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Shaun B.’s Avatar
Shaun B. Feb 22 120 views

What are the steps in fashion designing?

I`m Shaun, I have a good sense of fashion. I want to go to college for fashion designing, and someday I`m going to create my own fashion line and sell them in stores. #fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion...


Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Apr 01 39 views

What is the daily life of a Subway worker?

I was curious as to what it is the daily life of a Subway worker as it’s a job that works with food so maybe one day I would like to see if it would be nice to work there. #work #food...


Mariah D.’s Avatar
Mariah D. 2 days ago 14 views

What should I look forward to when studying to be a RN?

I am a Senior in High School and I want to study nursing when I go to college, I want to study in practitioner. I love kids and helping people. #nurse...


Mariah D.’s Avatar
Mariah D. 2 days ago 11 views

Would it be hard to be a nurse in the emergency room?

I am a senior in high school, going to college to study to become a nurse....


Mariah D.’s Avatar
Mariah D. 2 days ago 9 views

What expectations should I aspect as a RN?

I am a Senior high school, going to college to be a nurse. #nurse...


Makiya B.’s Avatar
Makiya B. Mar 01 59 views

How do you know if you like your profession?

I am very versatile. I Can switch us and so almost anything if I put my mind to it. It’s not hard for me a catch on and learn something new. #any #professional #educator...


Mariah D.’s Avatar
Mariah D. 2 days ago 13 views

What should I look forward to when studying to be a practitioner?

I am Senior in high school and will be going to college next year to get be a Rn. I will be studying to be a practitioner. #nurse #...

Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Apr 08 77 views

What is a good starting position for someone interested in cooking?

I have been in cooking club and cooking class so I have some knowledge of cooking and it sparked a interest in maybe having a cooking job. But as someone whom is uncomfortable with the idea of college. I don’t know a job that is a good starting point for a cooking career #career #cooking...


Anirudh P.’s Avatar
Anirudh P. Mar 04 126 views

What is required for Electronics Engineering

It’s required to have a bachelor’s degree for college degree scholarship to learn how to repair electronic devices. #scholarships #engineering...


Cyann K.’s Avatar
Cyann K. May 26, 2016 530 views

Do high end colleges and universities look better on your credentials when you are applying for a job?

Depending on m,y career route I would like to get a job based on my major so this question will help me when choosing a college. #job...


Douglas H.’s Avatar
Douglas H. Apr 06 61 views

What kind of job tasks do you have in this career?

Doing the paperwork until you are caught up and make sure every paperwork is organized into separate folders. #careers #job...


Roberto P.’s Avatar
Roberto P. Jan 23, 2018 264 views

What are some networking opportunities that a marketing major may have over an administration major?

I want to be able to have a high variety of future references for my career after college to be able to build future experience. #buisness...


Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Apr 05 43 views

What can I do in order to get a career as a Cartoonist for Disney Animation Studios?

After watching a cartoon on Disney Channel, it inspired me of wanting to become a Cartoonist. So, all I need to know is how to get my desired career at Disney Animation Studios. #career #cartoonist #disney...


Serenity W.’s Avatar
Serenity W. Nov 05, 2018 316 views

Good Schools For Early Childhood Development

I want to be a teacher, and go abroad to do it, but first I need to attend college and I was wondering if anyone knew a great college for it. Thanks. #student #teacher #teaching #college #educator...


Anthony N.’s Avatar
Anthony N. Mar 17 55 views

How do you figure out what major and career you want to persue in

My career goal is to be a graphic designer. I have a good idea of how computers work and enjoy making pictures using different tools and devices. I would hope to make a living off of creating artwork and showing my creativity....


Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Jan 19 135 views

What are some good colleges that have business management classes and learning how to become a retail associate

I’m very flexible with change and also I work well with other people and I know how to problem solve. #retail # #business...


Douglas H.’s Avatar
Douglas H. Apr 05 45 views

What are your job skills?

Focusing on job tasks can be something interesting, but they need to be done and perfect instead of making mistakes or a mess....


Nicolas J.’s Avatar
Nicolas J. Apr 05 29 views

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I like eat waffles for breakfast....


Makiya B.’s Avatar
Makiya B. Feb 22 78 views
Steven H.’s Avatar
Steven H. Mar 01 72 views
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