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Career Questions tagged Education

Education in a variety of types and capacities is a requirement for most careers. For pursuing an electrician career to working in a college, a school provides the skills needed...

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stephanie L. yesterday 61 views

Imposter syndrome isn't fun, how do you deal with it?

I'm more than positive that imposter syndrome will follow me for the rest of my life in school, work, etc... and I'm sure it's followed (or following) others also. It sucks, but I believe it can be dealt with in healthy ways, what are some ways you deal with it when it increases or appears...

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Diara B. Jan 11 110 views

How do I handle classroom management?

I am currently a third year college student and I will be student teaching next winter semester. Whenever I work with children, I feel like they see me as a friend and not someone who they should actively listen to during learning. I work with preschoolers, aging from 2 to 5. How do I get my...

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an P. Jan 05 112 views

Biologists, what does a typical work day look like for you?

I'm curious about this job because I'm interested in pursuing it after post secondary. Do you guys have to travel a lot? Work in unusual climates? See alot of insects? earthscience stem biology science education tech marine-biology...


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keyuni P. Dec 17, 2021 132 views

What education do you need to be a security guard?

What education is needed or required now and for the future. career education homeland...


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Myles S. Dec 10, 2021 124 views

What are easy jobs to earn money to prepare and pay for college tuition?

I am a junior in California who wants to be a teacher. # teacher education money teaching...


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Alex G. Dec 10, 2021 131 views

What advice would you recommend to someone aspiring to be a teacher?

I'm in 11th grade and want to be a history or social studies teacher one day. Any advice for someone still in high school? education...


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Britteny L. Dec 01, 2021 145 views
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Rileigh H. Nov 23, 2021 96 views

What are the qualifications?

Hard working willing to learn new skills...


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max R. Nov 22, 2021 116 views

what its like being a teacher?

i think i want to be a teacher...


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carlee W. Nov 19, 2021 127 views

whats important to know about being a preschool teacher?

my name is carly and im studying to be a pre-k teacher. i love kids, i love helping them and just being around them. teaching education school...


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Alex S. Nov 12, 2021 94 views
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Ashley H. Nov 02, 2021 190 views
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Bryan Z. Nov 08, 2021 132 views

What is a great way to focus on individual school assignments

When I do an assignment during school, it's so hard to do so. But at home it's easy. #...


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Tracy M. Oct 25, 2021 146 views

I'm a teacher that just signed up for a webinar to show my students and need to show it at a later time, can I?

I teach at a school for mostly refugees in Utah. 80-90% speak multiple languages and are at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. I teach middle school math AND CSP from in an after school environment. I signed up for the webinar on alternatives to 4-year degree, which I...

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natalie K. Oct 20, 2021 132 views

what are possible internships in special education

i was informed about was an intership could help me with other jobs in the special education other than teaching and i want to understand what those could include, and other information on those education teaching college...


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Noah W. Oct 20, 2021 164 views

What are some draw backs of being a teacher

I like kids and would want to work in k-4 grade teacher children...


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Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 206 views

Based off my personality, would it be better for me to teach younger or older students?

I've received some advice saying that it would be better for me to work with older students, but I want to know more. If anyone could tell me what it takes to teach either, that would be great. Thanks! education teaching...


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Kalysta L. Oct 19, 2021 128 views

How can I incorporate a different social environment in a classroom?

I want to create a comfortable classroom for both extroverts and introverts, does anyone know how I could do that? Thanks! education teaching...


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natalie K. Oct 19, 2021 108 views

are there any advancements available for special education careeres?

i want to get involed in assisting special needs patients but i want to know how far this will take me or if there are advancements i can make education specialneeds...