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Oscar R. Oct 27, 2020 84 views

How does a student fill out a fafsa if they don’t have a social security number?

I want to fill out the fafsa to receive non federal aid but what happens to those that don’t a social security number? #fafsa...


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Oscar R. Aug 29, 2020 127 views

Don’t want loans on my financial aid?

I don’t want loans just grants and scholarships how do I do that with the fafsa? #fafsa #debtfree...


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Gina A. Aug 28, 2018 331 views

Where is a good place to start when applying for colleges and scholarships?

Money will be an issue for me that is why I'm trying to gauge my options from what schools are offering me, what scholarships I am able to receive and how much I am able to get through FAFSA, which I won't even get to do until at least February. So where do I start with all of this? I'm trying...

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Tranautica W. Apr 19, 2018 291 views

How do I pay for college once i get in

I got in to Jarivis but I have no Idea how to pay #money $finance #college #scholarships #loans #financial-aid #fafsa...


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Jorge P. Apr 20, 2018 279 views

What is the best way to pay for my college?

There are multiple ways including bank loans, federal loans, financial aid, scholarships subsidized and subsidized loans, etc and I am not sure which is the best. #finance #college #financial-aid #scholarships #loans...


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Kiara S. May 28, 2018 442 views

Can I ask for more financial aid?

I received no financial aid due to my mother's income, but I live in a boom-and-bust economy so the income on the 2017 tax report is over $30,000 over her income this year. Can I challenge the financial aid judgement to earn more $$$ #financial-aid #money #finance #scholarships #fafsa...

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Jeremy B. Jun 11, 2018 388 views

Is it necessary to minor in chemistry if I am interested in the criminal forensic laboratory field?

Hello, I am a current student at Xavier University located in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Muskies!). I am double major in criminal justice and psychology and will hope to complete Xavier University with a bachelor degree in science. With my immense passion for justice, I want to take my bachelor...

#studentloan #criminal #xavieruniveristy #jesuitcollege #financialaid #lowincome #lab #1kscholarship #xavieru #fafsa #criminaljustice #psychology #science #chemistry #scholarship #musketeer #laboratory

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Karisma B. May 11, 2018 362 views

How am I supposed to pay for tuition without going into debt?

I’m on my own when it comes to the college experience, and I really don’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life all because I wanted a better education. FAFSA can only cover so much of the tuition, how am I supposed to manage being a full time student as well as a full time employee?...

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Cody S. Jan 16, 2018 539 views

What is a CCS profile, and how does it work? If I've already done a FAFSA, is a CCS Profile still necessary? Where can I find help completing a CCS Profile?

I found the CCS Profile on College Board, but I'm just not totally sure of why it's important, or if it even is important at all. #financial-aid #college...


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Jose P. Mar 14, 2018 318 views

If I am selected for verification for FAFSA and am unable to submit the documents needed to complete the verification process, how will that affect me?

I was selected for verification but am having difficulty ordering the necessary tax return transcript needed for the verification process for one of the schools I applied to and have tried all avenues (calling, ordering online, going in person to local IRS office) to request the document but...

#fafsa #financialaid

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Osmar G. Mar 13, 2018 299 views

Is having a house under my name going to affect my financial aid?

My parents got a divorce and my dad gave my mom a house but she does not have a social so she put it under my name. Technically it is under my name but my mom uses the rent money so we can live off from. Will if affect me from receiving the financial aid I get? #fafsa...


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Normaris T. Mar 13, 2018 241 views

What is the best way to pay for college like Savannah College of Art and Design?

I am asking this question because I recently was admitted to #savannah #college of #art and #design and its a very expensive college and also my# dream college but the #money part is an issue. I don't receive #fafsa which is an issue, and my family cant affords the #school. I would like to...

#pay #scholarships #loans

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Khloe G. Jan 30, 2018 312 views
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Moriah L. Sep 01, 2017 2316 views

How does FAFSA work when your parent is recently unemployed?

There's not much information online about how to add in special circumstances like this. #fafsa #financial-aid #college-admissions...


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Hashir A. Nov 10, 2016 631 views

Private Loans vs. Federal Loans. What are the pros and cons?

From what I can understand there are many types of loans for undergraduate or graduate school. Can anyone explain why I should choose a federal loan over a private loan or vice versa? #college #finance #financial-services #student-loans #federal-government...


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Jessi E. Oct 29, 2016 531 views

What is fafsa and how does it work?

What is FAFSA and how does it work? #college #money...


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Emily G. Oct 19, 2016 751 views

Do I have to reapply or resubmit fafsa applications each year I attend college?

I'm going to need financial aid, and hopefully the process will be simple! #financial-services #fafsa...


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Alicia C. Oct 04, 2016 528 views

Can you apply for colleges even if you havent completed Fafsa?

I haven't completed my Fafsa application because I don't have the documents I need. Can I still apply to colleges? #college...


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Hamid W. Aug 30, 2016 604 views

What do you need to sign up for FAFSA and who do they greatly give money to?

I am a junior in high school. I will be applying to colleges next year. I just wanted to get a basic understanding about FAFSA. #college #university...


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Anita M. Aug 28, 2016 639 views

What is FAFSA?

Hey there so I had a few questions about FAFSA and what it is and when I should apply? I'm a freshman in highschool but I want to get a head start but I don't know if right now is too early. #college #university #college-admissions #financial-aid #grants...