 26 107 views

What are some ways to gain work experience before applying for the medical field?

I enjoy studying science and math in school and I would like to put those skills to use in my career. I also like laboratory experiments and believe I can conduct a valid experiment to solve a problem. What are some available opportunities that focus around these interests for a high schooler?...

#science #medicine #internships #volunteering #work #math

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Jadan K. Jadan K. May 06 103 views

What should be my first step in creating a brand.

#work I’m 17 in the 11th grade and I get distracted easily but if its something I am really interested in I will work my hardest at it. I hope to be successful and known for my success in life. #life...


Estefania M.’s Avatar
Estefania M. Estefania M. Apr 27 159 views

How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. #engineer #jobs #first-job #work #human-resources #internships #biology...


Hossam A.’s Avatar
Hossam A. Hossam A. Apr 20 231 views

How to have a work life balance?

I am a partner working in same career for the past 19 years in Kuwait. so i am already exhausted. I am looking forward to change my work style and have a life balance....


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Sammy G. Sammy G. Apr 22 128 views

How many days do you have to work a week as a Pediatrician and hours? What are the averages days off in a week of a Pediatrician?

I'm in 8th Grade. I dreamed of becoming a Pediatrician. I want to experience workdays. I just can't wait! #pediatrician...


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Andres A. Andres A. Apr 14 104 views

What is the hardest part about being a manager?

I am currently a junior in high school and want to learn more about being a manger . #highschool #career #manager...


Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Taryn H. Apr 01 103 views

What is the daily life of a Subway worker?

I was curious as to what it is the daily life of a Subway worker as it’s a job that works with food so maybe one day I would like to see if it would be nice to work there. #work #food...


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sophia C. sophia C. Mar 24 160 views

what can i work with a BS in biology

I'm a biology student and i graduate this semester with a BS in biology so i was wondering what can i work in the meantime before proceeding with my studies ... #working...