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Career Questions tagged Teaching

Often associated with education and school environments, teaching helps others to grow in their knowledge and understanding of a discipline. For more information, please read below.

Diara B.’s Avatar
Diara B. Jan 11 65 views

How do I handle classroom management?

I am currently a third year college student and I will be student teaching next winter semester. Whenever I work with children, I feel like they see me as a friend and not someone who they should actively listen to during learning. I work with preschoolers, aging from 2 to 5. How do I get my...

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thomas W.’s Avatar
thomas W. Dec 15, 2021 92 views

What is it like being a Teacher in the advanced automotive field?

I'm a student at job corps and I was wondering a few things about teaching automotive, What are the work schedule like ? What are tools that I should be familiar with? What are the job outlooks going to be like in the next few years. What type of education did you take to get where you are?...

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Myles S.’s Avatar
Myles S. Dec 10, 2021 112 views

What are easy jobs to earn money to prepare and pay for college tuition?

I am a junior in California who wants to be a teacher. # teacher education money teaching...


Alex G.’s Avatar
Alex G. Dec 10, 2021 106 views

What advice would you recommend to someone aspiring to be a teacher?

I'm in 11th grade and want to be a history or social studies teacher one day. Any advice for someone still in high school? education...


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Britteny L. Dec 01, 2021 128 views
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carlee W. Nov 19, 2021 118 views

whats important to know about being a preschool teacher?

my name is carly and im studying to be a pre-k teacher. i love kids, i love helping them and just being around them. teaching education school...


laura F.’s Avatar
laura F. Nov 01, 2021 89 views

what are the best classes to take for child development?

I love kids a lot. I help in my schools nursery. teaching...


Tracy M.’s Avatar
Tracy M. Oct 25, 2021 138 views

I'm a teacher that just signed up for a webinar to show my students and need to show it at a later time, can I?

I teach at a school for mostly refugees in Utah. 80-90% speak multiple languages and are at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. I teach middle school math AND CSP from in an after school environment. I signed up for the webinar on alternatives to 4-year degree, which I...

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natalie K.’s Avatar
natalie K. Oct 20, 2021 127 views

what are possible internships in special education

i was informed about was an intership could help me with other jobs in the special education other than teaching and i want to understand what those could include, and other information on those education teaching college...


Kalysta L.’s Avatar
Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 187 views

Based off my personality, would it be better for me to teach younger or older students?

I've received some advice saying that it would be better for me to work with older students, but I want to know more. If anyone could tell me what it takes to teach either, that would be great. Thanks! education teaching...


Kalysta L.’s Avatar
Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 119 views

How can I incorporate a different social environment in a classroom?

I want to create a comfortable classroom for both extroverts and introverts, does anyone know how I could do that? Thanks! education teaching...


Kalysta L.’s Avatar
Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 108 views

Would it be possible for someone to have two careers at once and not have it be too stressful?

I'm a junior in highschool and I'm interested in being a teacher and author, but I would like to know from any professionals if that would be too stressful. Thanks! teaching writing...


natalie K.’s Avatar
natalie K. Oct 19, 2021 117 views

What are jobs where i get to work with specail needs children?

im a junior in highschool. i want to help special needs kids learn but in not sure of the teacher setting. I currently participate in a cheer team that combines athletes with and without disiabilities and really enjoy that. teaching...


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Aaron S. Oct 19, 2021 122 views
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Aaron S. Oct 19, 2021 127 views
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Noah W. Oct 19, 2021 102 views

what are some advantages and opportunity for advancements in teaching and coaching

I like being around younger kids like k-4 and i don't mind talking to young kids. teaching...


Ashley Z.’s Avatar
Ashley Z. Oct 07, 2021 146 views

What is the hardest/most rewarding part about being a teacher?

I've been considering becoming a teacher (most likely for elementary schoolers) because I enjoy working with children, so I would like to know more about what it's like. education teacher teaching...


Summer R.’s Avatar
Summer R. Sep 29, 2021 194 views

Should professors be distinguished in their field before being offered a position?

Should offers for professorship be based on success in the field they teach in, or based on education/knowledge alone? Does experience factor into a professor's educational worth? education college professor teaching...


Anderson L.’s Avatar
Anderson L. Sep 28, 2021 168 views