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Career Questions tagged Job Opportunities

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 10, 2022 339 views

What is the best associates degree to get before getting a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity?

Both my younger brother and sister want to earn their associate's degree in cybersecurity, However, I'm concerned that they will be unable to find jobs after graduating with only their associate's degree. I've researched cybersecurity jobs, and discovered that most, if not all require at least...

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 188 views

What are the best math-related careers which can be done remotely?

I don't really want to relocate for my job because I want to stay close to family. However, I feel like that there would be more job opportunities outside of Kansas.

Linh Thuy’s Avatar
Linh Thuy Jul 29, 2020 500 views

How to obtain better skills for real jobs?

Most recruiters feel that fresh graduates lack necessary skills for the job. So what is your opinion about this?
#entry-level #business #job #job-opportunities #JULY20

Tayana’s Avatar
Tayana Jan 16, 2018 569 views

Will there still be use for humans in the medical field 20 years from now?

With humans creating robots that's gain citizenship in other countries. Are we at risk of being unemployed? Creating robots that teaches themselves and learn faster than humans can easily put us ALL at risk for employment sooner or later. #technology #employment #youth-employment #medicine...

sydney’s Avatar
sydney Jan 15, 2018 502 views

How do I decide where to live in order to maximize my financial stability.

I want to live somewhere that the job opportunities are ample and I can provide for my family but I also don't want to end up in a bad area or somewhere that is known for paying less in the profession I am going into.

#nursing #relocation #job-opportunities #financial-planning

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Jessica May 24, 2016 1027 views

Marketing degree

A marketing degree Is a pretty broad and general degree. What are some specific type of career paths a graduate may expect to follow once they receive their degree ? #career #marketing #career-advice #job-opportunities

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn May 09, 2016 786 views

Which is more important to a future employer, the grades I receive in my college courses or the number of activities I am involved in at my university?

This Fall I will be an incoming college freshman and am wondering whether I should begin the school year by focusing mainly on my grades or spreading myself out and getting involved with multiple different activities and organizations. #college #career #career-counseling #career-development...

Millie’s Avatar
Millie May 09, 2016 830 views

What sort of opportunities are out there after graduating college with a bachelor's degree in zoology?

What types of occupations are out there for a recent college graduate in this field of study? What would the average student coming out of this area of study expect? #career #career-counseling #graduate #zoology #job-opportunities #animal #college

ahmad’s Avatar
ahmad Mar 25, 2016 599 views

i am presently doing 1st yr civil engineering but i want to be an aerionautical can i switch from civil to aeronautical engineering and will it be helpful to me.

after completing my education i want to be an aeronautical engineer no matter where i have to work government sector or may be private sector. #job #job-opportunities #varieties

Bariel’s Avatar
Bariel May 23, 2012 1654 views

What are differnet job options for lawyers in New York State?

I am a junior at a New York City public school. I know that job opportunities are avaliable over the world, but I specifically want to work in New York City. #law #job-opportunities