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What are the skills and educational requirements to become an accountant?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I wish to become an accountant. I am in honors math classes and I quite enjoy math, I get exited once I finally solve a challenging problem. I had a project in 8th grade that involved taxes and I actually enjoyed it, that's how I got the idea that I want to...

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How much money does an accountant make?

I'm in business class, and I am in the accounting department in that class. #business #accounting #accountant...


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how do I get all A's?

my mom said if i got as for the whole year i could get a cat #college #accounting #college-admissions #career #scholarship #accountant...


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What do your days consist of?

I’m a senior student at Brennan I am interested in learning more about being an accountant and starting my own business because I’ve done it since e freshman year #accounting #business...


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How do I get an opportunity to intern in one of the Big Four accounting firms?

I am currently majoring in Accounting and I will be a Junior next semester (Fall 2019). I am really interested in interning in one of the Big Four (KPMG, YE, PWC, and Deloitte). There are locations near me and I have started applying to two of them, but what do these firms look for in a...

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How extendable is the practice of Accounting in the real world, aside from bookkeeping?

Where else, aside from the big four or an accounting department can I work with a degree in Accounting #accountant #banker #cpa...


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What is the best field in accounting to go into?

I want to be an accountant but I don't know what type of accountant I want to be. I plan on getting my CPA, but you have to have that for most accounting jobs. I like numbers and the order of things. #accountant...


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What's it like as an accountant?

I was wondering what it's like to be one on the daily, like the hours, what I should expect in a workplace, what some unexpected things to the job were; details in general. #business #finance...


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What is the difference between a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Bachelor's in Business Administration with Emphasis in Accounting?

I am asking this question because certain institutions offer one or the other and I was wondering if they are the same degree essentially (or is there a difference). I would love to hear from professionals from both sides. I am interested in becoming an accountant and I would like to choose a...

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What are the greatest challenges of women in accounting?

I have taken interest to major in accounting. I hear many things on how women are discriminated against in certain career fields and majors. For example, not many engineers are women, or doctors should be men. Both of which statements that I disagree with. That leads me to ask about how are...

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What is the highest title in the Accounting field?

I am undecided in my major, but I am strongly considering Accounting and becoming a CPA. I want to know if that position would be the highest position I could acquire. #job-promotion #job-rankings #accounting #cpa #accountant #undecided #need-this-scholarship #broke...

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Michael C. Jan 16, 2018 305 views

What is the likelihood of working full-time from home as a tax accountant? Should I pursue managerial accounting instead?

I am trying to decide my specialization in accounting to determine the best route to be able to work from home and spend time with my family#accounting #accountant #family...

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Are there any advice or tips on how to properly network with professional accountants?

I am a second year accounting student that have attended many career fairs, networking events, and clubs to start building the all-important connections. However, I feel I have not made much progress each time I go to a different event. My questions are generic despite how hard I try to come up...

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