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Financial aid is available to a college student who meets the requirements. Every college has a department that will assist students in filling out the necessary forms. For more information,...

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Vilma K. Mar 17 80 views

How will COVID-19 effect my first semester of college?

I have a lot of questions such as: Should I expect my first semester as college to be online? How does this affect my financial aid? Will I need to still pay the full tuition price? Will I be required to still live on campus (or will I even be able to)? What should I expect in these next few...

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Krishigan Y. Mar 13 42 views

Is it possible to get all of my financial aid from scholarships

I want to know if its possible to get all my financial aid for a university that costs 58k from online scholarships and if so, how many I would roughly have to apply to in order to gain anywhere close to that amount , and I know its unrealistic to get that much from scholarships so i wanted to...

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alyssa F. Jan 02 64 views

Is getting straight A's a good way to get a good scholarship ? And what if you were to have one B ? Would that effect your chance to recieve a scholarship . Also what kind of scholarships could you get that would be very beneficial ?

I want to be an orthopedic surgeon which will require 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school, and up to 5 years of residency. So I know it will be very important to get a scholarship and I would appreciate your advice and opinions. #scholarship #college #financial-aid #university...

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Brian R. Dec 22, 2019 138 views

School may be committing fraud.

So after I had already been dropped out of school for more than a month and a half, still my school had pulled out a $5,000 portion of the financial aid for the next semester. And I've been notified several times, for several weeks prior, that I would be considered dropped out the next...

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Nathan A. Oct 25, 2019 44 views
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Raquel D. Sep 19, 2019 70 views

What will happen to me if i do have insurance?

Is there another way of getting health insurance in america #health #financial-aid...


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Martha M. Sep 09, 2019 101 views

if you decline your federal loans will you get more grant money?

lets say you were offered the subsidized federal loan can you decline it and recieve more grant aid? #financial-aid #college...


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Vincent L. Sep 05, 2019 93 views

How can i get a scholarship to UCI Irvine?

#ignitingpossibilities i will get scholarship from UC Irvine because they support professional gamers #scholarship #financial-aid #college #money #help...

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Oscar R. Jul 11, 2019 89 views

Can you go law school or medical school debt free or free with fafsa

Can a low income have a chance of attending law school without debt by using financial aid #financial-aid #lawyer...

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Kyle T. Jul 31, 2018 170 views

Where can I find scholarships for Criminal Justice?

I've tried looking for scholarships for Criminal Justice, I've found about three, but all of them have either passed or I do not fit the requirements that the scholarship asks for. #criminaljustice #lawschool #scholarships #financial-aid #scholarship...


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keon R. Jun 26, 2019 71 views
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Joi I. Apr 05, 2018 250 views

How much student loans can I take with a mechanical engineering starting salary

I am a mechanical engineering sophomore and I recently learned my parent can only contribute about 5% of my college finances. What is an affordable, realistic amount I can take out in student loans so I don't drown in student debt? For more information, I live in New Jersey and my dream job...

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Yazmeen M. Jan 24, 2018 242 views

What are the benefits of the CSS profile?

The CSS profile is another form for financial aid. Some colleges require it now when you apply for financial aid. I just want to know how it differs from FAFSA. #financial-aid #finance #college #admissions...


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Christian S. May 04, 2019 121 views

Do colleges take rigor into account when giving Merit/Academic Scholarships?

For Merit/Academic Scholarships, is it better to get an A in a normal class, or a B in an Honors/AP/College class? #college #scholarship #college-advice #financial-aid #money #student #ap #academic #merit #honors #act #sat #career...


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Seamus B. Apr 18, 2019 127 views

What other strategies can I use to pay for college?

I want to study environmental science, Japanese, and music in college. I want to go to a small liberal arts college so I will have the flexibility to study all three, but I'm struggling to come up with the funds. I've been applying for lots of scholarships, but so far not striking gold. What...

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Rebecca M. Dec 11, 2018 182 views

Does anyone know of some easy, but more obscure scholarships that I can apply for?

I am a college sophomore, not involved in greek life, and my parents are not employed by any major organizations. #college #scholarship #financial-aid...


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Kaesin O. Nov 30, 2018 296 views

Tips for College?

I'm going to college in less than a year now, and I'm pretty nervous. What advice do you have for an incoming college freshman? #college #college-advice #college-admissions #help...


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Kevon W. Sep 25, 2018 297 views

Tuition Cost

Should I limit my college choices based on tuition? #financial-aid #tuition #college...