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Career Questions tagged Humanresources

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Abby Jan 03, 2022 557 views

What is a good path for a human resources career?

Hi! I am Abby, and I don't actually know what I'm going to do with my life. It's a little intimidating and scary as a high school senior. I have done some research on what I am interested in, and declared my major at most prospective schools as psychology. I genuinely like it and I feel like it...

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Abby Mar 03, 2021 766 views

Tips for choosing between law and psychology careers

Hi, my name is Abby! I am a junior in high school and have to start thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life making money (fun!) and would really appreciate some help. Some of the paths I am considering are psychology because I love the psych classes I have taken, and law because...

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Christina Feb 23, 2021 1566 views

B.A. in Psychology + Associates in Business Management

Hi! Currently, I am obtaining an Associates's degree in Business Management from my community college before transferring into a university for a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I see that in the United States, people are especially discouraging of Psychology undergraduates in a business...

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Christina Dec 01, 2020 2260 views

Is it realistic to work in business fields with a Psychology degree?

I love studying psychology and find that it can help me move forward into becoming a clinical psychologist or academic counselor after undergrad. I find that a degree in psychology may be pretty versatile and would like to use it to explore careers in business as well. I plan on taking business...

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Emilia Jul 19, 2020 543 views

What's a good major for hopeful human resource managers?

I am transferring to a four-year school with an associate's degree in liberal arts and I think I want to be a human resources manager? I don't know what the best major would be that would give me the skills and experience to do that.

#JULY20 #major #humanresources #business

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carmyn Sep 06, 2019 584 views

what skills are required in your position on a day to day job?

im reliable, im a peoples persons, and im punctual. #business # #communication #humanresources

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Emily Aug 21, 2018 633 views

If I am considering a career as a recruiting manager, which major would be more beneficial?

#career #college #major #choosing-a-major #humanresources #management

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Sadé Jul 18, 2018 1065 views

What steps can I take while in college to work toward becoming a human resources manager?

I am an incoming college freshman who intends upon majoring in business administration. #business #businessadministration #humanresources #career

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Tanya Feb 12, 2018 854 views

Do big name employers mind if your previous internships were not at big name companies?

I was wondering how HR takes into consideration the locations of where their applicants worked at, and whether working at a small company would matter? (eg. a Marketing Intern for Small Company vs. General Intern for Big Company with some transferrable skills and/or Marketing Intern position...

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C Feb 04, 2018 934 views

How to prepare for an interview that includes "in-basket exercise" ?

any suggestion where to start & how to practice?