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How do I gain access to internships in my field of study of informational technology, while I am in college? #Spring23

I am interested in gaining more hands on experience to add to my knowledge that I am learning in the classroom.

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1 answer

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Alonzo !

You can apply to Internships as you discover them, but a more direct way to get experience for your future career in Information Technology would be to apply for Work Study through the Federal Financial Aid program. When you receive Work Study, you will be able to work on campus and learn as you work.

Once you are awarded Work Study, go to your campus Computer Department and let them know you'd like to work in the computer lab or in the Computer Department. Also seek a Work Study job at your campus Library if none are available in the computer science department.

Many of the Internships for various fields of work require experience. The type of internship you may be able to obtain could be something that your professors or teachers may know about and may not be listed on the internet. Another way to seek an internship by way of footwork would be to visit the nearby computer businesses. You may hear that they don't offer an Internship, however, you can inquire about doing volunteer work there. Some of the places that you can seek an experience opportunity would be at Office Depot, 1010 Computers, RAM-Tech PC Solutions, LLC, Computer MD, Kingdom Computers and Five Star Computer and Business Solutions. So in order to get an Internship or Volunteer experience, you just have to ask.

Another option just in case there are no other opportunities in your town would be to do online work or classes. You can begin by doing a search online and doing lots of reading about the classes and choosing which one you'd like. Read the courses at the links I have left for you below on Class Central and Coursera. You can even consider doing a certification when you are ready. I have left a link to some certifications that will always be helpful to you in Information Technology.

Whether you are in high school or college right now, think about participating in extracurriculars connected to Information Technology. You could possibly even start a group for this. This type of work requires repetition and practice, so the sooner you take active steps the more you will learn in addition to your classroom work. Since you indicate that you are already in an Information Technology class, you can always ask your teacher or gather some classmates to form a study group or some sort of project group. Think about the aspects of the subject that are not being covered in your classroom and look for instructional videos and online courses and information about what you need to or want to learn.

I hope that this advice is helpful as a start and I wish you all the best !

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