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How do I pursue my passion in the arts as a career?

I'm an art student who's willing to put in the hard work to get where I want to be, where I want to be is able to live off of my art. #art #artist #college...


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What resources should I be reaching out to/finding for people to notice my art?

How do you get people to recognize your art? Do you share it? Post it? Go to a museum? How is it possible for people to recognize your works and get a basic following to possibly live off of? #art #artist #college #fine-art...


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How hard is it to live off of just your art?

#art #artist #psychology #fine-art #college I'm a hobbiest when it comes to art. I consider it a hobby, but would really like if I could go somewhere professionally with it. I've drawn and created my whole life, but have always been way too scared to admit that I wanted to become an artist,...

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Do clients in the arts allow for artistic liberties to be taken?

In art classes I’m currently in, teacher allow us to take artistic liberties, but claim that graphic design clients won’t let us do that. Is that necessarily true? #art #graphic-design #design...


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Does money really matter in the arts?

I really don’t care about getting rich off of going into the arts, but I still want to earn a liveable wage without working myself to death. Is this even possible? #art #artist...


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How easy is it to get jobs as a traditional artist?

I enjoy doing traditional art rather than graphic design and digital art. Is it easy to get jobs doing these? #art #graphic-design #design #fine-art...


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What are careers involving art?

I love learning, talking, and making art. #artist #art #creative...


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Is having a job super stressful

I like to learn work and be creative #art #job #fine-art...


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Is Academy of Arts in San Francisco good?

I talked to the admissions representative and they sounded so nice and genuine, but i am nervous because i talked to my schools college counselor and she said that it's a for profit school and they don't always have the best interested in students needs. The school has everything i want to try...

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As far as a Master's degree in art do I have to choose a certain field of art to study?

I would love to be a ceramics professor but I would also like to just be able to study all of the fine arts. #fine-art #college...


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What is the benefits of getting a Master's degree in Art?

I'm currently working on my bachelor in art and will be finishing up soon. #art #college...


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Are there success jobs that includes selling art and viewing them?

Art historians, I want to i #arts #art #fine-art nclude my passion with my career as an...

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Is it more beneficial for an art student to attend a general university or an art school?

I'm looking to major in Illustration and just recently got accepted to a few schools; some just regular universities, and others being legitimate art schools. So my question is, is it more beneficial to go to a university that may offer cheaper tuition but isn't necessarily based around the...

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Ashley T. Apr 21, 2018 317 views

Is it possible for me to double major at a community college?

I wish to major in both business management and fine arts so I can become an art director, but I'm not sure if I can do that at a community college. #community-college #double-major #business-management...


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What is the best high quality art school in the world that is not Julliard?

I am a sophomore in high school that is interested in an artistic career that involves makeup, special effects makeup and art in general like painting, drawing and design. I want to attend a top notch art school that will truly lead me to a successful career that makes my artwork noticed in...

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How can I find a job abroad?

He! I am Norton. I am pursuing my masters degree at Nanjing Normal university right now. My major is traditional Chinese painting , and I am going to finish my masters degree in June 2018. I want to find a job abroad and experience the world, but I don't know how?!?! I can speak...

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