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Alliyah J. May 30 207 views

Since the acting and film world is so competitive, how do I succeed in getting my name out there and where do I start?

I am an incoming sophomore at Georgia State University. So many people attend this school, so I don't know where to start making connections in order to get into the acting and film industry. #july #july20 #actress #acting #film #film-acting #college #cinematography #creativity #inspiration...

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Ethan S. Nov 05, 2019 147 views

For Video Game Designer, what things would I need to do and accomplish to make myself as appealing as possible for hire at a professional company?

I, while having enough dedication and intelligence to go into other fields primarily medical, have always been interested in story telling, character creation and development, and interactive experiences just to name a few. As an avid gamer, reader, and watcher of movies, I really enjoy...

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Brenda G. Apr 26, 2019 146 views

How can I get the help that I need in order to work for my goals to get the job/career that I want to do?

-How much school I need -Info that I should know -details in what will be included #career #ideas...


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Kort R. Mar 01, 2019 124 views

What do I do ?

I have some recipes that I would like to create including different ingredients and my culinary creativity. I would like to take a free months creating and testing these recipes out and hopefully be able to put these on a blog or website. My only dilemma is that I am sometimes unmotivated...

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Haley E. Aug 29, 2018 302 views
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Keila F. Jan 04, 2018 470 views
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Sophie H. Apr 24, 2018 382 views

If many jobs in the future (perhaps MOST jobs) will be replaced by machines and Artificial Intelligence, what should we be studying in college?

I read Kurt Vonnegut's "Player Piano" as well as several of his short stories that depict a future in which all "jobs" have been eliminated - machines do everything. The people who have meaningful work find their life has less meaning. They ask, "What are humans FOR?" So, I wonder what...

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Crystal V. Jan 16, 2018 296 views

What are always to get back into something you love doing before?

I'm asking this question because I use to draw and I was always been creative. But then I stop. I would love to get back into drawing and being creative again because this is one of my majors that I want to study in #college. I also really enjoy art a lot ever since I was in grammar school. I...

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Josephine C. Jul 16, 2017 633 views

What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input. #tech #technology #science #coding...

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Jenah R. Oct 24, 2016 741 views

How can I continue to stay creative within the workplace?

Due to my interest in engineering, I need to keep my mind in the imaginative state, and continue to be creative. How can I practice these concepts in the workplace? I am aware will have to explore this on my own, or with peers, and continue to better myself in order to prosper in the workplace...

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Sylvia H. May 17, 2016 618 views

What is the most important skill for a person to learn for college and life?

I'm hoping to go to NHIA for Art in the Fall, and I'm a little nervous about my ability and some other things. #art #organization #creativity...


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Ali G. May 08, 2016 795 views

What jobs in technology require the most creativity?

Everyone tells me that I am very creative, and I really want to get a job in technology. What careers do you suggest? #technology #human-resources...


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Maria B. May 07, 2016 789 views

What job appeals to extremely outgoing and creative people?

I want to do something in a field that makes me happy and allows me to be myself but while still making money, but it seems that jobs in 2020 that are availbale don't appeal to people in artsy careers or design fields. #design #film #graphics #fine-art #video...


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Devon M. May 02, 2016 1046 views

What jobs in technology require the most creativity?

I want to work in technology but I don't want to code or do something that requires a lot of technical skills. I am really creative and love helping and working with people. Are there jobs you suggest I look into? What jobs require a lot of creativity and problem solving? #business #technology...

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Claiborne F. Oct 20, 2015 664 views

When you create a video game do you invest in people to help create it or make your own?

one of my career is choices is this and I just wanted to know about it a little more #video-games...


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Michelle G. Jun 24, 2015 1574 views

how many years would it take to be a good photographer? How much money can i earn?

I am a shy person and I express myself in photos. Because I really like photography so I am curious. #creativity #photographer...


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Brandon B. Feb 18, 2015 1135 views

What Careers Could Help Me To Hone My Passions And Creative Talents?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am currently in my high school's competitive choir that will be going to New York in about a month for competitions. I am also in Debate and Forensics at my school, both of which are regionally and nationally recognized. Each day these activities challenge...

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Aliza H. Dec 16, 2014 2139 views

What are some good careers for people who know they love to travel and live in new places?

I aspire to lead an adventurous and creative life, and I find that many careers out there follow the "traditional" format for a career (meetings, working on a computer, etc.) I have been involved in many community service organizations that have allowed me to travel to places in South America...

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Khristen W. Mar 26, 2014 1070 views
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Amanda B. Mar 25, 2014 826 views

As a creative writer, what artistic classes should I take in order to heighten my perspective on creativity?

I want to double major in theater and creative writing, and I want to be sure about the classes I have to take so I don't lose any inspiration for my work. #art...