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Career Questions tagged Online Learning

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 105 views

What is a suggestion for online collages for psychology? Is it more easy or hard? Anything I should know before considering online?

I would like to get my masters in psychology, professional counseling or whatever I can get. I am currently applying to scholarships to help but won none so far. I was wondering if online is better then in person collage counseling or if they have different benefits and what are they. Thank you...

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 02 61 views

What is your field and how do you find virtual programs and conferences?

This is part of our professionals series

Kamaria’s Avatar
Kamaria Nov 11, 2022 153 views

Are there good online bachelor degree programs for Animal Science/Pet-Veterinary?

I'm currently a sophomore in college, majoring in history but I would also like to study Animal Health and Behavior without having to worry about travel

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 299 views

Are online or in-person MBA programs better?

I plan on attending an in-person MBA program, but I want to keep my options flexible.

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia May 12, 2022 325 views

If I attend community college will I be able to take classes online?

I'm interested in attending south mountain community college.

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Nov 19, 2020 655 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for gaining more business knowledge?

I am an accounting student, who would like to find an online learning community that would help me broaden my business knowledge, such as analytics, software programs, finances, economics, and other nonaccounting areas of business. I am very interested in this information at an international...

Chalee’s Avatar
Chalee May 10, 2018 608 views

How can I take online college classes while in highschool?

So that I can do it as soon as possible because I want to get a job with my dream job of being a pediatric nurse and save money to travel while I’m still young!! #online-learning #online-college #e-learning #distance-learning #pediatricnurse #nursing

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Apr 24, 2018 715 views

How much studying will be required? How much assistance will I get due to my Learning Disability

I have a learning disability and want to make sure I keep up with my classes. I have managed in high school but know it will be different in college. I am enrolling in a college with strong supports for people with learning differences. #educational-technology #online-learning #adhd...

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jan 21, 2018 623 views

Best way to be successful in online classes?

As a current online only student you are required to be self disciplined and highly motivated. However is there any other tips for success that anyone has particularly in regards to balancing your family life, work, and school?
#online-learning #work-life-balance

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Jan 20, 2018 592 views

Does anyone know a better way to study a foreign language by yourself?

i am trying to learn enough Japanese to be able to take the AP exam for it and I'm not sure if there's a good way for me to learn it. I've watched several videos about kanji and know the basics for grammar, but is there a more efficient way? #foreign-languages #japanese #online-learning...

Renee’s Avatar
Renee Jan 15, 2018 1018 views

Are brick and mortar schools really better than online when it comes to getting a job?

I am been curious about the stigma attached to the new university models from adult or returning students who cannot attend a regular university class.
#higher-education #online-learning #college

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Jan 12, 2018 623 views

What is the verdict on Online Learning Courses and accreditation?

I am studying in university, but I have often taken supplementary online courses on sites like Udemy and FutureLearn. How do recruiters look at these certifications - are they impressed or are they just overlooked?

#recruiting #online-learning #certifications #hiring

C’s Avatar
C Jan 08, 2018 1784 views

Can you share your experience as a UX or UI designer? What's like? What takes you there?

Undergraduate student thinking about future career options. I don't really know much about UX or UI Do I need to know programme language before taking UX or UI courses? Major in Psychology ; Want to explore different career options & where to apply psychology knowledge in real world....

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 14, 2017 845 views

Are there any online resources for financial modeling?

I am interested in learning more about financial modeling and valuation. #financial-modeling #career #finance #online-learning

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 09, 2017 1064 views

Any online platforms I can use to acquire IT skill?

I know there are some online courses offered by Microsoft. #information-technology #e-learning #information-technology-and-services #online-learning

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Sep 01, 2017 738 views

What are the best study techniques for online classes?

I am attending online classes and this is my first time in college and I'm more of a hands on learner.
#occupational-therapy #e-learning #college #online-learning

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Apr 29, 2017 830 views

How can students start up an organization?

I am planning to make an organization where people can support online learning, like Khan Academy, edX, and Coursera. I already have a plan of how to make a website and stuff, but I don't know if this is an organization, company, or charity. This plan also involves donating money. Right now I...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Feb 22, 2017 598 views

What colleges accept Graphic Designing online?

I would want to know what colleges accept Graphic Designing online because I am thinking about becoming one. #graphic-design #online-learning

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 09, 2017 1076 views

What is the best online program for obtaining cyber-security experience?

I may be planning on going into the cyber-security/network security, so I was wondering where and what would offer me the best experience and knowledge on security basics at any place and anytime. #networking #cyber-security #computer-security #it-management #online-learning #network-security...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Feb 06, 2017 1713 views

Is there a negative stigma with online degrees?

Are online degrees and certificates looked down upon or considered less than traditional education? #college #degrees #online-learning #online-college

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 18, 2016 589 views

What are some websites that you can take classes that will be accepted by your high school?

I love learning a lot so I want to find a way to take other classes that I can't fit on my school schedule that will be accepted for credits/ be put on my transcript at the very least. There are many websites that offer a great online education but I'm not sure which ones will match my specific...

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Nov 01, 2016 781 views

Will Living in a Rural Community Decrease Chances for Success?

I live in a very rural community. Some people have said that they couldn't go to certain schools and colleges because people looked down on the school I went to. Others said that since my school has a lack of teachers and some of our classes are online, colleges don't like that either. However,...

KayLea ’s Avatar
KayLea Oct 30, 2016 666 views

Are there any good online programs for nursing/medical field?

I am about to be a mother and as much as I want to go to a college on campus, it is going to be hard to find a babysitter with everyone I know working. #nursing #online-learning #mother

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 02, 2016 1563 views

Do you need to go to college to learn Computer vs. THE INTERNET ?!

Studying at college is a pricey affair in comparison with the Internet which offers vast amounts of information and free college courses that teach you the same thing, if not more. So why college ? #college #computer-science #finance #online-learning #mooc #the-internet