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What is the most amount of financial aid (money) that an individual can receive?

I think it all depends on grades and the amount of money your family makes Allie M.

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Lizbeth, generally speaking there are two types of scholarships : merit and need-based ones. The need based scholarships are determined based on how much your parents make. Merit scholarships are awarded based on achievement and you can obtain them even if you parents make enough to pay some or all of your college tuition. In both cases, you can obtain up to the full amount of tuition and may even obtain some discounts on your room and board in a college. However, scholarships would vary by college or university. The website of every college or university says how much they provide on average in need-based financial aid and what types of merit scholarships they have (for example, scholarships for athletes). To learn more follow these steps:

Alexandra recommends the following next steps:

Go to the website of a college or university you like
Go to the "Financial Aid and Scholarship" section of the website and see what need-based and merit scholarships they offer.

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Gabriella’s Answer

This depends on the college you go to, and how much financial aid they offer. It also depends on how much your parents make (if you are a dependent) or how much you make. Finally, it also depends on how high your GPA is. That will determine how much of a scholarship or grants you will receive. For me, I had a 3.0, so I got a $19,000 scholarship as a freshman in college, and got 36k in financial aid, at Washington and Jefferson College.