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Often associated with education and school environments, teaching helps others to grow in their knowledge and understanding of a discipline. For more information, please read below.

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Madalyn L. May 24 75 views

How stable is being a TEFL teacher?

Another career I'm considering is TEFL. #education #travel #english #teaching...


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Marie E. May 20 60 views
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Marie E. May 19 187 views

Is teaching people sign language a career?

I would love to learn and teach others #teaching #deaf #blind...


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Andrew B. May 13 71 views

How to find vacancies in Teacher Training assistance?

Musician and Performer, professional of over 30 years. #music #teacher #teaching...


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Emily S. May 14 79 views

What is something that helped you throughout the process of getting a teaching job?

I am an eighth grader who is wondering about things that could help me get a job teaching. I am looking for some advice about teaching and some smart decisions that you made that helped you become an educator. #job #teaching...


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Emily S. May 14 63 views

What are the different steps you need to take to become an educator?

I am an eighth grader who is wondering about the steps to persue my dream of becoming a teacher. I would like to teach highschool students. I want to know what the best schools are for teaching and all about the process of becoming a teacher. #education #teacher #educator #teaching...


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joe M. May 06 122 views

what career should i pick

hi I'm steve - bill wurtz #career #college #career-choice #teaching...


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Jorden C. May 06 89 views

How do you become a american history teacher??

I love history and I think I would be a good teacher.But I want to be a medflight pilot #history #education...


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Adam K. Apr 29 96 views

How can I become become a tech ed teacher?

I am a high school student who as always been involved in FIRST Robotics. And I have taken practically every tech ed course, from engineering and STEM, to carpentry and machining. I am in trade school part-time for carpentry and construction. I have spent over 4 years teaching myself everything...

#teaching #tech-ed #engineering #technology #teched #teacher #engineer #mechanical-engineering

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Shawn W. Apr 17 47 views

Would you recommend a career in General Surgery?

I’m considering going into medicine, but I don’t know what specialty is right for me. I would like a career where I can tackle important problems and make people’s lives better. What do you guys think? Would this be the right specialty? I’m trying to figure out which one is right for me....

#teaching #pediatrician #pediatrics #career #medicine

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Simone M. Apr 05 192 views

I do not know what my career should be

Hello, I am in college and am unsure of what my career should be. I hate math and science, so I know that the STEM field is not for me. I do like helping others and am considering education. The only issue I have with being a teacher is that the pay is low, and I am constantly told that that...

#education #college #teaching #teacher

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Sarah I. Apr 01 72 views

Any recommended colleges for getting any degree in teaching or business ownership?

I have been dancing for about 8 years now and am interested in owning my own studio, and since starting a company is not the most stable career I also am very interested in teaching English or Art#business #teaching...


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Sophie E. Mar 27 79 views

What does a career in Educational Policy entail/look like?

I am majoring in Early Childhood Education in the fall but would like to focus on policy/government aspects. What types of careers work in this area of education? #teaching #education #college #career...


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Emmalyn D. Mar 12 101 views

How can college students prepare for their careers prior to being hired?

I am a high school student aspiring to become a high school teacher....


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Emmalyn D. Mar 12 100 views

What are some temporary jobs that can prepare teachers for their careers?

I am a high school senior aspiring to be a high school teacher....


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lexie S. Mar 05 69 views
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Rob A. Feb 28 120 views

School counselors

As a school counselor do you create the master schedule? #counselor #scheduling #teaching #teacher #school...


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Li L. Feb 16 73 views

How to explain the meaning of The Farmer and the Viper to children?

There could be more meanings be included, rather than the only kindness....


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Sumaiya A. Jan 27 85 views

What challenges do you face when applying for teacher's college?

What requirements are there to apply for teacher's college and how did you achieve them? Were they hard? Were you rejected for any reason? #teacher #education #school #college...


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Susan E. Jan 27 115 views

How do I become a teacher in NYS?

I am a certified K-12 art teacher with a background in ESL. I can teach in VA and FL. However, transferring my degree to NY seems difficult with the edTPA. I am not currently in charge of a class in my field but only a substitute TA. I will soon be a substitute teacher. #education #teacher...


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Evan W. Dec 10, 2019 112 views