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Career Questions tagged Internship

Emily M.’s Avatar
Emily M. Oct 12 43 views

How do I get started in the Emergency Management field?

I am a current undergraduate at North Dakota State University, living in Hillsboro, OR. I am studying emergency management and biological sciences, and am currently involved with the red cross as a recovery specialist and emergency management government liaison. I am incredibly interested in...

emergencymanagement healthcare disastermanagement research tsunami internship disasterrelief

Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Oct 10 71 views

What is the best way to prepare yourself for internships?

I am curious as to how to network and find internships that could fit your skill sets and would benefit your greater skills internship networking...


madeline B.’s Avatar
madeline B. Oct 08 51 views

I am in tenth grade and just recently started thinking about my future. Based on my interests i'm wondering, what should i do to gain more knowledge?

I am interested in the medical field but im still unsure what i definitely want medicine healthcare . I like the idea of dietetics and nutrition but I dont know a lot about it and want to learn more. dietetics I was thinking about programs and volunteering to learn more before i go to...


Iakov T.’s Avatar
Iakov T. Oct 06 80 views

What can you do for your resume to show experience?

Especially going into the computer science field I believe experience is key to be hired. What are some things I can do to gain more experience to strengthen my resume other than taking courses or doing internships? resume computer job-application...


Celiang H.’s Avatar
Celiang H. Oct 05 48 views

What major should I consider if I want to be a web developer?

I am currently a senior student from Galileo High School and I have interests about building websites. The reason that I have interest to web developing is because I have an internship that learn about coding and building websites during the past summer. Is software engineering a good major? I...

computer-software internship software-engineer

Sherry C.’s Avatar
Sherry C. Oct 05 63 views

What are some internships I can do in the STEM field as a high school student in the Bay Area?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in exploring careers in STEM. What internships would help me achieve this? stem...


Kevin W.’s Avatar
Kevin W. Oct 05 78 views

how do you find a good career that you like?

I'm trying to look for a career internship scholarship that is very interesting and helpful for the...

Ranjit H.’s Avatar
Ranjit H. Oct 03 109 views

How to create an attractive portfolio as a UI/UX designer?

I'm thinking of pursuing a career in UI/UX designing and right now I am finding an internship. But I have no idea how to start with my portfolio. internship design...


raymond C.’s Avatar
raymond C. Sep 21 100 views

Is Urban and Regional Planer a good job?

I am interested in becoming a Urban and Regional Planner. I want to find out if it is a good job to start. odlh career job business career-counseling...


Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Sep 14 70 views

What are some good internships in aerospace engineering?

I'm about to apply to college, and I'm wondering what internships there are for aerospace engineer majors that are related to the field. aerospace-engineering...


Sona A.’s Avatar
Sona A. Sep 09 109 views

My question was regarding the internships for high schoolers that might be good to start with

As a high schooler who is the middle of developing my skill, I was wondering if there were some internship positions out there that would help with getting better at what I do, which is traditional 2D animation. Things that will help me develop. animation internship...


Brayden P.’s Avatar
Brayden P. Sep 06 117 views

How can I fine "the" job for me?

I'm wondering what key things you should look for when looking for the perfect job for yourself job-search job...


David S.’s Avatar
David S. Aug 26 128 views

What are the best internships and How hard can it be to join.

I love digital arts and I wanna get better. I am funny, nice, happy, and a little slow. I wanna get an internship at toe animation. I am only 15 years old#artist art...


Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Aug 22 142 views

Law Internships For High School Students

I'm a high school student interested in going into the law field, and I was wondering about how I could find law internships. I live in New Jersey, and even though I've looked, it's been very hard to find any places near me offering internships for teens/high school students. What places or...

law-internship law law-practice lawyer internship

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Aug 19 200 views

What is the best way to reach out to a recruiter?

There is this rotational program that one of the companys I would like to work for offers. They accept 3 different applicants into the program: developers, data scientists, and designers. I want to apply for the designer position however at this time they are currently only looking for...

technology computerscience internship

Kevin V.’s Avatar
Kevin V. Aug 16 95 views

Tourism Internship

Is internship there tourism internships in Cape...

Thuliswa S.’s Avatar
Thuliswa S. Aug 10 102 views

How to get internship

Hardworking, like to work with people able to work under pressure, like engaging with new things...


Lungile N.’s Avatar
Lungile N. Aug 05 94 views

How can I get apprintenship?

M current a n5 student I want practical experience...


Aramis H.’s Avatar
Aramis H. Jul 30 147 views

How do I get involved in internships and work experience?

I want to gain as much hands-on experience as possible so that I can use it in the future and be that much better because of it. internship job...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Jul 20 165 views

What is the best way to ask for feedback as an intern?

For my internship I'm working on a project with another intern. Both of our managers are keeping the requirements vague and said they don't want to give too much guidance to see what we can come up with. I totally understand this and like the fact that it's more of a "lets see what you can do"...

internship career

Lorna L.’s Avatar
Lorna L. Jul 13 171 views

Intership recommendation

Hello there, Do you know of any internship positions open and is available for high school students. Any recommendation? internship college...


Anna V.’s Avatar
Anna V. Jul 09 141 views

Getting as an intern

I wanted to know that, can I get an internship for undergraduate in FBI if I am not a US citizen? How many years it will take to get a internship in FBI.Is getting as an intern in FBI is a difficult process? What are the criteria or procedures to get into FBI as an intern? internship intern...


Lorna L.’s Avatar
Lorna L. Jul 08 142 views

how to find an internship position

internship I am in the process of looking for an internship position and research position this summer. Does anyone have any good suggestions on where I can...