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Lee Feb 03 77 views

What counseling degree is best for a Doctor/Nurse to get the job ?

What degree do doctors need to get the job. How many years do they have to go to school?

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christofer Jan 30 39 views

how to get into modeling ?

i want to know where to start to get into modeling and how hard it is

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Finn Jan 31 153 views

Is it worth it to take a gap year instead of going straight into college?

Should you go straight into college if you're not completely sure what to major in, or should you take some time away from school?

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Ayden Jan 30 55 views

What if I don't find a career that suits me?

Its nerve-racking to make a big decision like this

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Tanvi Jan 22 89 views

how do i choose my stream after 10th if i want to be in fashion industry?

i love fashion and i want to be a fashion stylist but i am really confused what to choose as my stream

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Samira Aug 27, 2022 179 views

Does law or medicine give more freedom?

With my current choosing of what field I’d like to pursue, freedom is quite important for me as I’d also like to pursue acting and modelling. What field will give more freedom of time to do this?

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Shoshana Jun 25, 2021 291 views

What classes should I take to be a fashion designer?

I like to draw in my free time #fashion #art

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Samira Aug 27, 2022 169 views

I want to become a runway model.

I am 5’9 and have the measurements of 34-24-36. Although I need to lose 2 inches off my hips to become a runway model, do you think runway modelling agencies will accept me?

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Michelle Aug 19, 2022 248 views

Employers: How important is school ranking when hiring?

Hello, I am currently in high school and I want to study mechanical engineering to hopefully break into aerospace. I would like to work for JPL or Boeing in the future but I cannot afford to attend colleges out of state (where it has much better rankings) because of how expensive everything...

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Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 288 views

Work Parties: To do or not to do?

I tend towards being somewhat shy and introverted. I'm not a misanthrope, but I find long periods of human interaction draining. This fact is one of the main reasons that I avoided work parties at my old job. The other reason was because I did not like 50% of my coworkers, and the idea of...

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De'Aja Jul 22, 2022 349 views


Best Colleges for screenwriting/screenwriters?

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Francesca Jun 14, 2022 486 views

What are the steps to becoming a midwife?

Are there any tips and or tricks when in the process to becoming a midwife that anybody would give to somebody looking at advancing in this career.

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John Apr 09, 2022 302 views

How can I choose a career path from a Social science degree and how can I prepare my self right now to be good at what I would like to do?

Over the years I had put much effort into passing my secondary and high school subjects. By God's grace, I passed all. It reached a time to select the best subjects to proceed with but since I was good at almost every subject, I chose the ones I chose. Fast forward to selecting a university...

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Daquise Mar 01, 2021 236 views

Do you have any regrets as far as picking the wrong type of performing arts?

#performancearts #performingarts #dancing #singing #acting

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Kevin May 03, 2020 375 views

What is happiness?

Versatile student that holds many leadership positions, thrives under pressure, and has a passion for politics. Team player that loves challenges and strives to change the status quo, raising a debate team from 19th to 3rd place in the state of Colorado.