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Career Questions tagged Design

Creative design is essential in many careers. Some of the most popular ones include graphic design, interior, video games, and user experience. Please read below for more information.

Tamia E.’s Avatar
Tamia E. Tamia E. Jul 28 36 views

What can I do to learn more about computers and design?

I want to do something in the future that has to do with programming and design, maybe animation? I don't know, but I want to do something creative and I want to do it with computers. I have no idea where to start. I am going into my senior year in high school and I still no nothing about...

#graphic-design #computer #design #animation

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Sam S. Jul 19 96 views

Is it possible to get a UI/UX job with a IST degree?

My major is IST and the classes I've taken are mostly web development/network architectures based. I've learned things like HTML, CSS, JS, C#, ASP.NET but nothing really design based. Would it still be possible to get a UI/UX designer based job even if I don't know things like how to use all...

#technology #career #computer-science #design

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Sam S. Jul 19 99 views

What do UX/UI designers major in and what are some daily tasks you do on the job?

I'm an IST major going into my last semester. Most of the classes I've had for my major have been web development/network architectures related. I think this is main reason why I started liking front end, but recently I've really wanted to learn more about UX/UI design. I've always had a strong...

#ux #computerscience #art #college-major #design #ui

Malevin A.’s Avatar
Malevin A. Malevin A. Jul 14 40 views

Help me know if I am on the right track .

Am an Ib student in grade 11 wanting to pursue interior designing or fashion design in university . This are the subjects I do : Language and literature English(HL) Mathematics (SL) Btec Diploma Art and Design #art...


Alyssa M.’s Avatar
Alyssa M. Alyssa M. Jul 03 52 views

I want to be an animator or work for character animation. I know there are many places to start but I don't know what would be the best. Where should I start

- I want to be able to create shows/animated series for any audience (adult or children) - I want to know what studios would be best to work with - I also wonder what are the best qualities that colleges and animation studios look for in artists #animation #art #design...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Henry L. Jul 01 64 views

What equipment does a graphic designer use?

I currently go to high school and want to become either an architect or graphic designer. I want to know more about the tech requirements. #graphic-design #design #highschool #art...


Jefferny W.’s Avatar
Jefferny W. Jefferny W. Jun 29 102 views

Are there any tips or a heads up for people getting into the gaming industry?

Hi, I just recently graduated and I'm heading off to college to major in Game Design. I am aware of how risky it is, but it is one of the only things that I can do for hours on end and enjoy every last moment of it. I just hope I can make this work somehow. #game-design #games #video-games...

#college #design #computer #technology

Jaylen W.’s Avatar
Jaylen W. Jaylen W. Jun 25 60 views
Candys F.’s Avatar
Candys F. Candys F. Jun 23 50 views

What are the steps in creating your own animation?

I was recently inspired by how animations seem more detailed and animated. I'd notice how in most cartoons, their mouth flaps seem like they're pronouncing each word clearly. And the storyline for most cartoons inspire me to pursue animation. I want to bring characters to life and tell stories....

#story #disney #artist #webseries #art #design #animation

Candys F.’s Avatar
Candys F. Candys F. Jun 22 63 views

What is the most accomplishing about a project?

I realize that animation is a challenging career to pursue, but there are moments where an individual gets that sense of accomplishing during the process of a project. I wanted to get an idea of what about the project satisfies someone. #animation #art #design...


Candys F.’s Avatar
Candys F. Candys F. Jun 22 49 views

What programs are better to start off with?

I want to pursue an animation career, but I've never used any animation programs to get me on that path. #animation #design...


Rocsteve B.’s Avatar
Rocsteve B. Rocsteve B. Jun 22 69 views

What can I do to motivate myself?

I want to become a designer, but idk if I’m creative enough for it. #design...


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Daniel R. Daniel R. Jun 20 62 views

How can I make sure i set the right steps in order to reach my career goal which is to be a graphic designer

Hey! I am 20 years old and I like to graphic design on my free time, I mainly do it because I like to make mock ups for my brand I am building and it is very fun to challenge myself to make something different, #graphic-design #career #design unique, or aesthetically...

Sidney L.’s Avatar
Sidney L. Sidney L. Jun 15 62 views

How do I get a job related to industrial design?

I'm in high school and in the Industrial Design major at my school. What jobs can I strive for in that field? #design...


Amariana M.’s Avatar
Amariana M. Amariana M. Jun 12 60 views

What would I take if I wanted to do character design?

I wanted to design animated characters for TV shows but I don't know what skills I need for that....


Melanie C.’s Avatar
Melanie C. Melanie C. Jun 09 62 views

What do I need to do to become a Graphic Designer?

I have just graduated from college with an Associate Degree in animation and motion graphics, but I love to create graphic designs since it gives me more passion. #graphic-design #design...


Adrika H.’s Avatar
Adrika H. Adrika H. Jun 07 103 views

What should I include in a college admissions portfolio for communications/graphic design?

I am going to be applying to colleges in NYC for communications/graphic design. What mediums should I include? What skills should I showcase in my portfolio? #design #graphic-design #college #portfolio...


nadia F.’s Avatar
nadia F. nadia F. May 24 82 views

What is the highest degree you can get in business?

I am about to graduate highschool and will be attending city college to major in buisness. #buisness #fashion #design...


Bri K.’s Avatar
Bri K. Bri K. May 14 91 views

What career would combine all of these?

I am interested in illustration, character design, and costume design for animation. I am unsure of what I should major in. I enjoy creating may things and am unsure what specific career I should aim for. Any advice is helpful. #disney #animation #design #careers #illustration...