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Can I major in Psychology and become a Pediatrician?

I am a Senior High school and I am super excited about working with patients. however I am having trouble figuring out if a Psychology major can become a Pediatrician. And I'm afraid if there will be a problem in the future. Please help meeeeee!!! #psychologymajor #pediatrician...



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Active Jan 09 at 03:09 PM

3 answers

Posted by Rosalie S.’s Avatar Rosalie S.
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Oia Cassar | Student at Gettysburg College Hey Rosalie, coming from a current psychology undergrad who considered a ...

What job opportunities/prospects and environments are available to someone with a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology?

I know that I could probably work in a hospital, or a therapist's/psychologist's office. I would like to know if there are any jobs where I would be mobile or could make housecalls or videochat with patients who cannot make it to an office building or perhaps are in another country? (There...

#psychologymajor #psychologydegree #psychology #mentalhealth


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Active Aug 15 '18 at 12:39 AM

3 answers

Posted by Allison B.’s Avatar Allison B.
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Katey Weaver | National Director of Integrated Behavioral Health at AmeriHealth ... I have a BA in Psychology and was able to work ...

What are the psychological affects working in the mental health department?

For majority of my existence I have personally dealt with Mental Illness and I know that in many cases one could get triggered on a certain topic. For me though, helping other people who are just like me has always been such a huge dream, but I want to know my risks involved so I am not only...

#nevergiveup #mental-health #mental-health-care #psychologymajor


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Active Sep 22 '18 at 04:13 AM

3 answers

Posted by Monica E.’s Avatar Monica E.
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Lauren J. Conibear | Career Advisor Hi Monica! First of all, thank you for sharing your personal ...

When studying psychology as a major in college, what are the best ways to prepare yourself for not only tests and exams, but also once you have your degree and are attempting to find a stable start to your psychology journey?

Whenever you hear someone express what they plan to do once they finally receive their degree in college, you always seem to wonder how they'll be able to do so and what you will need to do in order to get where you want to be. It's very important as a student and as a progressive learner that...

#psychologymajor #askquestions


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Active Nov 01 '18 at 03:07 PM

3 answers

Posted by Monica E.’s Avatar Monica E.
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Lauren J. Conibear | Career Advisor Hi Monica, Network, network, network! When you are in school you ...

What are things to add to your resume or application to make you stand out to colleges?

I work and I heard my counselor say that is something that a lot of colleges don't see anymore. They see a lot of impressive writing camps and things like that to make them stand out, but I just want to know what makes you really stand out to colleges when they are looking through your...

#psychologymajor #college-admissions


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3 answers

Posted by Ginger M.’s Avatar Ginger M.
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Justice Mele | Childcare Worker at Ginger, Great question! It is good you are thinking about what ...

What is the best to take notes during a lecture if you are more of a Kinesthetic Learner?

I am in a couple of lecture classes, but because I am still in High School, the teachers still tend to hold our hands a little bit with it. I feel like the level of intensity will change once I am in college and I would like to know how to be better prepared with it also considering the fact...

#psychologymajor #kinesthetic #psychology


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Active Dec 07 '18 at 08:23 PM

4 answers

Posted by Ginger M.’s Avatar Ginger M.
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Justice Mele | Childcare Worker at Ginger, Kinesthetic-tactile techniques are used in combination with visual and/or auditory ...

Is it bad if I am only considering colleges that have my sport in division 1?

I love my sport and it is a huge stress reliever for me, causing me to only consider schools with great teams. Usually people make sure their major has a great program at the school and THEN sports/hobbies, but I am doing it backwards. Is that okay as long as my college has my major too? #sport...

#psychologymajor #school #applying #priorities


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Active Jul 27 '18 at 05:29 PM

2 answers

Posted by Tess J.’s Avatar Tess J.
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Justice Mele | Childcare Worker at Tess, I would make sure you are also looking at colleges ...

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