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RE: Week 1 Discussion

im 24 years old looking for an internship with the FBI #internship...


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College Major Choice/ Career Advice

Hi! I'm a senior in high school, and I'm currently applying to colleges. I'm noticing that my list is rather small due to my specific major choice, marketing. I don't know if I should apply to the "prestigious" colleges that don't have business majors and just major in econ. I...

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Career and Life advice?

Hi, I'm Abdullah a senior in high school in NYC. I have applied to colleges, mostly business schools but I'm not sure if this was the right choice long term. I'm interested in consumer psychology and social psychology - why people buy the things they do and how companies have the power to...

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What's the best way to find out about jobs in this field?

Hi my name is Aldo Labrado, and i wanna know how i can find a job and which is the best way. #job #job-search #career #internship...


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What skills are necessary to work as a White House Intern?

What skills should I acquire if I plan to intern at the White House?...


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Which hospital is the best to do your internship and residency program in?

I'm a Freshman in high school and I want to be in the medical feild, so I was wondering which hospital is a good teaching hospital. #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


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How do you find internships related to psychology?

I would like to have a career that involves working with children or families...


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Could you describe one of your typical work days being a video producer?

I'm in audio/Video production for m high school and wanted to know if keep following this path would it be a struggle finding work? #technology...


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What is your advice is you completed a training program, but have no specific experience in that field when applying for first job/internship?

My name is Amir. I am currently in the BMCC Continuing Education & Workforce Development undergoing the IT Support Training Program. #career...


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Does anybody knows a good internship for pediatrician?

I'm a senior in High School and I' #pediatrician #internship m currently interested in becoming a pediatrician. I would like to know if someone knows a good internship in Houston for a future...

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What are some ways that I can stand out from people with a similar background as me?

At the moment, I'm an NPower student and the next step in the program is to obtain an internship. How can I stand out from my classmates who are also going after the same internships? #internship...


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What advice do you have for someone still new to the it field and is starting an internship

I am a npower student interested in learning about it and becoming a professional in cyber security...


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