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Iris A.’s Avatar
Iris A. Nov 12, 2020 96 views

How do I start my own dog walking business?

I enjoy working with animals and am interested in becoming a dog walker. I have applied to grooming and animal care facilities but opening are limited. I want to start my own dog walking business but not sure how to get started. I am a 21 year old job seeker # Dog-walker...


Janiyah M.’s Avatar
Janiyah M. Jan 20, 2018 460 views

When do you know when you are pushing yourself too hard or just need to toughen up in school?

I feel like I will join a lot of clubs and have different classes. I want to know when it is okay to take a break, or stop doing an activity or just know if I am just taking the easy way out. #dotoomuch #howdoyouknow #study-skills...


Catherine P.’s Avatar
Catherine P. Jan 17, 2018 241 views

How can you manage your time in college?

I'm asking this because college can take up a lot of your personal time. Like will there be a lot of homework everyday for every subject? There will be deadlines around the same time so what can you do to turn it in on time....


Nicole M.’s Avatar
Nicole M. Jan 16, 2018 394 views

How can I begin building a writing portfolio for future jobs and internships I would like to apply to?

I am currently a Writing and Journalism major and am unsure as to how to begin building a portfolio for the future. I would like to know how I would begin a process like this and if there's a way I can show my own legitimate writing to professionals when I am still a student. #writing...

#professional-writing #writing-and-editing #journalism #portfolio

Douglas H.’s Avatar
Douglas H. Nov 12, 2020 152 views

What is your greatest strengths?

I like being on time, being flexible, patient, and a hard worker, and communicating with co-workers and supervisors. #jobs #time-management #motivation...


Italy S.’s Avatar
Italy S. Jun 02 36 views

In which states are athletic trainers needed the most?

I would like to know which states are a better fit for pursuing this sports/medical career. #career #medical #geographic...


Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Mar 09 110 views

What is the salary for a baker?

I am a bit curious what the salary for a baker is. Either yearly or what the general check is. #baker #salary...


jakyiah H.’s Avatar
jakyiah H. Jun 01 54 views
Nyasia S.’s Avatar
Nyasia S. Jun 01 38 views

How is BAR test ? Is it easy to pass and if you fail what do you do next?

The BAR exam is something I hear a lot when I hear lawyer. What if you foot pass the exam? What is the next move ? #lawyer #attorney...


Arianna A.’s Avatar
Arianna A. Jun 19, 2020 374 views

Is it too late to figure out what I want to do if I’m 12

I play tennis,I love shopping and anything related to fashion My dream job is to be a #professional spy or detective. #fashion...

Italy S.’s Avatar
Italy S. Jun 02 39 views
Italy S.’s Avatar
Italy S. Jun 02 33 views

Do you have to go to medical school to be an athletic trainer?

I would like to know how many years of school are required to qualify for a degree that deals with sports medicine. #medical-school #graduate-school...


jakyiah H.’s Avatar
jakyiah H. Jun 01 28 views
Italy S.’s Avatar
Italy S. Jun 01 31 views

How many hours do you work as an athletic trainer?

I'm interested in knowing the hours to see if you have take on night or overnight shifts for your job. #professionals #medicine #athletic...


Angel B.’s Avatar
Angel B. Jun 01 55 views

Why become an ob-gyn?

My reason is simple I want to be an ob-gyn because I enjoy the thought of helping women all around the world go through one of the hardest things in life. Childbirth to me is like a new breath of fresh air for another living thing. No matter what they become they have a whole world to pick from...

#management #career #human-resources #leadership

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