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Career Questions tagged Extracurricular Activities

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Mar 25, 2022 215 views

What are some things to do during college?

I'm going to go to a local college and I wanted to hear from first hand experience what to do to enhance my college experience. It's a relatively small college and there are a few programs there but I also want to know what relevant "college enhancing" things to do. Still very unsure about...

Shuk Man’s Avatar
Shuk Man Feb 18, 2022 524 views

Is extracurricular activity important in college?

#college #college-advice

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 25, 2018 609 views

What opportunities are available in most high schools that will prepare me for college?

Hello, I am looking to find more opportunities in high schools to be more prepared for college. I have taken AP courses and will be taken some CE next year. Although, I just learned it is possible to graduate high school with an associate's degree. I have also learned about the AVID and...