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Quinton Q.’s Avatar
Quinton Q. Jul 23, 2016 988 views

Are there any ways changing my social media could help my job applications?

I'm looking for a job as a high schooler and I was wondering if changing certain things about my social media may help my chances of getting a job. I don't post anything questionable or swear, but are there steps to improve my social media to appear more "professional"? career school...

job-search social-media

Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. Dec 17, 2021 69 views

What are some skills you think are required to succeed in this industry? How do you develop and enhance them?

I'm quite new to the industry and want to focus on certain things to help me grow faster and really push myself to be great. What are some things you think could be good for me to focus on and really help my growth? Culinary Cooking...


Zariah S.’s Avatar
Zariah S. Dec 14, 2021 97 views

What is it like being in culinary arts or a chef in general?

creative cooking culinary-arts culinary chef I asked this because I want to hear you guys experiences. I believe it's creative, fun and learning...

Alexa M.’s Avatar
Alexa M. Apr 08, 2018 390 views

What are the most and least rewarding aspects of pursuing a career in which you are interested in but not great at.

I am going to pursue Engineering, however, I have never taken a physics or calculus class. It is the only career field that I enjoy and have participated in many engineering programs. engineering chicago...


Zariah S.’s Avatar
Zariah S. Dec 14, 2021 90 views

Can culinary arts be a fast pace or take your time environment?

culinary-arts food kitchen cooking I asked this because I am a very take my time medium pace person and I will still get it done in divine timing. I will love to hear you'll feedback or...

keyuni P.’s Avatar
keyuni P. Dec 17, 2021 132 views

What education do you need to be a security guard?

What education is needed or required now and for the future. career education homeland...


Trinity S.’s Avatar
Trinity S. Feb 22, 2021 238 views

What does it take to become a good successful physical therapist

A student-athlete, wants to have a career that stays around sports and helps others...


Jillian K.’s Avatar
Jillian K. Sep 01, 2017 515 views

What branch of psychology would be the best route for me to take if I want to be successful fast out of college?

I have decided that psychology is something I want to further my knowledge in and major in college. Yet, I have recently found out that there are many branches of psychology I can go into. I really enjoy developmental/child psychology and criminal psychology. So, which do you think would be the...

psychology criminal-psychology developmental-psychology

jaquan J.’s Avatar
jaquan J. Dec 14, 2021 112 views

What makes an resume impressive in your field?

I would like to know so I can have an understanding on how to do my resume resume lawenforcement...


Nyasia S.’s Avatar
Nyasia S. Jun 01, 2021 144 views
Micah S.’s Avatar
Micah S. May 19, 2016 719 views

What are some of the major problems that most people don't think of when opening a Bar and Grill? What gets overlooked when planning and building a Bar and Grill?

I have always wanted to own and operate my own bar and grill. I have been working in the food service industry since high school, and am now getting the business background I want to help insure I understand the ins and out of the business world. I have asked a few local successful Bar owners...

business construction restaurants

Kourtney J.’s Avatar
Kourtney J. Nov 22, 2021 113 views
carly F.’s Avatar
carly F. Jan 04 92 views

What psychology related jobs are there that can work in the hospital and with children?

I am 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have always wanted to do something that involves kids, and mental health. I have been doing a lot of research on different jobs and I don't know what I should do. I would like to work as someone who advocates in mental health (preferably...

psychology career hospital children

Charles W.’s Avatar
Charles W. Dec 15, 2021 75 views

whats does a typical day look like at your job ?

Hi my name Is Charles I was wonder what a typical day look like as a electrician. electrical manufacturing electrical...

iyanna L.’s Avatar
iyanna L. Oct 26, 2021 105 views

What are some Fundamentals of medicine?

What are some challenges in you face or has faced working in a medical/ hospital setting. healthcare medical hospital-and-health-care...


Silquasha F.’s Avatar
Silquasha F. Nov 16, 2021 71 views

To grasp understanding/answers, what website or platform is a good site for a Pharmacy Tech students to watch/read? If so is there a book you could recommend perhaps?

I like to think... In order to become the best, you have to learn about the rest any useful knowledge a person has to offer. So while having this time to use wisely. Any suggestions? pharmacytechs readers...


Jocelyn G.’s Avatar
Jocelyn G. Jan 23, 2018 409 views

what is best way to get good money, work study or a job outside of campus?

College is going to be hard enough but being in debt for the best of my life is going to be a big weight to have to carry for myself. So I want to know what would be the better solution to earn money faster to pay off my loans. brokeproblems financial-planning student-debt...


Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 01, 2021 122 views

What is the best way to get into any one of the departments under Homeland Security?

I enjoy solving mysteries and finding out information through research. Also I enjoy traveling and I have moved around a little bit. I have worked as a security guard for 3 years, I also have licences to carry a weapon and I have an interest in Information Technology. I plan on joining the Air...

information-technology military air security homeland

Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Nov 29, 2017 618 views

What can I do to prepare and acquire a cyber security internship?

I'm halfway through my first year in my Cyber Security Master's program and I want to take any necessary steps to obtain the experience that I need to acquire a great job after graduation. I've never had any experience with applying to internships, specifically in cyber security and related...

cyber-crime cybersecurity cybersecurity-workforce-development cyber-security information-security internships cyber

Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Dec 20, 2017 696 views

What are some jobs relevant to cyber security that I can acquire while attending graduate school ?

I'm in my first year of my cybersecurity graduate program and I want to obtain a part-time job working in roles related to cybersecurity. I'm wondering what kinds of positions I should be looking for that will allow me to obtain relevant experience. I would like something that will better...

law-enforcement law cyber-security information-technology web-development cyber

joshua R.’s Avatar
joshua R. Oct 25, 2021 109 views

How long does it typically take to develope a game?

Would you have to buy software or is it just difficult all together? video-games software-engineering...


Jamari M.’s Avatar
Jamari M. Nov 04, 2021 129 views
Mara D.’s Avatar
Mara D. Aug 13, 2018 398 views

Is it hard to find a job as a bilingual teacher after college?

I really want to become a great teacher that will prepare and help future generation to (sound like a fantasy?) make the world a better place. Yet I'm scared that my career will not be successful or worth it. teacher # career # success teaching...


Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 02, 2021 123 views

What´s the difference between Anesthesiologist assistant and Nurse Anesthetist?

An Anesthesiologist, Nurse Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist assistant have a few things in common. I´m interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist but the course load has me terrified. doctor medicine healthcare premed college Anesthesia...


Sylvia C.’s Avatar
Sylvia C. Jan 23, 2018 425 views

Career after college while getting masters?

I am currently working for my Adviser as a secretary of a department and scanning books for a review website. These jobs work amazingly with my schedule because I make my own. But when I start graduate school, whats the best plan of action for a job? If its at a different school I may not be...

college-graduate career-path masters

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