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Tonni W. Jul 31, 2018 281 views

Are there success jobs that includes selling art and viewing them?

Art historians, I want to i #arts #art #fine-art nclude my passion with my career as an...

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Brenan B. Jul 06, 2018 336 views
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Andria R. Apr 24, 2018 318 views

Is it more beneficial for an art student to attend a general university or an art school?

I'm looking to major in Illustration and just recently got accepted to a few schools; some just regular universities, and others being legitimate art schools. So my question is, is it more beneficial to go to a university that may offer cheaper tuition but isn't necessarily based around the...

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Ashley T. Apr 21, 2018 376 views

Is it possible for me to double major at a community college?

I wish to major in both business management and fine arts so I can become an art director, but I'm not sure if I can do that at a community college. #community-college #double-major #business-management...


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Kirstin O. Apr 12, 2018 395 views

What is the best high quality art school in the world that is not Julliard?

I am a sophomore in high school that is interested in an artistic career that involves makeup, special effects makeup and art in general like painting, drawing and design. I want to attend a top notch art school that will truly lead me to a successful career that makes my artwork noticed in...

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江斌 雷. Mar 12, 2017 555 views

How can I find a job abroad?

He! I am Norton. I am pursuing my masters degree at Nanjing Normal university right now. My major is traditional Chinese painting , and I am going to finish my masters degree in June 2018. I want to find a job abroad and experience the world, but I don't know how?!?! I can speak...

#working-abroad #art #international #fine-art #teaching #teacher-training #art-teacher

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Brenda S. Feb 03, 2018 452 views

Should I transfer schools? [College transfer]

Hello CareerVillage community! I'm currently a college student in my second year. I'm about to complete my fourth semester at my public school, where I'm pursuing a BFA in Studio Art, concentration in Graphic Design. I just declared my major as Graphic Design, but the program that I am in is...

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Rose H. Jan 22, 2018 290 views

I'm in the 11th grade and I've already started exploring my future career, what are some skills I need to be developing in graphic designing based on my passions and interests?

At school, during my freshmen year, I was starting to get interested in visual arts and designing my own things. During the middle of the year, an art academy came to visit my school during career day, I saw many things that school had to offer referring to my career that I want to pursue....

#graphicdesign #design #visual-arts #art #digital-art #fine-art

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Leah B. Nov 14, 2017 583 views

I'm Very Good At Art And Await To Become A Professional. Any advice?

When I was 8-years-old I had to enter a picture or painting in an art contest. After a few days I had finished a picture of my cat, Catniss(I had a chose of 8 other cats but I went with her). My mom told me it looked exactly like her. I asked other people too if it looked like a real cat and...

#artist #animal-lover #graphic-design #art #drawing-and-painting #fine-art

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Tristan N. Nov 16, 2017 426 views

What does a fine arts technician do on a daily basis?

What are the best school in or close to Texas, centered around fine arts and technology? #fine-art...


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Alexandra B. Oct 13, 2017 554 views

Getting a BFA v. BA in Musical Theatre?

I am applying to both types of programs for college and was wondering what people like and don't like about each program. #musical-theatre #bfa #ba #fine-art #fine-arts #arts #art #degrees #theatre...


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azra F. May 18, 2016 789 views

How do I become an artist?

I'm interested in becoming an artist. #art #fine-art #career #career-counseling...


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Alexandria C. May 14, 2016 557 views

How hard is it to get a job with a background in ceramics?

I'm currently a double major in visual art/computer science. I love art especially, but I"m concerned. #visual-arts #visual-basic #art #fine-art #artist...


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kevin D. May 14, 2016 713 views

Does a knack of painting provide me with any potential job opportunities.

I love art and want to make painting my profession. #artists #art #painting #fine-art #college...


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Angel R. May 02, 2016 542 views

How do I improve as an artist so that I can use art to make a living?

I'd love to be an artist and am curious to know what steps I need to take to make art my profession. #art #drawing #fine-art #career...


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Reid B. Aug 31, 2017 1486 views

Is there such thing as a stable art career?

My most emotionally invested passions include different artistic forms, such as theatre, acting, and visual arts. I'm contemplating pursuing one of these fields as a career, but have been warned that going to college and studying any of these for a major is financial suicide. There's never any...

#fine-art #acting #art #theatre

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Timothy G. Mar 29, 2017 929 views

Is college worth the investiment if I am interested in pursuing a creative field?

Hello, currently I am an art student attending community college for an associate's degree in fine art and for a while now I have been contemplating if I am really suited to be in a college environment? Because after reflecting upon my own skills and interests I have recognized that I do not...

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Brittany P. Apr 05, 2017 593 views

What's a good way to start selling original art?

With the internet vastly available, anybody can post their art online and try to make a buck, but most rarely do. What's a good "old-school" strategy to start selling art? I know that a lot of people would prefer to support a local artist than buy from a mainstream store like IKEA or Target....

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Angel A. Mar 08, 2017 600 views
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Ryan E. Mar 08, 2017 642 views

What are some colleges that revolve more around arts and getting students started with animation?

I'm considering becoming a storyboard artist for kids cartoons and new animated films, but I'm not sure where I should go to learn the skills that I would need. My main objective is to get a bachelors degree in arts, but I want to know which colleges are better for becoming a cartoonist....

#artist #animation #bachelors-degree #fine-art #2d-animation #cartoons

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Leah A. Feb 11, 2017 619 views

How easy is it to be hired to an art-related job outside of teaching art after you graduate?

Peopel say certain majors are seen as iirational because of way they will be beneficial after secondary schooling. However, I have yet to be informed on the actual possibilities of jobs for those mahors and why they are so difficult to have a career in. #jobs #art #careers...


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Anik B. Oct 28, 2016 641 views

Will the push for STEM education threaten the future of the arts and humanities?

Creative arts and entertainment, will it be taken over by STEM? #computer-science #computer-software #computer #money #artist #software-development #fine-art...


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Salome A. Jul 30, 2016 15067 views

Which careers integrate art and math/science?

Im a Junior but I've been wondering since 9th grade what to study,because originally I wanted to study Aerospacial engineering, later on Pediatric Chiropactor and right now I have no Idea what to study. I'm injterested in art beacause I've been studying Theater,dance and music(I just graduated...

#science #engineering #music #fine-art #theatre #performing-arts #theatrical-production

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Alexis R. May 27, 2016 854 views

what makes up a stong body of work?

i am developing my portfolio to attend an art college to pursue art #art #arts #fine-art...


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alexis R. May 27, 2016 649 views

is it a good idea to start interning at museums or art related places?

i want to get involved in my art community and hopefully find a job that specializes in fine arts #art #fine-art...


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alexis R. May 27, 2016 1165 views

what jobs can you get with a BFA?

I want to go to an art college and pursue art, I am asking so I can choose which classes to take when I apply for college #fine-art...


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Kayla S. May 18, 2016 708 views

I am majoring in art but i haven't narrowed it down from there yet. What major in art would be the best career wise?

I like all kind of art and I am not sure if I want to major in design, or graphic art or visual art. There are so many different branches in the art field. I am not sure which would be best. #art #fine-art...