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Mariam A. Feb 12 102 views

How do I get the opportunity to shadow someone?

I want to shadow a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dieticians, and registered nurse (and maybe even a therapist). How do I do that? If anyone is one of the professions in Chicago please let me know if I can shadow you! Also are there any internships in the medical field! Thank you!...

#medicine #nurse #dietician #medical #healthcare #physicianassistant #nursepractitioner #doctor

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Elizabeth K. Mar 28 17 views

Who is in need of childcare service, regardless of health,learning, or developmental challenges

I am a freshman studying Early Childhood Education as Illinois State University, currently home doing online classes. I have always loved spending time with children. I have nannying experience with mainly infants and toddlers. The children I have cared for have had health, development and...


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Jeffrey A. Mar 20, 2018 343 views

How can I change my school system for the better?

As I was Sitting in my biotech class listening to my teacher talking about central dogma, She said something interesting; she said "you should remember this from biology freshman year. Everyone in the class said the same thing,"no I don't remember this." I wondered, why don't any of us remember...

#education #entrepreneur #classes #school #learning

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Kelly Z. Feb 01 47 views

Does Junior High Spanish count towards one year of foreign language for colleges?

Some colleges I know recommend four years of a foreign language in high school, but does that mean all four years or just up to the fourth level of a language (spanish 4)?...


Brandon B.’s Avatar
Brandon B. Mar 02 68 views

Will college be a good step to take after becoming a Pharm Tech?

#pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Technician is my trade of choice . Pharmacology is the major I'm looking to pursue. #pharmacist...


Guiselle E.’s Avatar
Guiselle E. Aug 28, 2019 54 views
Brice J.’s Avatar
Brice J. Mar 09 64 views

What are some prerequisites that you feel are mandatory to have in the field of literature and journalism?

I'm very reserved and reticent, but with that comes a serene mindset able to endure the crudest of times that require absurd patience. I am willing to partake in any tribulation or lengthy assignment if it corresponds with my will. My linguistic skill in my native tongue is rather astute, but I...

#writing #scripting #journalism

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Breoni S. Mar 09 71 views

Is the salary of a Pharmacy Technician enough to obtain a sustainable lifestyle?

I am a twenty-one year old trade student, studying to become pharmacy technician. Some of my hobbies include sewing, embroidering, and drawing. I am very interested in pursuing healthcare , but I also want to pursue the arts industry.#pharmacy #pharmaceuticals #pharmacist #medicine #pharm-tech...


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edwin D. Mar 26 71 views

i dont know what to study

I like to play in the park like to ride bikes l like to be hands on in working helping pepole...


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Adan H. Mar 09 55 views
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Shantasia S. Feb 10 131 views

What's good questions to ask the employer when on a interview?

My name is Tasia im 22 years young from the city of Chicago ! Im always getting asked "any question for me" , and I almost never have any questions to ask besides " when do I start" !...


Harry B.’s Avatar
Harry B. Jan 17, 2018 337 views
Olliyah G.’s Avatar
Olliyah G. Mar 09 33 views

How much does entry level pharmacy techs make?

I am in trade school to be a Pharmacy Technician...


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Esteban M. Mar 02 42 views
Sanaii W.’s Avatar
Sanaii W. Dec 31, 2018 298 views
kinijah C.’s Avatar
kinijah C. Feb 10 73 views

what is a life in days work in Cna?

I am a junior in high school and trying to figure out my plan because college is approaching very soon. #nursing #medicine #job #nurse...


Daquan B.’s Avatar
Daquan B. Mar 02 54 views

What does a cna day consist and does it have to do with a lot of reading a writing?

Very dedicated, Consisted, Observation skills, Time management Empathy and compassionate #cna #nursing #healthcare #medicine...


Ilani R.’s Avatar
Ilani R. Feb 24 21 views

what is it like being a material handler? what do you do you a day to day basis?

My name is Ilani and im currently enrolled in a job corps program. it is a program that will help you get your high school diploma/ ged and also help you get a trait, as well as find a job. Im interested in material handling but would like to know exactly what im getting myself into and what a...

#warehouse #material-handler #job

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Bryan D. Jan 20, 2018 297 views

What do colleges mainly look at in your high school experience

I want to know how I can boost up my applications...


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jada H. Mar 02 53 views
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