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Career Questions tagged Motorsports

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Jun 28 132 views

How to get into a career in F1?

I'm interested in working something related to Formula 1, not really engineering or as a driver. Probably more Business side of things.

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Noah Feb 21 241 views

What are good starts in motorsports?

What is a good starting place for a beginner trying to start in motorsports? PReferably track racing or rally racing.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 26, 2016 794 views

What's it like to be a Motorsports Engineer

Because I want to get involved in Formula 1 as a Aerodynamisist

#mechanical-engineer #motorsports

Vidyalakshmi’s Avatar
Vidyalakshmi May 03, 2016 657 views

How to become a good Eye doctor?

I am interested in the study of Eye #computer #education #money #legal-studies #access #motorsports