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Education in a variety of types and capacities is a requirement for most careers. For pursuing an electrician career to working in a college, a school provides the skills needed...

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im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ? #curious #managing #business #child #social-worker #confused #jobs #education...


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what are the negative and positives of social worker ?

i would like to work with children, i'm just not sure if this is the career path i want to go to without all the information i need to know #career-paths #career-path #social-work #counseling #education #children #child...


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What are some mistakes that i should look out for when trying to maneuver in the music business as an aspiring recording artists or just the industry in general

I am junior in high school and i just want to know the type of mistakes people make when going into this field so i can well informed before i make any type of long term decisions #education #college-bound...


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how to learn computer engineering

I want to learn computer engineering because I want to become rich #education...


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How do you get a job in the educational field?

I love children and I would love to teach someday. I love music, reading, and history. #jobs #caring...


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Should I quit middle school band?

I’ve done band since 6th grade, and used to love it. Recently though, i’ve lost interest in band and even hate going to class. I don’t even have the motivation to practice anymore. If I do quit, I have nothing else. I don’t play any sports, and band is the only thing i’m doing right now. If I...


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why dose the school not teach us how to do taxs

or do they and i just not know where to go...


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What's the best major/career for me?

I have been trying to find a major/career that suits me for a while, but nothing seems to stick because I have so many interests. I recently graduated from Clayton State University with my Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies and I will be graduating from high school in May. I plan to...

#career #math #healthcare #education #science #mentalhealth #business #management #college

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What does teacher hiring look like for December graduates?

I am studying an undergraduate degree in Education, specializing in Middle School English, Language Arts & Reading with an ESL teacher certification. I will finish my degree on the Fall semester and would love to get a teaching job immediately after graduation. However, I know that there...

#esl #graduation #education #givingiscaring #school #teacher #english #teaching

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What is the best sewing machine to learn beginner sewing and fashion design on?

I've been researching machines and can't find the right one. I am fairly new at sewing and don't quite know what to look for. I want it to be inexpensive, durable, and portable but it's hard to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am starting to learn sewing now to help me create...

#learning #education #fashion #givingiscaring #sewing #fashion-design

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Where do I start in finding a job in engineering?

I want a future in aerospace engineering, or engineering in general but I do not know where to start. What classes and extra-curricular activities do I need to participate in to ensure...


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What are the steps into becoming a High School Counselor?

Hello! My name is Mariela and I am currently a second year in college. My declared major as of now Criminology, Law and Society, but I'm planning to transfer under a Sociology major. Before I didn't know what exactly to do with a Sociology degree, and I know I want to do something with kids. I...

#graduateschool #sociology #highschoolcounselor #college #education #high-school #school #counselor #transferingmajors #university

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How do I keep on track with my goal and my dream job?

I am 16 years old, and I am a Navajo. I'm not really social with people, but I am a really good friend. I don't see myself as smart, but other people do. #education...


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What job can I do to work with children that isn't an average teacher?

I want to teach something other than basic requirements....


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What are the best schools in Ohio to become an Occupational Therapist?

Hi, my name is Maddy and I'm a sophmore in high school. I plan to work hard in my studies so that I can achieve the future that I desire, however there are so many colleges in Northeast Ohio that it's hard to see what schools are the best for my interests. If anyone could recommend schools in...

#education #health #college

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Owen B. Oct 23, 2020 113 views

I have though and thought about careers but I just don't know what specific paths I should think of following or any specific careers

I like to work with my hands and find out how things work; I am constantly on the move so I would really like a job that would keep me on my toes. I also really enjoy cars and trucks and anything of the sorts as well as football wrestling and track. I am a solid 3.8 student in 5 advanced...

#education #student

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How can I make sexual health education into a career?

I'm a current senior in college, and I'm going to graduate in the spring with a major in Human Biology and a concentration in human reproduction and sexuality. I know plenty of people who educate others on sexual health, but that is just a small part of their job. I want my job to be...

#sexual-health #education #public-health #human-biology #counseling #health

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''what curriculum do you use as a teacher?🙂

I want to be a artist.I like sponge bob. #career-choice #education...


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what steps do I need to take in order to become a awesome teacher in the future.

I am a senior . I graduate in June of 2021. and I want to become a teacher . I am very strict when it comes to school . Education is my top priority . #teacher #education #school...


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Is it easy to learn Spanish?

I want to learn Spanish #student #education #learning but It is really hard and not really easy to...

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How do you start a clothing line?

Hello, I am Bria Lesha Selery. My age is 16 and I am very intelligent. There are 3 things I want to accomplish after leaving high school. I want to start a clothing line , make music, and working on becoming a nurse assistant. #high-school...


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