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Career Questions tagged High School

High school is the foundation for education. If you are fortunate enough to know what career you want to do, high school can be a great place to start to...

Brooklyn B.’s Avatar
Brooklyn B. Nov 19, 2021 80 views

How many appointments do cosmetologists usually schedule daily?

I am a junior in high school trying to get a high school diploma so I can further my education at cosmetology school to become a licensed cosmetologist. cosmetology Cosmetologist...


Linh P.’s Avatar
Linh P. Nov 03, 2021 68 views

What are some effective tips to have a efficient schedule?

As a senior in High School, I have many things on my plate and have a hard time managing everything together. time-management school high-school schedule...


Aaron S.’s Avatar
Aaron S. Oct 19, 2021 122 views
Fakaiha Z.’s Avatar
Fakaiha Z. Oct 03, 2021 201 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

data-science math technology high-school university-prep university roadmap science cybersecurity software computer-science online-resources

Maddie G.’s Avatar
Maddie G. Sep 21, 2021 116 views

What classes in high school should I take for a career in psychology?

I am a junior so I have one more year for choosing classes, but I am not quite sure what classes are a priority to take especially with limited room in my schedule. high-school psychology...


Cartier J.’s Avatar
Cartier J. Aug 03, 2021 153 views

How do I make my own Etsy shop?

I’m in high school. I love creating things like bracelets and I want a platform to sell them on. high-school art...


Mona M.’s Avatar
Mona M. Jun 14, 2021 185 views

How is life after High School

I have a bunch of goals that I want to complete just like staying on top of my work, being productive, having more of a schedule than being all over the place but I want to know how life is after high school is it hard? high-school...


John M.’s Avatar
John M. Jun 02, 2021 151 views

what are some collage majors should I choose for business and real-estate?

I am a junior in high school and graduate 2022. collage...


Natalie B.’s Avatar
Natalie B. Jun 01, 2021 311 views

What should I know about studying physics?

I love learning, math, and science. I am more interested in physics or astrophysics than I am in biological sciences. Is a physics major or degree worth it? What should I do in high school to prepare for studying physics? What are some extracurriculars that can get me involved in the subject?...

math majors astrophysics college high-school maths physics college-majors astronomy

manifesting L.’s Avatar
manifesting L. May 25, 2021 301 views

what's the best strand when taking accountancy as a pre-law course?

I will be a senior high school student in a few years, and I'm not still sure and confident. I hope those who have experienced will share their opinions. student high-school law lawyer attorney women-in-law...


Matthew G.’s Avatar
Matthew G. May 25, 2021 189 views

Any tips in studying medical/science as early as high school?

I have learned a lot in science but I feel like it is not enough for me to be a future dedicated doctor. I want to study as early as possible, are there any tips or important topics I should be studying on to enrich my scientific knowledge/skills? high-school doctor...


Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. May 24, 2021 114 views

Is there a way for me to use the various programs so I can have a feel for how exactly they work and how to use them?

I'am currently a Junior in high school and I attend Miami Carol City Senior High School. # high-school digitaldesign...


Joshua S.’s Avatar
Joshua S. May 18, 2021 151 views

What should I do when I get out of high school to get on my career goal?

I am a chill and relaxed person. I like music and sports. music motivation mo career high-school tivation...


tanyia R.’s Avatar
tanyia R. May 13, 2021 148 views

is college hard and stressful

im a high school student that wants to go to college and get my degree ad begin my NICU journey high-school high-school-students NICU #...