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Career Questions tagged Psychologist

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia Mar 28 27 views

In your opinion, how difficult would it be to get hired as a Psychiatrist ?

I'm sure working as a Psychiatrist is challenging just like any other job, but I'm curious to say if it is difficult is it worth the time and money? I want to get into something similar to this and look at other options but I want advice to see if this is a good choice.

Aniyah’s Avatar
Aniyah Mar 27 35 views

How do you take in very triggering information from a patient and remain calm through it all?

I would like so be a sociologist and open a foster home.

Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria Mar 27 34 views


What has been the hardest and best part of becoming a psychologist.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 20 35 views

how does assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders work?


Thalia’s Avatar
Thalia Mar 20 33 views

How much does a psychologist make a year?

How much money does a psychologist make annually?

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 108 views

What is a suggestion for online collages for psychology? Is it more easy or hard? Anything I should know before considering online?

I would like to get my masters in psychology, professional counseling or whatever I can get. I am currently applying to scholarships to help but won none so far. I was wondering if online is better then in person collage counseling or if they have different benefits and what are they. Thank you...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 02 81 views

As a psychologist, what was the most important moment in your career?

Informational Interview Question

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Faith Mar 01 95 views

Pre college help?

What are some advice or tips on colleges specifically psychology/therapist degree? What colleges do you recommend towards the western US? (that offer financial aid)

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Feb 28 68 views

Could I be a cosmetologist with Tourettic-OCD?

Can I be a cosmetologist with tics?

Elahsia’s Avatar
Elahsia Feb 02 148 views


I would like a career with a high paying major. Would being a psychiatrist occur in that goal?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jan 30 85 views

Research in psychology? Not being a people person.

What psychology jobs involve research? Can you major in Psychology even though you're not a people person?

Emmalee’s Avatar
Emmalee Jan 18 232 views

How do I become a psychologist?

How do I pursue a path in psychology?

What is the hardest part about being a psychologist?

How long will it take for me to be a certified psychologist?

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Dec 31, 2022 205 views

What degrees should I get for a criminal psychologist?

Im struggling with what I want to do but I know I want to do something with criminals and their behavior.

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Dec 14, 2022 319 views

Why did you pick to study psychology?

What is the hardest part about being a Psychologist? What's the best thing about being a Psychologist?

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Dec 13, 2022 226 views

Pros and Cons of being a psychologist?

What are the overall benefits, and downsides of being a licensed psychologist?

Mayte’s Avatar
Mayte Dec 13, 2022 204 views

What classes can i take right now to learn more abt psychology?

Whats some information about being a psychologist and help people with there mental health?

What is the starting salary for psychology?

what are some things that you dislike or like about being a psychologist?

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Dec 09, 2022 179 views

Where are some good places (US and international) to go to university for psychology?

Junior currently

Lakshmi’s Avatar
Lakshmi Nov 17, 2022 258 views

what do I need to do to become a psychologist in the USA?

Hi everyone! I am looking to work towards being a psychologist in the USA. I have done my Bachelor's and Masters in Applied Psychology (from India) and currently doing my Masters in Creativity and Change Leadership. I am aware that I would need to pursue a Psy.D or Phd in order to become a...

gabby’s Avatar
gabby Nov 08, 2022 281 views

What do you consider to be your top three strengths and weaknesses as a therapist?

what are some things that you would consider to be good in a therapist? what are some traits that make them a good? why?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Oct 31, 2022 305 views

Basics of Psychology?

Is a psychology based job more interesting than psychology classes in college? How do psychology centered jobs generally pay? Is there any big flaws with your occupation that you wish you could eliminate?

Sally’s Avatar
Sally Oct 26, 2022 167 views

What jobs involve/need a psychology degree?

Currently I know jobs involving psychology are therapist and psychiatrist. Is there more jobs involving psychology that aren't very known?

Yareli’s Avatar
Yareli Oct 25, 2022 256 views

What do forensic psychologist do?

I’m looking into this career but I want to know the everyday life of a forensic psychologist

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 17, 2022 218 views

Are there jobs and opportunities that are available in psychology prior to getting your master's degree??

Hi! I am interested in psychology, but I know that to get the most successful career, it is helpful to have a master's degree. I was wondering if there are any jobs available in psychology after earning your bachelor's? Can I be in school for my master's degree and still have a stable job in...

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 17, 2022 167 views

What are the challenges of working to get a master's degree?

Hi! I'm thinking about if I want to earn a master's degree in psychology so that I can get the most successful job in the future. I'm worried that working to get a master's degree might be too overwhelming and time consuming. However, I feel that a master's degree will be worth it in the long...

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 410 views

Difficulties becoming a psychiatrist...?

What difficulties might one face in trying to become a psychiatrist? How might they overcome them?

lexi’s Avatar
lexi Oct 11, 2022 264 views

What is the first thing to fo to become a psychologist?

What is the first step to becoming a psychologist? What are some things I can do/take starting in highschool that will help me become a psychologist?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 320 views

Psychiatrist career ladder...

What are the steps ( in chronological order) to becoming a psychiatrist? I understand that one must achieve a bachelor's degree, go to med-school, and complete a residency, but I am not sure what order these steps should be taken in.

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 04, 2022 118 views

What do you do as Psychologist and what schooling do you need?


Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 30, 2022 317 views

Is psychology a good major?

Is psychology a good major? I am really passionate when it comes to studying human behavior but as a child of immigrant I have to make sure that I won’t struggle financially. I hear a lot of people talking about how this major is not good and finding jobs is hard and they don't pay a good...

Shayla’s Avatar
Shayla Sep 28, 2022 246 views

What training/education was required to become a psychologist, and what do you do as a psychologist?

Questions about the psychology field