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Career Questions tagged Work

Jasmilan K.’s Avatar
Jasmilan K. 2 days ago 59 views

what's the best answer to "WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?"

i applied for many jobs but i get stuck at interview when they ask why should we hire you please help me out with the best answer to impress the interviewer

Omarion L.’s Avatar
Omarion L. May 17 46 views

Will I be canceled out if I choose to do two activities that will take up some time at work?

I raised this question because I am inclined to multitasking. For instance, I used to work at McDonald's, and had to seek for a second job while babysitting and sleeping.

thomas L.’s Avatar
thomas L. Apr 28 44 views

Co- Workers

What will my work environment be like

Sian C.’s Avatar
Sian C. Apr 19 118 views

Is being a marine engineer something that takes hard work, or do you have to be good right from the start?

I want to become a marine engineer but I don't think I have the skills. I just don't think I'm smart enough, but I'm eager to learn.

ahmed H.’s Avatar
ahmed H. Jan 21 230 views

what is the best business major degree in the work field ?

im thinking about : 1- business administration 2-international trade and business 3-finance and banking 4- logistics and business 5-economics #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management #college-major #work #finance #degree#...

David C.’s Avatar
David C. Dec 09, 2021 321 views

Do you enjoy the career that you are working?

#engineering #work What exactly do you do when you are working? & do you work with people or alone?

Kevin M.’s Avatar
Kevin M. Dec 01, 2021 252 views

3.What job tools should I relate to?

I would like to know which tools are necessary for this type of work and how often the tool is updated.
#law #work #career #police #investigate

Aaron G.’s Avatar
Aaron G. Nov 24, 2021 306 views

how does credit work

#money #bank #bank #work #finance #money #money #money #money #money #finance

Cameron J.’s Avatar
Cameron J. Nov 16, 2021 198 views

Is weather a big impact, Do you travel to different states to do work? Do you enjoy the work itself

I am a student looking to get into the #Electrician trade, thanks for your time! #student #student #work #career

Ramiro H.’s Avatar
Ramiro H. Nov 02, 2021 194 views

How much free time do you have in a full time work schedule and is it enough?

do you think that you have enough free time after your work is done? what are some ways that you can improve work/life balance. #time-management #work-life-balance #work

Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. Oct 25, 2021 115 views

How is the working environment as an electrician?

I would like to know what to expect while working and where i would be working.#work

Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. Oct 25, 2021 146 views

How many hours does an electrician typically work a week ?

I would like to have a decent life and work balance. #work

Faith H.’s Avatar
Faith H. Oct 09, 2021 311 views

What jobs can someone with a learning disability do?

Hi my name is Faith and I’m 21 and I also have a learning disability and it’s been hard for me to get a job because of the way I talk in an interview was hard for me to talk in an interview #interviews #job-application #work But mainly I want to work like in fast food or a daycare or as a...

zarianna F.’s Avatar
zarianna F. Sep 28, 2021 182 views

What can keep me motivated?

#school #work
I am a 9th grader who wants to become a cosmetologist.

ALEX G.’s Avatar
ALEX G. Aug 05, 2021 199 views

What age could i work

I am in year 8 but i want to work to help my Family #work

Janyja J.’s Avatar
Janyja J. Aug 04, 2021 237 views

How do I become more confident in my work.

I am a 15 year old female who likes to do hair. I only work on my own head because I am to shy to work on others. #work

lacynthia S.’s Avatar
lacynthia S. Aug 03, 2021 172 views

what is this app about

i am a very creative person and i love working #work