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Janiyah M.’s Avatar
Janiyah M. Jan 20, 2018 333 views

When do you know when you are pushing yourself too hard or just need to toughen up in school?

I feel like I will join a lot of clubs and have different classes. I want to know when it is okay to take a break, or stop doing an activity or just know if I am just taking the easy way out. #dotoomuch #howdoyouknow #study-skills...


Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Jan 19 29 views

How can I sign up for a class remotely at Harper College?

I'm not entirely able to apply for a class at Harper College. I just graduated last year, and I had a plan on going there in person, but, there's a pandemic in the way. So, I was wondering if remote classes are available, because I'm planning on doing at least two classes remotely, such as...

#science #cartoonist #classes #technology #college #remoteclasses

Douglas H.’s Avatar
Douglas H. yesterday 18 views

What is your career job that you are looking forward to applying at in one of the grocery stores?

I like to do the grocery shopping for the house and I will look forward to applying it one day. #work, #groceryshopping,...


Yelizaveta A.’s Avatar
Yelizaveta A. Jan 17, 2018 468 views

How to stay motivated ?

I enjoy learning and I like school, but I have this bad habit of losing motivation and focus. I usually get discouraged after receiving negative feedback or a bad test grade which then only makes me get even worse scores due to lack of motivation. Any tips on how to stay motivated and ask for...

#studying-tips #motivation #studying #soft-skills

Jasmine W.’s Avatar
Jasmine W. May 23, 2016 659 views

What is the best way to determine if your major is the best major for you?

I recently thought I found the perfect major and minor. I was really excited to finally go from undecided to declaring my current major/minor, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development/Marketing. I was glad to finally share my decision with family and friends, only to have them make me...

#career-advice #counselor #career-counseling #academic-advisor #career #undecided

tyler G.’s Avatar
tyler G. yesterday 23 views

How do I get a job as a cashier?

I am working at new endeavors transition and I would like to know what do I need to know as a cashier and how do I apply for it? #...


Quinton Q.’s Avatar
Quinton Q. Jul 23, 2016 426 views

What are the best way to balance sports and education?

I want to know some ways people have gone about balancing sports and studying during high school as sometimes i feel like I'm unable to do both at the same time. #sports #school...


tyler G.’s Avatar
tyler G. Nov 09, 2020 53 views

How do I get a job being a cashier?

I need help on how to get a job being a cashier. I want to know how much it costs and how I arrive there....


jovany G.’s Avatar
jovany G. Feb 24, 2016 629 views
Grace H.’s Avatar
Grace H. Jan 13 47 views

What types of careers am I interested in food service?

A chef, food service manager, a cashier, and sometimes a catering career. #chef...


Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Jan 19 77 views

What are some good colleges that have business management classes and learning how to become a retail associate

I’m very flexible with change and also I work well with other people and I know how to problem solve. #retail # #business...


alexis W.’s Avatar
alexis W. May 26, 2016 399 views

How do you know if graduate school is needed for your career?

Everyone's path isn't the same. Some professions require a graduate school, but what about the ones that don't? What are some guidelines to figuring out if graduate school is necessary for your career path? #education...


Nicolas J.’s Avatar
Nicolas J. Jan 19 39 views

What’s your favorite food?

I like roller coasters. I want to travel....


Arturo G.’s Avatar
Arturo G. Jan 08 95 views

Tax Season

Hello, I decided this year that i want to prepare 1040 returns, and i just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer some questions i have about preparing. They are are as followed: 1) Do i need to come up with a business name if i am the only who will be preparing taxes? If so does...

#taxseason #accounting #help

Jayden W.’s Avatar
Jayden W. Sep 01, 2017 347 views
Maxwell Y.’s Avatar
Maxwell Y. Jan 18, 2018 511 views
Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Nov 11, 2020 69 views

What are some job tacks that a retail associate does?

The reason why I want to become a retail associate is that I am in work program and I get work experience by learning how to work at different retail places like T.j.maxx and Home Goods . #retail #retail...

Pablo M.’s Avatar
Pablo M. May 27, 2016 478 views

Which are the biggest challenges chemical engineers are facing?

I am going to start studying on this field and would like to know where I can focus my studies and reasearch. #engineering #science #research #chemical-engineering...


Bridget D.’s Avatar
Bridget D. Oct 23, 2016 2703 views
Megan S.’s Avatar
Megan S. Dec 01, 2020 137 views

How do I know what career I will love and excel in?

My name is Meg and I excel more at writing and speech vs math and science. I love giving people advice, being creative/improvisational, helping/uplifting others, and entertaining people. My passion is making people laugh and connecting with others. I have in the past wanted to pursue...


Ramon F.’s Avatar
Ramon F. Nov 12, 2020 115 views

What are the steps I need to become a video game developer

Hi my name is Ramon I am a student at New Endeavors and I would like to learn more about becoming a video game developer #video-games #games...


Jennifer S.’s Avatar
Jennifer S. Jan 16, 2018 395 views

What's a good major to pursue if I want to have a "back up" career?

I want to study psychology, criminology, marketing/accounting, or sociology. Eventually I want to become an FBI Agent. I know there are people who don't stay in the same career all their life or sometimes their careers even fail. What's a good major I can pursue that will guarantee me a job in...

#law-enforcement #financial-stability #sociology #psychology #social-media-marketing #career-choice #women-in-business #money #fbi-agent #choosing-a-major

Ludmilla S.’s Avatar
Ludmilla S. Jan 18, 2018 345 views

How to gain connections to those with similar interest as you?

I would like to interact with many more people in my future major(through internships . workshops, or jobs) but I don't know how and I fear that it may be too late. #interested #internships #connections...


Antonio A.’s Avatar
Antonio A. Jan 16, 2018 288 views

Will roommate be the main problem when going to college?

When I have roommates will he be noises or quiet, also if they're extremely annoying?#college #dorm #housing...


Ria A.’s Avatar
Ria A. Oct 26, 2016 359 views
Cecila D.’s Avatar
Cecila D. Jan 17, 2018 473 views

What are the best ways to get organized for college?

I have always struggled with being #organized with my classes and homework. Everything gets done on time but its kind of a hot mess of a system. I keep a #planner but its always overflowing with notes and reminders. I honestly think I need a better system seeing as I usually forget about the...

#organization #soft-skills #college

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