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Donald 2 hours ago 11 views

how to avoid nonsense?

i hate nonsense

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Fisher 2 hours ago 36 views

Hello! I’m a Highschool theater student and I was wondering how or even if I could go into the big time acting industry in highschool! I think I’m ok at acting so maybe it’s possible!?

I would really appreciate tips

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Milo 14 hours ago 103 views

How could I break into the acting industry in highschool?

Hello! I’m a Highschool theater student and I was wondering how or even if I could go into the big time acting industry in highschool! I think I’m ok at acting so maybe it’s possible!

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Peter 15 hours ago 119 views

How can you manage a start-up business and how can I manage my financial state when I'm just about to start my business. Is it advisable to start big or start small?

I am in grade 12 currently and want to start-up a small business for myself for making extra cash

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Mariama 15 hours ago 92 views

What should I do to pursue a career in modeling and criminology in college?

I'm in my last year of high school going to college this fall and ever since I was younger I always wanted to model.

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Cameron yesterday 221 views

Why do humans have to attend school for so long

why is it considered professional to go to a college or university instead of going right into the work force and why do people trust you more if you have attended school for longer periods of time

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Nene yesterday 111 views

What are some helpful tips for grad school?

I am currently a college student majoring in Speech Language Pathology. I want to know what some helpful resources or tips when entering grad school.

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Isaiah yesterday 172 views

Aside from the high pay, what is the appeal of Computer Science?

I am a college student at Hofstra University. I'm a Computer Science major and am currently a college sophomore.

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen yesterday 183 views

How do I get into a college that is too expensive for me?

I almost a high school senior and would like to get ahead of the college process.?

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Esther yesterday 72 views

Why is it necessary to study for a degree

Hope isn't a stressful course

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Michelle yesterday 144 views

How can I be good at my career?

I am the type of person that thinks I can never do anything right, especially if the task seems very big and cumbersome. I want help so that I can enjoy my career.

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Tom yesterday 111 views

How do I obtain a doctorate degree?

Hi I am Tom. I am currently a student majoring in English literature music and dance arts ..I am a tenth grader. I am also in the football team that's how I got into college

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Daella yesterday 95 views

Can I major in Health administration to become a pediatrician? I would take the prerequisites for medical school while doing my degree

I am want to become pediatrician but I just want to make sure that I can do that even though I major in health administration

Gavin’s Avatar
Gavin 2 days ago 182 views

How important is having a degree from a reputable university impact the future of your career in psychology ?

For example, would a Stanford graduate inevitably have a more influential career than me if I were to go to a state school?

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emi Apr 12 156 views

what high schools can you learn psychology in

what high schools can i learn phychologhy in