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Career Questions tagged Designer

A designer is someone who develops a design in craftwork, graphic design, or some engineering and coding. Developing a design can be quick (like a sketch) or long and complicated,...

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Scout Sep 16, 2021 370 views

What do you do in game design?

#game-design #design #designer #gaming #games

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Alex Mar 15, 2021 331 views

How much time is usually spent on working as a graphic designer?

How much time is spent on planning, making the designs and other different aspects of design?
#designer #graphics

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Taylor Apr 14, 2020 573 views

Who are the biggest Interior Designers?

What companies and pros really stand out in the design world and what could I learn from them? #interior-design #interior #designer #professional #any

Driscilla’s Avatar
Driscilla Apr 03, 2020 747 views

How do I get a job in the creative field with no experience?

I've been looking for a place to start. Also struggling to find connections. #job-search #internship #career #resume #artist #designer

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Kelly Mar 26, 2020 967 views

Is having a graphic designer degree worth it?

#design #graphic-design #art #designer

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Jersey Feb 20, 2020 700 views

What should I do to get into the graphic design world?

I'm a student in 11th grade and I was wondering what skills should I improve on, certificates to get into, or any tasks I should do to increase my chances in getting into the graphic design world? Also, what should I include in my portfolio?
#graphic-design #art #design #designer

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Nov 05, 2019 499 views

For Video Game Designer, what things would I need to do and accomplish to make myself as appealing as possible for hire at a professional company?

I, while having enough dedication and intelligence to go into other fields primarily medical, have always been interested in story telling, character creation and development, and interactive experiences just to name a few. As an avid gamer, reader, and watcher of movies, I really enjoy...

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C Jul 02, 2019 3779 views

UX/UI Designer V.S Web Developer

To all professionals reading this post, thank you for your precious time! I just started my journey in coding (HTML/CSS/Javascript) three months ago, I love it and I experience the so-called 'flow' state when I'm coding. (definitely a great sign!) I was wondering if you could share some...