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Career Questions tagged Animal

Sienna S.’s Avatar
Sienna S. Dec 21, 2020 386 views

What are some jobs that work with animals?

I am a sophomore at box elder high school. I am thinking about being a veterinarian but i want to know if there are other option and stuff that would be more intresting. veterinarian animal jobs...


Bre'Neal P.’s Avatar
Bre'Neal P. Sep 01, 2017 529 views

What are some jobs that involve working with animals?

What are all the jobs where you work with animals? animals animal-behavior animal veterinary...


Javier C.’s Avatar
Javier C. Jan 22, 2018 1400 views

I want to pursue a career with animals. Help?

For all my life I wanted to work with animals. However I don't know exactly what to do in it. Sometimes I wanted to be a host on an animal show just like Steve Irwin or Coyote Peterson. Sometimes I want to be just a simple wildlife conservationist. Sometimes I just want to work at an animal...

zookeeper career-choice low-income career zoology wildlife animals scholarships job dogs university grant animal conservation college-major confused

hema B.’s Avatar
hema B. May 16, 2016 652 views

How do you put down an animal? How do you deal with the emotional aspects?

I ask this because i wana become a vet. but I don't wana hurt or kill an animal. veterinarian veterinary animal college career...


Chrissy R.’s Avatar
Chrissy R. May 15, 2016 945 views

Are there any scholarships or grants to assist in becoming a certified dog trainer?

I help rescue and foster dogs. I would love to become a trainer so that I could find more dogs "furever" homes. animal-health dog-rescue dogs dog-training animal career college...


Millie O.’s Avatar
Millie O. May 09, 2016 612 views

What sort of opportunities are out there after graduating college with a bachelor's degree in zoology?

What types of occupations are out there for a recent college graduate in this field of study? What would the average student coming out of this area of study expect? career career-counseling graduate zoology job-opportunities animal...


Jaydah L.’s Avatar
Jaydah L. May 14, 2016 1173 views

In the exotic veterinarian feild, what would be the biggest advantages and disadvantages?

I am looking to pursue a carreer in zoology and working with exotic vets. And i just want to know the benefits and the challenges. chemistry veterinarian zoology wildlife-biology life-sciences zookeeper animal...


Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Oct 30, 2016 455 views

Job Opportunities

How do I find local animal research opportunities in my area? animal scientists vets biologists...


Roselynn H.’s Avatar
Roselynn H. May 18, 2016 524 views

What is the best college preparation to do research on animal sentience?

I am planning to major in Psychology and wonder if this is the best major. research psychologist animal...


Miranda P.’s Avatar
Miranda P. May 17, 2016 519 views

What is it like for Zoologists

I wanted to know what it is like to become and be a zoologist and to know all of the rough spots I shouls be aware of. biology zoology...


Irene R.’s Avatar
Irene R. May 10, 2016 641 views

If you want to be a veterinarian tech, do yuo have to take the TEAS V?

I'm looking into this career and want to know if I need to take this. veterinarian animal-health veterinary-technician animal-work...


Irene R.’s Avatar
Irene R. May 10, 2016 1164 views

How long does it take to become a veterinarian technician?

I love animals and I want to be able to work with them. animal-health veterinary-technician animal-work...


Meriah S.’s Avatar
Meriah S. Oct 22, 2015 859 views