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Career Questions tagged Design

Creative design is essential in many careers. Some of the most popular ones include graphic design, interior, video games, and user experience. Please read below for more information.

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Tatiana Aug 03 211 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I...

Sade’s Avatar
Sade Jul 14 223 views

What do you need to do to become a Fashion Designer?

I am in high school, but for a career, I want to become a fashion designer. What is needed to do so?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jul 12 190 views


I need help getting started in my ui/ux design career, also any tips on being a project manager will also be super helpful. Every website I look on to try and get a certificate is almost $1000

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Karinna Jun 13 321 views

I want to become a fashion designer and don’t know where to start?

My dream career is to be become a fashion designer, however I’m not sure how to approach being what I want to be. What do I have to do first in order to fulfill my career?

Kalyani’s Avatar
Kalyani Jun 10 216 views

Should I go for Automobile Design?

I have completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and I currently am joining a reputed Automobile company, in India. I really wish to pursue a Masters's degree and want to go in a Design field as I like the design process. I've recently developed an interest in gaming and I'm very much...

CV Office Hours’s Avatar
CV Office Hours Jun 07 160 views

How do I incorporate trends into my personal brand, but still be true to myself?

I like the idea of trends and would like to use them in my own personal brand. Is there a way I can still incorporate them into my brand, but not lose who I am?

CV Office Hours’s Avatar
CV Office Hours Jun 07 97 views

What are the best types of photos and images to use in your own personal brand?

I would like my brand to reflect who I really am. How can I do so, if I don't have high-quality photos of myself? Is it appropriate to use stock images?

CV Office Hours’s Avatar
CV Office Hours Jun 07 96 views

What can I do to create a personal brand that is cohesive and narrow, but still captures who I am?

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies. I would like my personal brand to reflect these parts of myself, but how to I make all these aspects fit together.?

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Alexandra Jun 03 149 views

What do people look for in a graphic designer?

I want to know what kinds of skills/qualifications employers look for when hiring a graphic designer.

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Amelia May 25 192 views

How do designers translate the initial idea of a product into a functional product?

I do not understand how the design turns into a final physical product.

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Elias May 16 196 views

How do I find an empty location to build my own house?

How do I find an empty space to build my house in Chicago but I need help finding a location?

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mia May 15 217 views

What should I know about being an Architect ??

I don't know how to draw, and i'm scared of doing this career

takiya’s Avatar
takiya May 13 167 views

if my strengths are braiding and doing nails and my hobbies are drawing and art ,what types of careers or industries might best fit me

I would love to start my own business

Tahgie’s Avatar
Tahgie May 03 196 views

Where Yo Swag @?

If You're a fashion designer how long did it take you to really start making wearable pieces.? And when did you get your first purchase.? If you're a video or photography what was your longest project and how long did it take you? & when did you start making money for your visuals?

ash’s Avatar
ash Apr 27 274 views

What is being a game designer like?

what is your role for your company and what daily problems do you have to overcome.

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Melissa Apr 26 161 views

What do art directors start with in a project?

Do they start with the drawing, colors, or images?

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Apr 03 146 views

Do you recommend students to double-major?

I have a career goal and know what my passion is but I’d also like to study something that I like at college (eg. design). What should I do?

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Cassandra Mar 03 166 views

Are most graphic design jobs through designing magazines? Or are there other types of jobs that are popular to go with graphic design?

#graphic-design #art #design #career

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Cassandra Mar 02 222 views

Where is the highest hire area in the US to get hired for Graphic Design?

#graphic-design #art #career #web-design #design

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Mar 02 223 views

What should I expect in a graphic design career?

#graphic-design #web-design #career #design

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Cassandra Mar 02 217 views

What are some of the major projects you'll work on in Graphic Design companies

#graphic-design #art #design

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Hope Mar 02 160 views

What is the hardest part of being a graphic designer?

#design #graphic-design #computer

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Hope Mar 02 319 views

What degree do I need to be a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #design #art

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Danielle Feb 17 209 views

For people who work in front end development, what types of creativity works (i.e. design, art, drawing) do you put into your job?

#career #computer-science #computer-science #design

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Feb 09 287 views

I want to become a graphic designer and would like to know what design softwares you find yourself using? Is it mainly the adobe products, illustrator, and photoshop? Or do you find yourself using other softwares if so which?

#graphic-design #design

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Feb 07 218 views

What kind of degree would I need to become a interior designer?

I want to decide what I want to do for a job before I get into college. A big part of this decision is knowing how long I will have to go to college for and what degrees I will need. #design

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 04 374 views

How do you start your own fashion business?

#business #fashion #fashion-design #design #marketing

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Marcela Jan 02 260 views

Advice for a Graphic Design Students

Hello! I've enrolled in San Diego City College's Graphic Design Program and will be returning to school this spring after a 4-year hiatus. I'm currently studying Adobe CC training videos independently and building up my portfolio. What advice would you give new graphic design students and what...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Dec 10, 2021 247 views

Is it better to major in an arts related field or minor in it?

#art #major #college #design

Britteny’s Avatar
Britteny Dec 06, 2021 355 views

Is instructional design ideal for introverts?

#design #instructionaldesign #instructionaldesigner