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Career Questions tagged Design

Creative design is essential in many careers. Some of the most popular ones include graphic design, interior, video games, and user experience. Please read below for more information.

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Elias R. May 16 86 views

How do I find an empty location to build my own house?

How do I find an empty space to build my house in Chicago but I need help finding a location?

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Tahgie B. May 03 114 views

Where Yo Swag @?

If You're a fashion designer how long did it take you to really start making wearable pieces.? And when did you get your first purchase.? If you're a video or photography what was your longest project and how long did it take you? & when did you start making money for your visuals?

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Melissa A. Apr 26 92 views

What do art directors start with in a project?

Do they start with the drawing, colors, or images?

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Helen F. Apr 03 96 views

Do you recommend students to double-major?

I have a career goal and know what my passion is but I’d also like to study something that I like at college (eg. design). What should I do?

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Hannah S. Feb 07 131 views

What kind of degree would I need to become a interior designer?

I want to decide what I want to do for a job before I get into college. A big part of this decision is knowing how long I will have to go to college for and what degrees I will need. #design

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Marcela M. Jan 02 191 views

Advice for a Graphic Design Students

Hello! I've enrolled in San Diego City College's Graphic Design Program and will be returning to school this spring after a 4-year hiatus. I'm currently studying Adobe CC training videos independently and building up my portfolio. What advice would you give new graphic design students and what...

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haya A. Dec 03, 2021 229 views
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Desiree’ E. Nov 09, 2021 194 views

What’s it like to be a creative director or a game designer in a company ?

I love to come up with new ideas and being creative. However, I want a career that I can also make a good amount on as well. So being a creative director of a game designer seems just up my alley. Any experience/ advice to give? #art #game-design #design #design #creativedirector

Bryan C.’s Avatar
Bryan C. Nov 08, 2021 173 views

Is going to community college and transferring to a university a good option?

I want to become a graphic designer but I also do not want to spend too much money on college and education. #graphic-design #college #design

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Taiyon W. Nov 02, 2021 157 views
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Martha K. Oct 28, 2021 384 views

What course should I start with for interior design? And can I do business later even though I didn't take it in year 11?

I'm a fifteen year old about to sit for my IGCSE exams and I want to be an interior designer. However I didn't choose business as one of my optional subjects. I want to figure out which courses I should take when I go to university and in which order. #interior-design #business #design

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Aaron J. Oct 26, 2021 155 views

What are the pros & cons of becoming a video game designer?

I've been into video games and love playing them since I first owned a PlayStation for as long I could remember when I around 7 or 8 years old. I always wanted to design and make a video game or my own console. What are the steps in becoming a video game designer and is it worth it as a...