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Career Questions tagged Psychologists

Lakshmi’s Avatar
Lakshmi Nov 17, 2022 323 views

what do I need to do to become a psychologist in the USA?

Hi everyone! I am looking to work towards being a psychologist in the USA. I have done my Bachelor's and Masters in Applied Psychology (from India) and currently doing my Masters in Creativity and Change Leadership. I am aware that I would need to pursue a Psy.D or Phd in order to become a...

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Oct 19, 2020 623 views

Are psychologists scared of their patients

Do you ever get scared of some psycho patients? #Psychologists

Esther Lapite’s Avatar
Esther Jul 20, 2020 609 views

What made you start your own private practice, and how did you go about it?

I am an aspiring clinical psychologist and have been doing research on private practice. I've read on how it gives you more freedom in setting your own hours, more control of your clients, and more independence as a business. I've also read on how it requires alot of your own resources,...

t’s Avatar
t Mar 01, 2017 815 views

Good morning.... i am currently unsure if i should pursue a masters degree ?

I have completed my chemical engineering degree and I can't seem to find a job. I have been applying from the beginning of my last academic year and have no success. I currently have a lot of family issues and during my undergrad studies it was a bit much to handle none the less I have managed...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 16, 2017 2125 views

Is it difficult to find jobs in Psychiatric Psychology?

I love the idea of working with the mentally insane, but is this career too unrealistic? #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychotherapy #neuropsychology #neuro #psychologists #insane #mentally