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Tylar M. May 21, 2020 220 views

What is the average work day of a Psychologist like?

How long do they work, and how´s the work place. Is it similar to a therapist´s job? #psychology #career...


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brenda K. Nov 29, 2019 387 views

What is the typical day for a forensic psychologist? What exactly do they do?

I am graduating college in 2020 and am still confused on what exactly I should do. I have been interested in forensic psychology for years but am confused on exactly what to expect if I were to choose this career path. I am between becoming a forensic psychologist or a therapist. I also have...

#psychology #forensic #college-major #psychotherapy

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amanda T. Apr 04, 2018 284 views

Do you have to be really good at science to be able to study psychology?

I'm interested in the brain and how emotions and actions alter do to an experience or an altercation and i'm considering the field of social work but i have never been good in science #psychology #counseling-psychology...


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Allison B. Mar 15, 2018 349 views

What do I need to become a psychologist or mental health professional?

I want to know what kind of degree is needed to become a psychologist. I have searched the internet for answers to this quite a few times, and the answers range anywhere from a 4 - year Bachelor's degree to a M.A. or even a PhD. I would also like to know what kind of degree is generally...

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Jason N. Feb 10, 2018 470 views

What's the right job for a future counsellor-wannabe?

I will provide some details of my current situation so I can actually hope for some similarly detailed advice/answers. I completed my undergrad in psychology. After undergrad, I wanted to go into grad school for psychology. But my grades and etc. were not good enough. So I went into a master's...

#counselling #psychology #psychotherapy

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Samuel K. Jan 18, 2018 448 views

Where are some good places to find meaningful Counseling Psychology summer internships?

I hear about many counseling psychology internships that basically have interns do more administrative work or "babysitting" clients in high risk facilities. I want to have more exposure to actual counseling sessions, learn different techniques and get enough experience to help guide me closer...

#psychology #psychotherapy #counseling-psychology

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Samuel K. Jan 18, 2018 323 views

What are some career choices for a Psychology/Music Major besides Music Therapy?

I am double majoring in Psychology and Music and while Music Therapist sounds great, it is mostly used with populations I am less interested in working with. #counseling-psychology #musicpsychology...


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Ada D. Jan 12, 2018 412 views

Is the payoff for being a psychologist worth it?

I'm a freshman in high school and clearly have a ways to go before I choose what profession I want to go into. However, helping people and talking them through their problems seems like it would be an incredible job, or at least one I'd want to go into. My first question is: What is the best...

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Kelly L. Sep 01, 2017 648 views

What can I do with a psychology major?

I am really interested in studying psychology but I would also like to work with young children. How can I incorporate these two things into a career path? #psychology #psychotherapy #child-development #child-psychology #cognitive-psychology...


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Stephaniep W. Aug 20, 2016 964 views

Im in a wrong major and now my grades are falling and i feel guilty about it, what should i do?

Im a medstud, im goin in 3rd year right now. I was feeling that meds isnt for me since the begining, but i kept going bcause i dont want to let my parents down. I went through myfirst year good enough, 3.1 GPA and during second year i just couldnt bear it anymore and i got depress. I never...

#college-major #depression #clinical-psychology #psychology #personal-development #psychotherapy #college

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Brittany P. Apr 12, 2017 917 views

Some tips on balancing college, work, and other aspects of your life?

I'm 20 and have been enrolled in community college since I was 16. It's been a roller-coaster as far as my academic performance; I've done well in many classes and failed just as many. I think the biggest factor of my failures is my tendency to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed or stressed....

#work-life-balance #studying-tips #time-management #clinical-psychology #psychology #personal-development #habit-forming #psychotherapy

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Azar B. Feb 17, 2017 843 views

What are the steps to become a psychiatrist, not a psychologist a psychiatrist and a counselor

Because I know you have to chemistry and math, but I don't know what else or what's required for a freshman #psychology #counseling #psychiatry #mental-health...


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Azar B. Feb 13, 2017 390 views

Do you have to do an internship to become a psychiatrist

I want to know of its mandatory #psychology...


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Victoria O. Jan 16, 2017 1147 views
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Jonathan F. Nov 10, 2016 540 views

Matching Nutrition and Psychology

I grew up in a little village called Alhuemilla, Chile. Growing up we almost never went to the store to buy food because we grew our own. Fruits and vegetables was always part of our diet. Because of this life style we never got sick from anything.I never went to a hospital. Coming to America I...

#neuroscience #medical-nutrition-therapy #psychotherapy #nutrition

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Cheska H. Oct 25, 2016 576 views

Stay in State or Abroad?

I only have family in Nevada and this is making me not study abroad because of our financial issues were currently dealing. If you were me, what would you choose? I would like to be a Physician Assistant or to be a dental hygienist and I don't know what would be the best choice. #psychology...

#healthcare #japan #physician #dentistry #dental-hygienist #public-health #psychotherapy

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Jennifer B. Oct 22, 2016 397 views

What is it like working in a psychology field

I am curruntly a senor in high school and I want to major in psychology in college so I just want to hear from someone who has been in that field, what it is like to be in the field...


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Christine C. Oct 22, 2016 609 views

What are the different types of careers for areas in psychology? Why are people interested in these jobs?

I'm super interested in psych. And I just want to know what a normal day is as a psychologist or any other career. #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychotherapy...


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Vera L. Oct 22, 2016 734 views

Where can I find scholarships?

I'm looking everywhere for scholarships, and I need reliable sites or sources. How can I finance my own education? Please help :) #college #psychology #graduate-school #college-admissions #college-bound #scholarships #government...


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Megan J. May 24, 2016 756 views

What’s the latest and greatest book you’ve read related to mental health, psychology or psychotherapy?

I am always looking for more educational material to read and learn from. These topics in particular are what I am interested in going into as far as careers go. #psychology #career-advice #mental-health #psychotherapy...


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Gilda B. Apr 09, 2014 920 views

How quick was it to find a career within the last day semester and the ending of your college career? Bachelors or Masters

I was thinking about this career because it had to do with studying the people and their behavior. It had to do with studying people in general, but I heard finding a career in this field is difficult. #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychiatry #social-psychology #psychotherapy...


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Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 912 views

Psychology and Philosophy Compensation

What is the difference in pay between a psychologist and a philosopher? #psychology #counseling #philosophy...


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Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1144 views

Day In the Life a psychology major

What is the day in the life of a psychology major required occupation? I am interested in studying the brain and human behavior in order to benefit the world and my understanding of it and how I think and why, but I want to know more about how a day is like in these professions first from...

#psychology #psychometrics #psychotherapy #psychiatry