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Career Questions tagged Teaching

Often associated with education and school environments, teaching helps others to grow in their knowledge and understanding of a discipline. For more information, please read below.

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Morgan Jul 11 327 views

All learners have different learning preferences, how do you create accommodations that are accessible for all learners?

I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I know that differentiated instruction is essential, how do you accommodate students of different learning preferences?

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Lauren May 22 240 views

How do you ensure financial security as a teacher?

Hi! I'm a high school student in New York. I have always felt passionate about going into teaching, but over the years, I have contemplated if that profession will support the lifestyle I want to live. A lot of my teachers work second and even third jobs for financial support. Should I follow...

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Diara Jan 11 609 views

How do I handle classroom management?

I am currently a third year college student and I will be student teaching next winter semester. Whenever I work with children, I feel like they see me as a friend and not someone who they should actively listen to during learning. I work with preschoolers, aging from 2 to 5. How do I get my...

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Emily Sep 28, 2021 225 views

How many hours are you required to be working a day for a grade teacher?

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Qiaowen Jun 28, 2021 2458 views

I want to be a good teacher, what skill I should have?

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Tia Jun 23, 2020 787 views

What are the pros and cons of becoming and being an elementary school teacher?

I am a rising high school senior. #education #teaching #teacher #school #teacher #school #college

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Tia Jun 22, 2020 805 views

What are the steps to become an elementary school teacher?

I am a rising high school senior! #teaching #teacher #education #college #school #elementary

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Kaitlynn Nov 14, 2019 399 views

Is teaching as rewarding as it sounds

#teaching #education #teacher

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Sarah Mar 16, 2018 588 views

What is the equivalent to internships in the education field?

Everyone talks about getting internships, but for someone who wants to become a teacher, what are good summer opportunities to improve a resume? #education #teaching #internships #summer-jobs

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Ryan Jan 16, 2018 670 views

Teachers, do you like what you do? And if so can you explain what you like about your job?

I am looking to be a teacher, and I believe it will be nice and informing to know what other teachers think about their job, Thanks!
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