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Jade N.’s Avatar
Jade N. Jade N. Mar 25, 2015 2539 views

How can you apply accounting to a professional dance career?

I am a senior in high school ready to take off for college literally. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and I prefer to continue my successful dance career but with accounting. I love mathematics and calculating taxes as well. I want to do both of my passions together in college and...

#accountant #dancers #dancing #accounting #finance

Sairam M.’s Avatar
Sairam M. Sairam M. May 10, 2016 892 views
Courtney B.’s Avatar
Courtney B. Courtney B. May 10, 2016 1674 views

Do companies care about extracurricular activities job candidates participated in in college?

I was just wondering how important college extracurricular activities are when companies are hiring. Some students only have time to participate in one or two activities, if even that many, but some participate in multiple activities. #college #resume #hiring #extracurriculars #job-interview...


Alicia W.’s Avatar
Alicia W. Alicia W. May 18, 2016 3013 views

What types of careers can I do if I major in accounting besides a CPA?

I know I like numbers and math. I have only read about traditional accounting jobs. #career #accounting #math...


Ajayshia P.’s Avatar
Ajayshia P. Ajayshia P. May 21, 2016 527 views

Is learning a new language difficult?

I want to new a language....


Aye Marie C.’s Avatar
Aye Marie C. Aye Marie C. May 22, 2016 1403 views

What is the best advice you can give an aspiring lawyer about to start college?

I'm not 100% sure I want to be a lawyer but I definitely want to have a career in the law field. Whether it be steps I should start taking now or attitudes to go into college with, what's some advice qualified people in law related careers or students about to graduate can give me? Thank you!...

#law #lawyer #justice #college #legal #graduate #advice

Hans R.’s Avatar
Hans R. Hans R. May 28, 2016 736 views

If I study a major in political science, what can I do to get enrolled in the political progress while I am still being a student?

When I grow up I want to become a politician and currently I want to study political science with a major in american politics, so I wonder how can I do it to start getting enrolled with politics at a young age. #science #law #sociology #political-science...


Tiffany  B.’s Avatar
Tiffany B. Tiffany B. Jan 27, 2017 1718 views

Due to the competitive nature, do Big 4 firms discriminate against students who start at a community college?

So I am a student at community college for financial reasons, however I do not want that to make me a 'weaker' candidate. If it does, what can I do to set myself apart from the pack? #accounting #community-college #auditing #working-in-big-companies #deloitte #ey #kpmg...


Jackson V.’s Avatar
Jackson V. Jackson V. Feb 09, 2017 458 views
Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Esther C. Mar 14, 2017 3325 views

Besides a high GPA, what extracurricular or activities do the big 4 firms like to see?

As an accounting major, my target dream employer is of course the big 4 firms. I was told recently that grades are the first thing that they look at before even considering everything else, so I am shifting gear to focus on that. However, I am now wondering what sort of extracurricular or...

#cpa #accounting #college-recruiting #employment #big-4

Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Alisha S. Jan 12, 2018 289 views

How can one become a professional tutor?

I have done a lot of tutoring in my spare time, but I am considering to make it a career choice. How can one make tutoring a stable, professional job? Are there any certifications required? #education #teaching #tutoring...