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Annie M. Jul 01, 2019 1773 views

Is taking 17 credits per semester worth it?

I want to finish my 4-year bachelor's degree in 2 years. I want to get enough ap credits. Right now I want to do something related to business. Is it okay if I take 8 credits the second term of the summer semester before my Freshman year of college? I am talking about the 6-week term. Is it...

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Evgeni R. Apr 26, 2018 330 views

How do AP classes compare to college-level courses?

From what I've heard, AP classes are at best like easier first-year courses. Can I compare the workload/difficulty of an AP class to that of my future college courses, or should I expect a lot tougher? Is there any AP class that accurately reflects the rigor of college courses (such as AP Chem...

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Sarah W. Jan 21, 2018 399 views

Is it better to take AP or Honors courses?

I have consistently been receiving B's in AP Chemistry, and for future reference, is it better to take an Honors Course and receive an A, or an AP Course and receive a B? I know colleges love AP courses, but is it worth it to sacrifice hours in an AP class I am not particularly interested in...

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Talina H. Jan 13, 2018 330 views

Should I take AP classes in high school so I don’t have to pay for them in collage?

If I take AP classes in high school I can take them for free as in when I take them in collage I have to pay for them. What should I do? #apclasses #collage...