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Career Questions tagged Corporate

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jan 03, 2022 461 views

What is a good path for a human resources career?

Hi! I am Abby, and I don't actually know what I'm going to do with my life. It's a little intimidating and scary as a high school senior. I have done some research on what I am interested in, and declared my major at most prospective schools as psychology. I genuinely like it and I feel like it...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Feb 23, 2021 976 views

B.A. in Psychology + Associates in Business Management

Hi! Currently, I am obtaining an Associates's degree in Business Management from my community college before transferring into a university for a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I see that in the United States, people are especially discouraging of Psychology undergraduates in a business...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jun 02, 2019 653 views

How do companies view military service?

When hiring, do companies view military service as a good or bad thing? If it it a good thing, what branch looks best? Marines, Army, Army National Guard, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard? And does it look better to have been an enlisted or officer? (I'm guessing the best...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Nov 07, 2016 892 views

Why do positions in corporate America have such a negative connotation?

People today tend to think "corrupt" when they think of people at the "top of the totem pole". There is often the dilemma of taking the high-paying corporate job vs. the low-paying job that is more in-line with ones values. #business #small-business #corporate

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Nov 07, 2016 1052 views

What are some practical ways to know if a job position is a good fit for me?

The jump from college (or school in general) to a career is a big step. #resume #interviews #professional-development #corporate

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 25, 2016 1046 views

what is corporate communications?

what do they do in a day and how much do they make #communications #corporate

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 17, 2016 757 views

Do you get used to corporate jobs?

Handling your employeers, paperwork.. As a student looking on to my bosses and employees, it seems as if they are usually stressed and constantly busy. #work #corporate #responsibility

Haji’s Avatar
Haji Jun 22, 2016 727 views

What is the scope of jobs in corporate sectors after completing engineering in Electrical Stream?

Hi I am a class 9 student. My elder brother has just completed his engineering in Electrical Stream. He is looking for a job in Corporate Sectors. #engineering #corporate #electrical-engineer #public-sector

anil’s Avatar
anil May 27, 2016 888 views

I am a graduate in commerce and I am pursuing my post graduation in the same field . How can I get into the corporate world?

In my circle people are giving me an option of teaching but it is not my skill. #business #corporate

Odot’s Avatar
Odot May 17, 2016 936 views

How do you cross into the Management Consulting space with no experience?

I am interested in pursuing management consulting and I like working on projects that are value adds to companies. I stumbled upon this realization when I had an internship during my undergraduate career. I am now pursuing a Master in Finance and work in the Financial Services industry....

Odot’s Avatar
Odot May 17, 2016 1143 views

In what ways is a Master in Finance better than an MBA in the financial services industry?

In what ways can a Master in Finance be of greater use than an MBA with respect to career opportunities, climbing the corporate ladder and overall compensation in the financial services industry? I received my undergraduate degree in Economics and minored in communication studies. I currently...

s’s Avatar
s May 03, 2016 850 views

I want to became a computer software engenear

i have completed sslc and iwant to move on my aim #software-engineer #corporate

srimathi’s Avatar
srimathi May 03, 2016 960 views

To get my job in a good IT company im pursuing my degree in computer

Im pursuing my degree in computer science as im intersted in computers #it #corporate

Sheetal’s Avatar
Sheetal May 03, 2016 844 views

I'm a commerce student, can i work in Software Company?

I always had a dream of working in IT sector but i have completed #educator #it #corporate

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Apr 15, 2016 2577 views

What does a day in the life of a corporate lawyer look like?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I am interested in law and how a career in the field would fit into my life. #law #lawyer #corporate #routine